Damn near 75% of iMore readers updated to iOS 7.1 in just 2 days!

iOS 7.1

When iOS 7.1 dropped last week, we ran a quick poll to capture the approach of the iMore readership to snagging the update. Turns out there was an overwhelming result showing that a whopping 74% of you jumped on iOS 7.1 as soon as it dropped!

There are several different thought processes when any new build of iOS drops, be it a major update or a point bump. Some are all over it, getting it as soon as humanly possible. Others are more cautious, some don't update at all and then there's the Jailbreak crowd. We saw a good spread of folks across each different option, but combined answers for "No" and "Waiting on more feedback" only accounted for just over 5% of the vote. The Jailbreak crowd alone was almost double these two combined.

It's always good to take a closer look at the feedback, and in this case it turns out in the update was overwhelmingly welcomed. Perhaps because there were so many frustrations with iOS 7 before hand – resprings thankfully seem to have gone! – that folks were literally desperate for iOS 7.1. Or maybe we're all just out-and-out nerds.

Check out the results in full below. A week on from the initial poll, do you wish you'd waited? Or if you waited, maybe you wish you'd got it sooner? Sound off in the comments below!

Poll results

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Reader comments

Damn near 75% of iMore readers updated to iOS 7.1 in just 2 days!


Ok....I'll be the one to say it......75% of those that responded.....is not the same as 75% of all imore readers.


I like how imore is getting saucy with the deadlines. I didn't upgrade because I am jailbroken!

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Do we really need the swearing in the headline? BTW, I upgraded as soon as iMore said it was available, which was the first place I heard about it.