Voice Calendar, flickr hd, Girlfriend 411, TextVite, World Tree With Dragons [Daily Apps]

Voice Calendar: Create calendar items on your iPhone with your voice.

flickr hd: Displays a new photo from your public flickr photostream, your flickr.com favourites, or a custom flickr search every minute. Currently on sale!

Girlfriend 411: Store all the information you will ever need to know about your girlfriend in a time of need. Thinking about sending her flowers, but can’t remember her address? Forgot what her favorite type of flowers are? These are the types of issues that a lot of men run into quite often.

TextVite: The hottest new way to invite your guests and friends to anything! Choose a background, plug in your details, add a few cool design elements, and in seconds your TextVitation is buzzing on all your guests' phones.

World Tree With Dragons: The first tree world simulation type game. You can build a fantastic world where you control almost everything! By combining 3 types of branches and 12 different patterns of leafs (more to come in future updates), you can grow your tree totally unique from any other one in this world! It’s the best game to show your creativity and art sense.

Any other big app or game releases or updates today?

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Voice Calendar, flickr hd, Girlfriend 411, TextVite, World Tree With Dragons [Daily Apps]