Daily Tip: Here comes Hurricane Irene, get your iPhone ready!

Daily Tip: Here comes Hurricane Irene, get your iPhone ready!

Here's a quick no-brainer or two from your hurricane-prone pals at Android Central for those of you in the path of Hurricane Irene, scheduled to make landfall along the North Carolina coast on Saturday. (They'll help you out for any natural disaster, though, from the recent east coast earthquakes to the next winter snowstorm, so keep 'em handy!)

  • Charge your iPhones, iPod touches and iPads. Now. Keep them charged. And once the storm starts, keep them off. You'll likely lose power at some point, and there's a good chance your local cell network will go down for a bit, even with generator backups.
  • Spare batteries. You can't swap iPhone or iPad batteries, but you can get external chargers and charging cases. If you got 'em, make sure they're charged, too. If you still have time to get some, do it.
  • After the storm, SMS text messages work best. Any carrier will tell you this, and we saw it again with that little shake the mid-Atlantic states got on Tuesday. If the network's up, it's going to be clogged, and calls might not go through. Text messages have a much better chance. (If you're on iOS 5, that means turn off iMessage -- it uses data, not the SMS network.)
  • If you're worried about damage and don't have a traditional camera, use your phone to take a few pictures of your home and your belongings. It'll make insurance claims much easier, should it come to that.

Any tips you folks want to share? Let's hear 'em.

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Daily Tip: Here comes Hurricane Irene, get your iPhone ready!


Well I guess we can put the blame on Obama and all the vacations he's taken using 747's, tour bus's & SUVs. If he'd stop contributing to the green house gas problem, maybe we wouldn't be seeing this hurricane.

Got a bunch of family in NYC and New Jersey.. Hoping to get in contact with them today! And i will tell them the same!

In NJ, already got the iPad charging, as well as the spare battery I have for my iPhone. Going to be a ruff weekend I'm sure.

Make sure you have a car charger for you iPhone. If the power goes out you can charge it with car which will become an important source of power. And make sure you fill up the car before the storm hits.

Five to ten years ago, maybe longer I bought a portable car battery jumper unit. For the life of me, I can't remember what it is called. It allows you to jumpstart your car without having to have another car there. It has a spot where you can plug in a cellphone charger, which I have used for a number of reasons. I'm charging it at the house in anticipation of Hurricane Irene.

keep some ziplock baggies handy to keep your pocket electronics dry if you have to go out in the rain or get caught in a rain band when you thought the sun had come out and it was safe. I keep a little towel in there so I can dry something and then seal it up to keep it that way.