Daily Apps: Doozy, HUDY Pro, Time of Heros, HipGeo, Puggy the Monster

Doozy: Doozy is to task management what a chalkboard or whiteboard is to brainstorming. By transforming tasks and events into interactive icons, Doozy literally shows you what you need to do. Big update includes Dropbox support.

HUDY Pro: Revolutionize your driving experience! Harness your device’s technology to transform your windshield into a cutting-edge head’s up display. This streamlined utility puts your device’s LED backlit screen and GPS capability to use brilliantly, displaying your speed and direction of travel conveniently on your vehicle’s windshield.

Time of Heros: A game with great graphics, roleplaying elements, a groundbreaking combat system and easy accessibility. Players will find themselves immersed for hours in the fantasy world of "Altland“.

HipGeo: Lets you record what you do where ever you go - a travel blog - and share that with anyone you want.

Puggy the Monster - the Fun Bite: Come test your reacting skills with Puggy the Monster ! Puggy, a little naughty monster with magic power, loves to bite everything put in its mouth. Stick your finger in Puggy’s wide-opened mouth and pull it off before he bites it hard.

Any other big app or game releases or updates today?

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Daily Apps: Doozy, HUDY Pro, Time of Heros, HipGeo, Puggy the Monster


I downloaded the free option for HUDY and I did like the visibility of the orange on my dashboard at night. However, the display was quite small (some years ago I had a top of the line Bonneville that had the heads up display--LOVED it!).
Do you know if there is any way (or any plans) to project the display or magnify it from the iPhone?