Daily Tip: How to mark multiple emails as read in iOS 5

Have a ton of unreal messages and wondering how to just declare email bankruptcy and mark them all as read? iOS 5 still doesn't give you that magical "mark all" button but it does let you mark multiple messages as read in the Mail app, which can help save a lot of time when you're crunching through emails on-the-go.

  1. Launch the Mail app
  2. In the Mail app, tap Edit in the upper-right hand corner.
  3. A bullet list will appear on the left allowing you to select emails individually.
  4. Tap each email you would like to mark as read
  5. Tap Mark in the lower-right hand corner.
  6. Tap 'Mark as Read' from the menu list.

Now, all of the emails you selected will be marked as read and, if you're using iCloud, Exchange, or IMAP, will reflect as such across all email clients you have connected to your email service. It's as simple as that!

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Andrew Wray

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Reader comments

Daily Tip: How to mark multiple emails as read in iOS 5


I would like to see a "select all" button so I can delete everything in my inbox, sent box instead of having to sometimes manually click on upwards close to 100 emails. It's a pain in the rear!

Has any one else had a big with the email app? What happens is I will go to select some to delete...but when I get to around 10... It will uncheck all of them. I have to go back through and delete only 5 at a time.

why cant you do multi finger select!??? in my old BB i could use 2 fingers a select a few.. then scroll way down and tap another, it would select ALL of them between. simple large deletes.
this tapping of each email is HORRIBLY SLOW!. c'mon apple!

These are some of the things I miss about BB... there are a lot of things that each do well. I liked being able to mark prior opened, jump to certain unread messages, etc.

Select edit
Select one email
Hold the Mark button and deselect the email
Press the Mark As Read button

Suji just made my week/month/year!
Delete all works too. Just click and hold delete instead of Mark.

Just to Add on
If you follow Suji's Step on the All Inboxes on iPhone or iPad (IOS5)
It works great, By Marking all the Emails are Read.
Credit Goes to Suji.

Suji, I've been annoyed with by that issue for three years! Finally, a solution. What a useful tip and time saver! Thanks!

the blogger of this site just got pwned!!! but thanks anyway, if it wasn't for you, Suji would have no place to write this masterpiece! Thanks Suji!!!!