Daily Tip: How to remove lyrics and text from iPhone Album Art

Irritated by lyrics and podcast information appearing over the album art on your iPhone or iPod touch and want to know how to make it go away? Well you're in luck, you can disable this annoying overlay in 3 easy steps. We'll show you how after the break!

You may have lyrics to some songs in your iTunes Library, or you may download a podcast that has some show episode information, but when you tap the screen for the "scrubber", the lyrics or information, sits right on top of your gorgeous album artwork.

To disable the lyrics and podcast overlay in iOS 4:

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap iPod
  3. Turn "Lyrics and Podcast Info" Off

Its that simple!

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Reader comments

Daily Tip: How to remove lyrics and text from iPhone Album Art


Love the daily iPhone tips. It beats reading one massive guide and just get tidbits everyday.

I have a question. I have a 2G and 3G I use for music, and my 3GS is my current phone. My 2G and 3GS show the "scrubber" (time elapsed/remaining) as that bar across the top. The 3G does not show this. I've checked settings etc but can't figure it out. 2G JBen os 2.x, 3G os 3.x, and 3GS os 4.2.

can't you just .. tap the screen again to get it to go away? i prefer doing that rather than removing one of the functionalities of the ipod app

Seriously! Of all the functionality to add, Apple adds something this useless! Hey, Apple! How about scrolling the song, artist and album titles like iTunes does? Not all songs and albums have titles that feat neatly into the iPod or iPhone screen.
Oh, and how about adding one of the most important things ever to a portable music device: A CUSTOM EQUALIZER!!!

Check Settings > iPod area for EQ. If you want to change the EQ on a song by song basis. you can do this in iTunes by right clicking on the song and selecting "Get Info" then go to the "options" tab and set it there. Then when you sync the song to your iPhone/iPod touch, the EQ settings will be there.

Off topic here. But, you guys should seriously reconsider naming your website. "TIPB"? How do u even say that without making up something to make it sound like an actual word. Cmon guys!

Thanks a lot for this, I have Japanese music and some songs came with lyrics, and it's obviously in a different text format as it just appeared as gibberish. I didn't even know iPod Touches and iPhones had lyrics capability!