Daily Tip: How to make sure you've opted-out of Carrier IQ-style diagnostics on iPhone

Regarding Carrier IQ and customer insight mining

iOS 5 on the iPhone has Carrier IQ-style diagnostic information sharing turned off by default, but as part of the on-device setup process, asks you if you'd be willing to opt-in and share the data with Apple. If you did that, or aren't sure what you did, but now want to make sure you're opted out of anything even remotely Carrier IQ-esque, here's how to do that.

  1. Launch Settings
  2. Tap General
  3. Tap About
  4. Scroll down and tap on Diagnostics & Usage
  5. Tap Don't Send

That's it, you're done. If you're curious what kind of data is being stored locally on your device, whether or not you choose to share it with Apple, tap on Diagnostic & Usage Data.

Mine contains a bunch of crash logs from AirVideo, a ton of low memory reports, some weirdness from Messages, Mail, and Twitter, and some games.

Either way, while it currently looks like Apple does include Carrier IQ in iOS, it seems they aren't polling very deeply, and what data they are collecting is opt-in instead of opt-out (which is great) and can easily be turned off entirely via the steps above.

If you have any other privacy, security, or tips in general, let us now!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Daily Tip: How to make sure you've opted-out of Carrier IQ-style diagnostics on iPhone


1) WHen I checked, mine was on, so may not be opt-in. Turned it off for grins.
2) I am way more concerned over what ATT is collecting and we know that they are very accommodating to Big Brother.
3) Carrier IQ has the word Carrier in it, so I assume the data it collects goes to the carriers, not Apple.
So I don't consider I am safe. However if you've paid attention we haven't been safe on the internets for over a decade.

Hope people know this doesn't turn off or get rid of CarrierIQ. This is apples own diagnostic tool. People who have jailbroken phones can go through the filesystem and see if CarrierIQ is installed. So far looks like its not on a Bell(canada) iPhone 4 with 5.01. Which doesn't surprise me, everything looks like this is isolated in the US.

If it helps Apple make a better product, I'm all for sharing. The worst they may find is that I don't play the games I've bought enough.

It is a root kit it so it's harder to put your own version on, sorry but it wasn't done at a local cell store, apple used to delete apps off the iPhone. No one ever though why there is no good security suites? Personally don't care but it scares me more that they " don't support it" so all it takes is someone with a little brains to start collecting your data. I love electronics I'm not a pc or a Mac guy, but if you own a Mac that has Intel as a CPU your running the same software except they are called "Absolute" it is a total government sham it's on any pc newer then 6 years. I know it's not a good source but wiki intel vpro, if you understand what your using it all makes sense. If the government didn't know about it any one that did would be in the ground, no one members Jobs giving Obama the first iPod 2?

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