Dash brings fluid card style multitasking to your iPhone [jailbreak]

Dash brings fluid card style multitasking to your iPhone and iPad [jailbreak]

Dash, a relatively new jailbreak tweak, switches up multitasking on your iPhone by replacing the current multitasking switcher with an elegant card like interface that you can swipe through.

If you're familiar with the way Safari already handles multiple web pages like cards you'll be right at home with Dash as the concept is very simliar. Once you've installed Dash there isn't too much to customize. Just pop into Settings and choose what gesture you'd like to use to activate Dash. If you'd like it to override the default multitasking switcher just choose double tapping the Home button to activate Dash.

Dash for iPhone settings

Once Dash is activated you can tab from left to right through all your open apps. To close one just flick upwards and the app will close out completely. Under Settings you can customize the animations that Dash uses while in multitasking view. You can choose between animations such as Scroll, CoverFlow, Time Machine, Rotary, and Cylinder. The only other thing you can customize is what gesture will invoke Dash. In my experience the Scroll animations are the smoothest and makes closing out apps extremely fast. The other fancier animations are nice to look at but seem to slow down the entire UI of Dash quite a bit.

For those of you that have ever used webOS in the past, Dash uses the same card layout and gestures that you would have seen on phones such as the Palm Pre. If you prefer that kind of multitasking over default iOS, Dash is definitely for you.

$1.99 - Cydia Search Link

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Dash brings fluid card style multitasking to your iPhone [jailbreak]


I don't know if you made that comment to get yourself flamed or what but its not hard to check for yourself instead of coming in here and making a statement like that. It's worth the $2 I would just buy it.

Because you can't afford $2 or because you're a douchebag who doesn't think people deserve to be paid for their work?

Hey, I'm getting the new iphone and I haven't jailbroken before. I am sorta interested in learning. Where can you go to get a good start? Is there an xda for iphone?

There is a XDA for iPhone but it's not as in depth and monitored as I would say imore fourms are. I also use Macrumors but there threads seemed to of fallen of the map.

Got it for free. Search "Dash" in cydia and it's the first one. Sucks if u already said for it but letting others know before hand. And also it's a great tweak :)

Ps: Barrel is also an awesome tweak, let's u apply cool animations how u scroll through your app pages.

or you could have simply paid the $2 for it and not pirated the app. You never know what odd-ball stuff is in those cracked versions of jailbreak apps.

This sounds really cool. One question-- what happens to apps that already use left-right swipes--e.g., Huffington Post to move from section to section?

How does it handle up-down scrolling, swiping to advance in a news story, e.g.?

Inquiring minds and all that...

Any chance that iOS 6 will permit skinning? Or anything like this?

This is more like TealOS, which aped webOS' cards metaphor on PalmOS, but wasn't quite the smooth transition you'd get with the real thing.

The jb app opens after you trigger it, cards pop up, you choose one, the jb app closes, and then your desired app appears.

EDIT: Four-finger gesture/app switching is a much more elegant solution for those with supportd hardware.

Maybe this is fine if you never had the real webOS, but I'd rather have kept my two dollars.

This seems to be very similar to the gestures on the BlackBerry Playbook. Swipe left or right to switch between apps, slide up from the bottom to close an app. What's next? Email from the top left corner or settings being dragged down with the notification centre.

Sent from my iPhone :/