Daily Apps: Worms Party, JabMe, Tumblox, Orb Zone, Spark

Every day, TiPb gets flooded with announcements for new and updated iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps and games. So every day we pick just a few of the most interesting, the most notable, and simply the most awesome to share with you!

  • Worms Party: Larry, the worm, was at the party and decided to take a nap. However, his friends decided to pull a daring prank. They tied a turbo engine to their sleeping friend’s back and fired it up. In the blink of an eye their friend burst through the wall and was outside the house, flying through the dark of the night, on a great adventure! Wish him luck! [$0.99 for iPhone - App Store link]

  • JabMe 3.0: Now you can jab your Twitter, Game Center and Facebook friends in one app. [Free for iPhone - App Store link]

  • Tumblox: Who would have thought that a simple box full of boxes can be such a brain-twister? By just using buttons or the gravity itself, you can let cubes fall onto their destinations in over 80 carefully handcrafted puzzles. [Free for iPhone - App Store link]

  • Orb Zone: Steady hands required: Route your orb through 48 tricky levels in this challenging game of skill. Collect enough energy crystals to get to the next stage, while avoiding nasty obstacles. [Free for iPhone and iPad - App Store link]

  • Spark: Automatically let the people who matter know where you are when your battery is about to die. [$0.99 for iPhone - App Store link]

Any other big app or game releases or updates today?

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Daily Apps: Worms Party, JabMe, Tumblox, Orb Zone, Spark