Daily Apps: vlock, Mortgage-Calculator, TUI Stopper, iMusic, Fit

vlock: Use any video you have on your iPad or iPhone as a clock background. Play movies, music videos, podcasts, and album videos on your clock.

Mortgage-Calculator: Quickly calculate the relevant numbers needed when figuring mortgage payments.

TUI Stopper: Don’t you always hate when there is that one person (or multiple ones) you tell yourself you aren’t going to text or call when you go out and end up doing it anyway? This app allows you to hide some of your phonebook contacts for a given amount of time.

iMusic -- The Perfect Music Player: Want to tweet your currently playing song, have infinite control over your music, or simply stare at a gorgeous interface? Then iMusic is for you!

Fit: Want to get Fit for the New Year? Want the benefits of a personal trainer in the gym? Someone to create your workout routines, vary your exercises, and find the right weight for you to lift? Fit is all of this and more.

Any other big app or game releases or updates today?

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Daily Apps: vlock, Mortgage-Calculator, TUI Stopper, iMusic, Fit

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