Day One journaling app for iOS gets iOS 7 facelift, new features too

Day One journaling app for iOS gets iOS 7 facelift, new features too

Day One, the award-winning journaling software for iPhone and iPad, has been updated to version 1.12. The new release has been redesigned to complement the style of iOS 7 and gains new features and functionality that make it easier to keep track of what you're doing.

The new version sports redesigned icons and navigation bars, and the iPad app has been enhanced to take better advantage of Retina Displays. And for the newest devices that sport the M7 coprocessor - the iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display - Day One also tracks what you were doing when you wrote your entry.

Day One also adds a "Step Count" feature so you can keep track of your movement, background fetch for Dropbox sync and tracks currently playing music.

Do you use Day One for journaling, or do you rely on another app? Journaling, what's that? What do you think about the "iOS 7ification" of apps? Sound off in the comments.

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Reader comments

Day One journaling app for iOS gets iOS 7 facelift, new features too


Awesome update. This app has make me want to journal my everyday moments! Also, I like that they have utilized the M7 coprocessor for the iPad Air. After Steppy, this is the second app that does so.

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I purchased Notability for all my note taking needs including journaling. It is a great handwriting app but this seems to be a better option. I may give it a try.

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Great update to an already great app. Use Day One almost every day. Worth the $4.99

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Love Day One and so happy they updated to have the iOS 7 look. Definitely do recommend this app to anyone that enjoys to write/journal!

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I use Day One for my journaling needs. None of the additional features interest me, although maybe I could see caring about music. I have switched to Dropbox sync with this update, in order to take advantage of the background refresh. Recent issues with iCloud and troubleshooting with the developers also allowed me to learn that they actually prefer you use Dropbox, as it's less buggy (their words, not mine).

I appreciate the UI update!

Day One is by far the best journaling app I've used.

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The new updates being pushed out to unify the iOS 7 experience is extremely enjoyable and it is one of those things that Apple users truly appreciate.

I use Day One everyday and the new iOS 7 design makes my journaling experience feel even more native and immersive than ever before. It almost feels like an Apple designed experience. Day One gives you a simple and beautiful experience, without sacrificing features or performance.

A great app and a great article!

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Does anyone happen to know a really good blogging app? I use Blogger and Blogpress is really buggy. Thanks

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I have always wanted to try using this app but thought it was a bit pricy. Then I found Momento which offers a lot of the same functionality and it's completely free! I journal with it every night before bed!

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I just use the built in notes app for my journaling, I wish it wasn't that yellow color.

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Just bought this app last month and love it! Makes journaling and keeping diary notes so easy. I chose Day One because of its drop box sync abilities and no need for a subscription. It also allows you to attach photos. I am not sure however if Evernote would do the same job for free. Can anyone clarify that for me?