David Perry Talks Bugz for iPhone: Gaming, Development, and App Store

David Perry of Didev Studios wrote in to tell us about Bugz for the iPhone, and was kind enough to send along some interesting insights into the game, developing for the iPhone, and the App Store.

On the origins of Bugz as a PSP game:

Bugz was originally conceived about 2 years ago as a PSP game. It took me around a year of coding, design, graphics and audio work before I made a release into a competition that was being run at the time. Bugz was well received in the competition and received first place. The public seemed to like Bugz and it’s quirky cuteness.

On moving Bugz to the iPhone:

Recently I decided to look at iPhone development and Bugz was an obvious choice as a first project. The initial version of Bugz for the PSP only had 17 levels – this would obviously need expanding for the iPhone version. Whilst contemplating the iPhone port of Bugz, I asked a friend to join me on the project, he accepted and Didev Studios was born.

On the re-development:

The port to approximately 5 weeks and I use the term ‘port’ loosely. The game was pretty much re-written specifically for the iPhone, only the original graphics and audio were retained. The iPhone really is a great device for developers to create for. The SDK is feature packed and comes with great documentation and samples – all that a developer could want.

On the App Store and marketing for the iPhone:

I’m happy with the way things have gone so far, Bugz sales are increasing slowly and feedback from users has on the whole been great. The one thing that is hard is marketing your app. Any released app is quickly lost in the App Store and external marketing is a must in order to get potential users interested.

Bugz is available in the iTunes App Store.

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David Perry Talks Bugz for iPhone: Gaming, Development, and App Store

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What a ridiculously simple and fantastically enjoyable game. More luck than skill, as much relaxation therapy as game play (see all the pretty colours as the bugs explode!), and completely engrossing. Not perhaps for your hardcore gamer but I played it start to finish in a single go (it took about 90 minutes), which is probably the first time I've ever done that with any game on any platform ever. Also, I'm currently 12th in the rankings, of which I'm just enormously proud :)