Daylite 4.3 update streamlines business management on iOS and OS X

Marketcircle on Tuesday announced the release of Daylite 4.3 for iOS and OS X, along with updates to Daylite Mail Assistant and Daylite Server. Daylite is Marketcircle's business management software with project management, customer relationship management, scheduling and much more.

The new releases of Daylite include a variety of new features depending on the version. Daylite 4.3 for iOS adds:

  • Linked Forms, to track business-specific information
  • Attachments, linked to other items that can be downloaded and previewed on your iOS device.
  • Resource Calendar, to share resources like meeting rooms; and
  • Relationships, which you can edit for individuals and companies.

Daylite 4.3 for OS X adds:

  • Duplicate record management, you can duplicate records instead of re-entering them
  • New Reports / Print Layouts, including Won Opportunities, Activity Time by Category, Opportunity and Project Snapshot Print Layouts and Incomplete Tasks grouped by Project or Opportunity.
  • Create smartlists based on Birthday or Anniversary
  • More multi-column sorting options
  • Columns for linked items such as keywords, appointments, tasks and more are now sortable.

Spanish and Dutch language localization is now supported.

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Daylite 4.3 update streamlines business management on iOS and OS X