The Daily Show takes on Google Glass: 'Do you hear what you're saying?'

The Daily Show takes on Google Glass: 'Do you hear what you're saying?'

The Daily Show has turned its satirical lens onto Google Glass. Stories of Google Glass Explorers getting attacked, harassed, and expelled from venues are nothing new anymore, though to the average person seeing somebody walking around with Glass, it can be a touch unnerving. As Comedy Central's The Daily Show is apt to do, they dug into that uncomfortableness with comic results.

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Of course, The Daily Show's take on the whole thing is one of absurdity. It's The Daily Show, we'd expect nothing less. But they are also exploiting real concerns about Glass and the soon to be wave of similar "face computers".

"Except our cameras have red lights on them, big crew guys operating them, you signed a release for a national TV show… otherwise, the exact same thing, yeah."

The majority of the piece, not to mention the concern with Google Glass, centers around that: the camera. To make the absurdist point, correspondent Jason Jones wore a cobbled-together headset with an iPhone, instant camera, and microphone, and then walked out in public with it. The results were, as you can imagine, amusing — people aren't going to look at such things as 'normal', and while headsets like Google Glass might someday be part of the norm, it's not something that the public at large is necessarily comfortable with at this time.

And it doesn't help that The Daily Show picked up some Glass wearers that were all too willing to push the bounds of what would be considered acceptable by actively recording when out and about. Not that it's any different than people doing the same thing with a cell phone — it's just that you can use both of your hands.

Source: The Daily Show

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The Daily Show takes on Google Glass: 'Do you hear what you're saying?'


Funny! Just like this comedian did with his sketch show: filming himself in various public places, his phone then has that distinctive ring-tone, he pulls out a ginormous comic mobile phone and shouts. This is all basically in places where what is known as "indoor voice" is to be used.

Comedy Central is making such a HUGE mistake by blocking access to their videos to anyone who isn't American.

Most of their humour (on all of their shows) is topical, political, and based on current events. If you don't get to see it on the day that they make it ... well, it's not like anyone will be buying the DVD later. They are shutting out probably 60% of their audience, because they want them to "pay" but this will never happen anyway. Neither now, nor in the future.

While I admit I wouldn't like someone filming me without my knowing, the law clearly states that it is okay if I don't have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Photographers have ran into this type of thing a lot. Besides, what is the difference between someone with Google glass recording me on the sidewalk and those cameras the city puts up watching and recording my every move? Indoors though, that is where it is different. I could see a policy of no cameras, including Google glass, inside a building.

Fine line between "Glasshole" and "*sshole."

Or maybe it's not such a fine line. I hear Glass is $1500.
I'm sure you get someone to punch you in the face for free.

What are peoples main issues with glass anyway. Honestly whenever I hear people complain or get mad about it I'm reminded how people when cameras were first invented used to think they were "stealing their souls". Seriously, your halting tech advancement and cool stuff.

I think there wouldn't be an issue if the camera had been left off. Strangely everyone accepts big brother watching them but not random_Joe on the sidewalk.