Daily Tip: How to stumble back to the right hotel room when you're traveling

If you're a frequent traveler and need to know how to get back to the right hotel room at night, this is a very simple, but also very handy tip. Lets set the scene: you check into another hotel on your travels and you're given a plastic key card as well a small piece of card with your room details printed on it.

The first thing you do when you go out later, is pick up the plastic keycard but leave the card with all the details on in your room. When you return later in the evening, exhausted from the business meeting or intoxicated from the on expenses alcohol splurge, you have forgotten your hotel room number. As it is never printed on the programmable plastic keycards, you're in a bit of trouble.

Read on after the break for our great solution to this dilemma!

The simple solution is to take a picture of your room number with your iPhone before you go out. When you return later, simply fire up the Photos app and there you have your room details and you're all set to get that good nights sleep. No more embarrassing visits to the hotel reception to contend with. Hey, I said it was simple, but it is also a great tip!

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Daily Tip: How to stumble back to the right hotel room when you're traveling


If there's really a hell, it better include everyone who feels the need to point out simple spelling and grammar errors on quickly written blog sites. Oh, and it better also have cupcakes.

Great tip. I do this. In the past I have spent over 100 nights in hotels per year. In foreign countries, I will photo the hotel to show the cab driver where I want to go. I also photo a project I am disassembling to remind me how to put it back together.

Good idea! Make it even better by making the photo your lockscreen wallpaper for the evening. Then all you have to do is get your iphone turned on -- you don't have to figure out how to get into Photos when you're sloshed!

True true. The last thing you can see is the right apps to open the photo app. Especially if you have folders like I do with a folder for all my photo apps.

Learn the difference between 'your' and 'you're'!
God, the writers on this site have TERRIBLE grammar... Every single day you guys post up articles with misspelled words and bad grammar.

@GJ Yes there really is a hell. It's populated by those who condone lackadaisical approaches to what should be an earnest effort at an unsophisticated task. God forbid anyone in today's society actually show some pride and put forth an earnest effort in a task the first time. I could see if we were relegated to the use of typewriters, but we aren't, but hey let's just keep lowering the bar why don't we, it's just a quickly written blog site...

THE best hotel tip I've ever got and has worked for me every single time is to go to the front desk and tell them you forgot your phone charger. Every hotel has a huge box at the front desk with chargers that have been left behind. They usually throw these away after a certain amount of time anyway.

Who cares, your spelling, it's a tech blog and it's great. You guys needS tAh cHilz owT.

Take this tip a step further by taking a photo of your car's valet ticket if you are staying in a downtown hotel. After a few days, the original ticket will either be worn out or lost. As long as you haven't lost your iPhone...you can get your rental car back!

I am actually quite disappointed by this tip, as it has nothing to do with the iPhone. It may as well go up with "How to remember your page you're on, in a million page book, without a bookmark, after 25 years".
Oh no...I hope that I haven't given you ideas...

i had to create an account just to tell you how stupid you two made yourselves sound. he uses the words correctly and spells them correctly you community college dropouts. your is used as in "your grammar sucks." you're is used when you want to say "you are" as in "you're morons."

Who are all these sad muppets on here scanning for grammar issues?
It's like being back at school only the people doing the criticising are the spotty little twats!

I would take it even a step further and make sure the geo-tagging for the camera app is turned on when you snap the pick, then you even know what hotel you're supposed to stumble back to.
Or you can MMS the pic of your room number with the geo-tag info to some "locals" you've just met and see if they get the hint...

"When you return later in the evening intoxicated from the on expenses alcohol splurge, you have forgotten your hotel room number."
I sure hope thats the least of your troubles. I'd be more worried over HOW you got to the hotel and whos lives you just placed in danger.
Its pretty simple to remember your hotel room number. You should also remember if you were in the first, second, third etc floor and where it is (next to the stairs or Elvador. Was it near the vending machines or the pool? did your room have a view?
Hell I remember mine from a trip I took 5 weeks ago. Room 217. It was the second floor at Motel 6.

I hate to say it, but these kind of "articles" make me lose the great interest I had on this website...
This "tip" is pathetic...

OMG, I totally do this! I am now taking it one step further now though. I travel alot for work and probably stay 50 nights per year in hotels. I am creating a picture montage of a years worth of hotel room numbers...

If there is a hell, it sure better include those who aren't good enough to troll properly. The author of this article probably needed to come up with a simple tip or a subject for an article and he has done JUST THAT. Not everybody has the impeccable memory of an elephant (using that old elephants never forget idea) when they get sauced up on the weekend. I in fact applaud this article for pointing out to those who like to travel and barhop (or club) a simple tip. The idea of snapping a picture of your room number is so blantantly obvious that most of us overlook it.
Great article and forget these sub-trolls.

Wow, I mean really......wow. I love the internet. People can say whatever they want behind the hidden anonymity of their computers. They could say whatever they want because nobody would know who they are. They could critique others work check their spelling, and spout nothing but negativity very easily while contributing and creating nothing.
Here's a simple one.....thanks for the tip!!! I think this would also work well in large parking lots taking a photo of the section.

How silly !
can do much easier !
Just type the roomnumber into your phone and press the green dial button ! Now you room number is in your last calls .

3-4 rooms per week when travelling and yeah, it can get confusing :-) Add a little alcohol and, well, it doesn't take long. Anyone else had to wander around the parking lot holding the key fob in the air looking for YOUR red toyota rental car? Taking a picture of people borrowing your stuff is also helpful :-)