David Pogue Posts Updated iPhone FAQS

New York Times columnist David Pogue has published an ammended blog entry containing a second round of FAQs everyone seems to interested in finding answers to. This is definitely worth the click, as it paints a clearer picture of this "micro" OSX platform. I found one comment from Steve Jobs to be rather dishy...

Markoff: “And what are you thinking about Flash and Java?”

Jobs: “Java’s not worth building in. Nobody uses Java anymore. It’s this big heavyweight ball and chain.”

Markoff: “Flash?”

Jobs: “Well, you might see that.”

Markoff: “What about YouTube–”

Jobs: “Yeah, YouTube—of course. But you don’t need to have Flash to show YouTube. All you need to do is deal with YouTube. And plus, we could get ‘em to up their video resolution at the same time, by using h.264 instead of the old codec.”


p>Err..I hate to break this to Steve but YouTube's embedded video playback feature is based on Flash, so I'm not sure whether he understood the relevance of Markoff's line of questions regarding Flash and its inclusion in the iPhone. Partnering with YouTube isn't going to enable playback of YouTube content on the iPhone unless that partnership involves said company building a portable Flash package for Apple's new phone. But I digress.


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David Pogue Posts Updated iPhone FAQS


I actually don't think that's necessarily true. Youtube is based on the .flv (Flash video) codec, which is really just a video codec like any other. Media players like Media Player Classic and VLC can play .FLVs when supplied the right codecs, so why shouldn't the iPhone be able to?

I think what Steve is saying here is that he wants/expects YouTube to switch from using Flash Quicktime.

I believe Google will bend to Apple ... after all the CEO of Google is on apple's board.
This is the same as your post below ... a 3G upgrade COULD come as firmware ... same here ... this could come in a software update.

If you go throught the interview we will find that job means there will not be any Java but there maybe flash.

It'd better run java ME (J2ME) or that phone is going to be missing a lot of possible apps (Google Mobile, Google Maps, Opera Mini, etc, etc, and about several thousand games)...Java applets I could care less about...