Dear Android and BlackBerry users, what would iOS 5 need to win you over?

Dear Android and BlackBerry users, what would iOS 5 need to win you over?

Apple will be announcing iOS 5 on Monday and if the rumors are to be believed it will do pretty much everything from notifications to make you a tasty vanilla latte (okay, not really.) But it does beg the question -- if you're an Android or BlackBerry user, or a Windows Phone, webOS, or fan of any other platform, what would Apple have to do to win you over to iPhone and iPad?

Rene's posted his want list

What would you need to see from Steve Jobs and Apple to make you switch (or switch back?)

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Dear Android and BlackBerry users, what would iOS 5 need to win you over?



I've been an iPhone user since they came out in 2007 and I'm doing a lot of research thinking about heading to and Android phone in a few months when my contract with AT&T is up. I have been a jailbreaker since way back, and will probably never run a vanilla phone now that I know what is out there on the other side. I'm growing increasingly weary over the jailbreak game, though, and the increasing lag to get exploits out there. I will give props to Apple for making their phones secure, even if that is petty locking-out jailbreak exploits, and nothing that would really be used in the real world to compromise the integrity of your phone (PDF holes aside). My feeling is that in order to get me to stay on the iOS platform, there would have to be a massive philosophical change from Cupertino that just won't happen.

A notification system that doesn't suck, quicker access to search and common settings. I was an iPhone user from 2008-last month, and, while I miss a lot of things about my iPhone, my Android phone has a much better workflow, that isn't based around returning to the springboard and opening apps.

sorry but i have to agree with steve how can it be easier you want it to read your mind tell you want to search and go there lol, that would be awesome f@£$^* voice control MIND CONTROL!! thats IOS 5 mind control

One thing that I've found really annoying about searching is that the button changes to say search but does not do anything when pressed. I think the search fails at that point because I feel as though that input should tell the system to initiate the search and Spotlight could also include the first few Google search results to a query as well.

Cloud data sync/backup(apps,app data,contacts,settings)
Chrome to Phone
Good Notifications(pull up/drop down notifications bar)
Push new apps/OS to phone OTA
Expansive control of settings
GPS/bluetooth/wifi/hotspot toggle on/off in dropdown bar
App integration with OS
Social Network integration
LTE(I know that's hardware, but I can't go back to a 3G only world)

Better notifications, widgets, ability to install 3rd party apps without going through the app store, no need to use iTunes to get files onto the phone (think cloud syncing), adobe flash (at least as an option, turned off by default would still be good), and the development gestures for the iPad applied overall. I know some of this is actually planned for iOS 5 (cloud syncing, notifications) and some of it will never come about (flash, installing apps without going through the app store), but a man can dream.

really you want to be able to download the hundreds of thousands of apps in the without going through the app store? how do you suggest that? maybe specific apps through voice contotrol but how would you discover new apps? you need an app store

BlackBerry users would want a bunch of familiar little plastic keys. Fandroids would want iOS 3 so they could get that old familiar waiting-years-for-an-update feeling.

A much better notification system. Can't stand when I am watching a movie or YouTube video on my iPad 2 and it will be interrupted by a notification.
A navigation solution on par with Google Navigation would be nice.
A more robust text messaging/calling/contact history system.
Wireless iTunes syncing.
A file explorer.
And a pipe dream I'm sure... The option of Flash.

Hmm, I dont get the real point of the notification talk, they are fine, the way it is now, there is room for improvement anyway. But, Aaronius, "massive philosophical change from Cupertino" - do you want them to be OPEN ? for god sake, no way, the ecosystem works great the way it is today, no malware and all that trash that can get you in a difference dimension... I dont want to name the other platform that has some problems in this area... And fragmentation, oh wait, I'm not getting into that ...
Cya, and hope we get a better iOS 5.0 monday :)

I recently made the switch from BlackBerry (nearly 15 years) to Android, with Sprint's Nexus S Google Phone. I do own an iPad, but reasons for not going with the iPhone include lack of providers (which is now opening up a bit) and tight controls on what you can and cannot do with the phone. The Google Phone is one of cleanest devices on the market, with better battery life than many others. That was another drawback for me with the iPhone. I don't want to be forced to recharge or replace the battery after 6 hours. I reviewed the Nexus S for Law Technology News:

You realize, of course, that it has been proven and is very widely accepted that the iPhone 4 has some of the best battery life of any smartphone on the market, right?

Well having used many smartphones with various operating systems (Palm, Windows, BlackBerry, Android, and now the iPhone 4) I disagree on battery life.
The one that has battery life down is BlackBerry. There's always lasted longer than any other smartphone I've had.

And I disagree with you. My Blackberry got 12 hours AT MOST, and that's with much, much less usage than what I put my iP4 through, with my iP4 going on 40 hrs (and I'm at 22%)

Depending on my use, I can get anywhere from a day and and quarter or so (heavy use) to upwards of 3 solid days of life with my iPhone. I haven't had battery life like that since my flip phone days!

I get maybe 3/4 of a day with heavy use and have had better battery life, and have spent trips with my friends who use their Blackberry for almost two days w/o the need to charge. Thus I can see that better battery life can be achieved.

also what do you mean by clean? as of apples tight grip on the iphone and the stuff your allowed to put i can guarantee you that nothing you can get from the app store will harm your phone at all. where as android with there do-anything-you-want policy means it easy to get a virus from apps and stuff you get off android multiple(?) stores

A bit startled to read this about battery life. I have an Android (Nexus One), and the battery life on it is nowhere near the iphone 4's.

Larger screen (mine is now 4.3"), true multitasking, MUCH better notifications, user replacable battery.

Why would you need a user replaceable battery? My iPhone 4 is lasting over a day long and I bought it opening day and constantly use it.

I currently own an Evo, and even the stock battery works fine for me with 8-9 hours of usage (Wifi, GPS, browsing, maps, calls and texts/trillian), throw in the fact that i'm rarely 12 hours without a charger, and its good enough for me.
You would need a user replaceable battery if, like many do with their Android based device, try to treat it like a laptop with their rooting, flashing, kernel switching, running multiple games and benchmarks constantly while using their favorite....flash video the browser.

I switched from Android to iOS and I can tell you that you won't notice any difference in how either OS multitasks

  1. Slightly larger device with screen size at 4inches or above.
  2. An improved notifications system. Maybe widgets (or tiles).
  3. More cloud and syncing support. It would be great if my keychain passwords, bookmarks (from Safari), open tabs, history, etc, could be synced. Then I would need Firefox Mobile, and I could start transitioning away from Chrome.

For me to come switch to an iPhone I'd need-
-Notifications that don't suck. I'd prefer they be near identical to how Android does them.
-WIDGETS. Glance-able information is a must.
-Different app icons. The rounded squares are getting old.
-More open App Store or sideloading. Ease up on the restrictions- allow emulators, etc. Or, let power users get .ipa files off the net and install them.
-Better way to transfer files for apps. It's kinda a pain right now using iTunes to get files on there. USB mass-storage mode would be great.
-I need Google Voice integration or an app that integrates extremely well.
-And, the biggest roadblock, a Sprint iPhone.
Things I'd really like-
-More hardware options. I want candybars, portrait sliders, slates, etc.
-MicroSD expansion.
-Bigger screen. The Evo has spoiled me. It's near impossible to type on an iPhone now.
-WiMAX (or Sprint's future LTE).
That's about it for me. I need a lot to switch, and I don't see Apple ever doing most of it. I don't see widgets, different icons, an opener App Store, sideloading, USB mass storage mode, more hardware options, etc. EVER. Which is unfortunate because they're all relatively small things that keep me on Android.

a candybar phone is a phone that is just a slab with built-in covers or large twisty bits in other words THE IPHONE IS CANDY BAR STYLE!!

I only subscribe to this site to get a feel for what others are doing. WebOS is my OS of choice.
To be very honest I am jealous of a few of the really high quality apps, but for me the number one reason I don't buy an iPhone is that it is an iPhone. I hate getting on an airplane and seeing 1 in 4 people with the exact same phone. I think it is great for those people, I feel sorry for them in my biased phone that they are not technical enough to for a real phone (no flame please, I recognize that that is unfounded bias, but I still feel that way). I am happy to be unique, to have something that works for me.

I was a launch day Pre owner. The card-based multitasking was great. After 4 months, it got boring since there was no apps to multitask with, so I walked away.
The cards multitasking is a great idea, but eventually its going to be standard on most other platforms in some form or fashion, and possibly someone might come up with an even better metaphor for multitasking. If thats all WebOS has for it, then its eventually going to be doomed to failure.

So you prefer to have a phone you know is less capable just becuase fewer people have it. Let me go buy an LG flip phone becuase no1 has them anymore...ohohohh im so unique now jacks off in corner

the iphone IS PERFECTLY technically capable it just does it in a very simple way!! in fact its extremely capable!! it is just simple but if you hate apple (for whatever reason love to know) then thats your loss

Pardon me for asking, but if it's an unfounded bias, then why have you chosen to still feel this way? Do you enjoy believing things you know to be wrong? I don't get it...

You are unique in having the dumbest posts I have ever read in TiPB. You number one reason for not owning an iPhone is, and I quote, " I hate getting on a plane and serene every one out of four people with an iPhone."
I needed to take a breath after that one to soak it in and realize how lame that comment is.
If you want to be unique, go buy the phone Gordon Gekko uses in Wall Street. You would definite be unique, but you would be a unique jack a.s.s.

Improved notifications, basic widgets (don't need to be super extensive like HTC/Samsung's), better/more integration with Google products (search, navigation/maps).
A larger screen and NFC (Google Wallet) support seem more exciting then widgets or notifications (which can be improved with jailbreaking).
Android has a lot going for it, but for me, the itunes store and cydia are much better then having to shop around the internet to find a particular app (everyone and their mother is going to have an android market soon). And games being exclusive to said markets or the companies beyond the phones doesn't sound very "open". Shouldn't have to download another program to install a game or have to use workarounds. It should just work.
So iOS 5 doesn't have to offer too much more for me, but the next iPhone does =)

Way to base your electronics of choice on being original or "different". There's a reason 1 in 4 have one and it's not because it's for "stupid people" which is pretty much what u just said. Way to not be an ass.

I love my blackberry of me to go to an Iphone i would want keys and No itune's and an SD card, better batter life.
I use a PC and cant stand itunes on my PC

I can understand the desire for keys or the hate for iTunes, but I CANNOT understand the desire for an SD card... iPhones come with a ton of memory already (way more than any stock blackberry on the market) and I cannot count on 20 hands how many times I had to reformat my SD card and I lost everything on it... Blackberry sucks in that regard, I cannot understand how you consider it a plus...

Expandable memory is always a plus an I've never had issues with having to reformat my microSD cards, so I can understand where the commenter is coming from.

I'm won over! I didn't want VZWs 4 though. Looking at Sprints unlimited and hearing iPhone to Sprint rumors so then it would be good to go!

I have an iPad 2, but something I would like to see to make me consider an iPhone would be better app integration. For example, on my Android phone, if I'm watching a video in the YouTube and I click the share button I get an option of Facebook, Twitter, Email, Beluga, etc... On my iPad, I can only send it via Email. That, and the usual demand: better notfications (hopefully in iOS5.) I would also like to see Folders being improved. What I want is to be able to put folders inside folders, so inside of my Games folder I can organize into Arcade, Puzzle, etc. Android doesn't do that but I'd like to see it, anyways.

  1. Widgets
  2. Insanely better notifications
  3. More open (a la Android)
  4. Facebook Integration
  5. OTA Sync & Updates
  6. Cloud Storage
  7. Third Party Apps

I would consider leaving an Android phone if most of your list comes to the iPhone. Apple isn't going to more open, but I could live with that. If iPhone comes to tmobile I would buy it and keep my nexus one to tether when necessary.

I just switched to iPhone from a blackberry. I'm not going to beat the dead horse about notifications. What really grinds my gears is the autocorrect/word prediction. BB has it almost perfect! If I start typing, I wish a list of predicted words would come up instead of one option.

BBM/iChat/Google Talk - don't really care which, just want a built-in instant messaging application that can be used cross-platform/device. It is ridiculous that we are still tied to SMS and texting fees.

Notifications besides a little number. Android nailed this, nobody else has even gotten close since the WinMo 6/6.1 days back when it was primarily text on a screen and not much else.
Proper app closing/task management without jailbreaking. Since day 1, even before 3rd gen Touch would get unbearably slow. The only way I've been able to fix this was to install SBsettings so I can kill processes I no longer want running. I'm looking at YOU, Infinity Blade.
Quick toggles like in Cyanogen Mod 7 or in the stock Widgets. I flick down my notification bar and I can turn on/off GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi and Sound. I can do that with SBSettings but I'd like to NOT have to jailbreak for that. I know CM7 is a custom rom but like I said, even with a widget this is easily accomplished in Android. You don't need to root and flash a rom for this in Android..the widget is included with the OS.
Battery management/logging. I want to know exactly what is draining how much, I want to know what is running and when.

I'm an iPhone user but from what I hear from friends with other devices :
iTunes on the PC is awful and makes syncing your iPhone a right pain in the A55. I bought a mac recently and iTunes is a great experience. Fix the pc version !!
Slightly bigger screen - though I think the device itself now is the right size.
Cloud services and no need to link to pc to setup - coming !!
Dynamic 'tiles' and widgets to customise the homescreen or lock screen or both
Even better battery !

Use to be a HUGE crackberry addict and then iPhone one me over because of immensely important thing ....APPS !! the appson blackberry suck sh8t

I have been back and forth between my iPhone and two Android devices. I've had a Samsung captivate and now an HTC inspire 4g. I love that Android gives you instant (much faster than iPhone) notifications. My biggest gripe about android is that my devices always seem to get really lagged after a few days. I have no modifications to the software on my Android. To me it just seems like it has a few more flaws to the operation of the device. I like them both, but if I could end up with ios with Android sociability, there would be no doubt in my mind that I would be using my iPhone.

The real question is, who cares? There isn't anything a power Android user can't get on an iPhone in terms of software, except maybe a virus. But you can't say that the other way around. And Blackberry? If it wasn't for businesses, they would exist anymore.

Accessible filesystem is a must. I constantly have both documents and images a have to send, and I need to be able to organize my different cases between different folders

Its simple, a better light on the camera and better picture. A better (easier) bluetooth facility and by far the biggest let down with the iphone is the signal. Fix these problems and it will be great.

The ability to password protect folders and/or apps. Since we can't rely on app developers (like Facebook) to add them.
Information on the lock screen, like number of unread emails, upcoming appointments, etc. It's ridiculous to have to swipe and then type in a pin, just to see if there are any unread emails.
Scrolling folders. It's pretty easy to have more than 12 apps in one category.
Push mail for more than just MobileMe and Exchange. If I want to use a little extra battery for IMAP/IDLE, that should be up to me.

So to say the least, you guys want the iOS 5 to copy it's competitors and not stand out from the crowd?
I have had Android OS since late 2009 when the Motorola Droid was released. There has already been more than 3 major updates to the Android OS and several minor patches. Not only that, there are still bugged features and a plethora of things Android users want changed and features they want implemented in the OS. Aside from all of that, most Android phones don't even get updated and/or are not eligible for updates. Phones are contracted at two years. My Motorola Droid has the latest patch to Android 2.2 (2.2.3 I believe?) and it's not ever getting updated again. While Android OS 2.3 is already out, not even my MyTouch 4G is being updated to it. So my point is, what is the point in having a Android phone? Most of them are obsolete and outdated on release day by more than a year. They compete strictly with themselves and most have features than others do not but they lack more important features. HTC Thunderbolt was released with a 1 GHz processor and the new phones already have a 1.2+ GHz processor and some even have dual core. That's OUTDATED Technology.
Apple keeps iOS simple and sweet. One major update a year, One phone a year. The older phones are eligible for newer updates. I have had 5 top of the line Android phones since around November 2009 and just due to the frustration of seeing new phones being released almost every month with better features I will not go back to an Android phone. They all try to out do the newest. Android could have been a 10-20 year market with trillions of dollars but they are progressing too fast, literally knocking themselves out.
That's why I am Switching to iPhone.

After 2.2, the os hasn't changed much. Most android phone run 2.2 or above, and this is a non-issue for consumers. Since you have both a droid and a mytouch 4g, what do you wish the my touch had that the droid has on the os? The differences are negligible. Also, the 4g will be updated. :)

Yes; they need to make a Swype keyboard (or equivalent) for the iPhone. I miss that keyboard from when I had my Samsung Vibrant.

Also a physical/attached keyboard solution that didn't cause extra battery drain (no BT keyboards).

iOS 5 would need an accessible filesystem, and the hardware would need a larger screen. I really like the idea of having a nice ecosystem, but it needs to be a little more open for me. Hopefully iOS 5 introduces this. It would make the iPad a ton better.
Also, though it's not a huge deal on my iPad, I want the ability to side load apps. I don't care about jail breaking (and my iPad can't even be jail broken), but I do want to play an N64 emulator like I do on my android phone

I use BB and iPhone and the BB is not a company phone. To go totally iPhone; better notifications, real multi-tasking, BBM, and yes a real keyboard. I can type well on iPhone's virtual keyboard but like a real one or at least tactile feed back. I do like that Apple Apps work and are secure, so are the one from BB App World.
I had an Android (EVO) nice well made phone, too big, apps running in the background and the Apps could brick or infect the phone and the UI is not as well done and smmoth as IOs, webOS, and even the dated BB OS 6. I also was an original Palm Pre user and it was probably my favorite, just not support.

First since the iPhone is built with quality materials instead plastic..I enjoyed the fact that I didn't pay $300 for a plastic android phone. Second notification improvements is a must and would be nice. Third and lastly whatever Apple does with iOS 5, Lion, and iCloud will be awesome considering they have the best software and hardware engineers out of any company. BAM!

Legit Multi-tasking.
Google Navigation.
Ability to ditch iTunes entirely! (especially the App Store)
Root system access.
Availability on all platforms (T-Mo, Sprint, etc)

The Google Nav is interesting. I'd like to see that too. Almost forgot they had it but seeing Google said they'd still be the Maps app data, who knows

Im a iphone user and I would like to see a file system to easily viewl and store word, powerpoint, excel etc and better universal options like sbsettings

Basically, some people are being incredibly unrealistic and will then slam Apple for not being good enough. Clearly they don't want to switch.

I have an iPhone but recently switched from Android when I had to switch carriers. iOS 5 needs widgets of some kind and better notifications. Swappable keyboards like Swype & Swiftkey would be great as well. The thing keeping me from an iPad right now is that i think it should be differentiated more from the iOS that is on an iPhone and iPod Touch. It should at the very least get widgets and with that vast amount of screen real estate I feel that notifications should be made a lot less intrusive. iOS should also have some sort of built in Voice activated turn by turn navigation like Google Navigation on Android. The Voice Control feature needs to be more robust as well because as of now it's not very useful. The folders setup should be revamped and the lockscreen should be able to show me my notifications as well as information that I would want at a glance such as weather and upcoming appointments. Due to the lack of a notification light, I would love to see the notifications flashed from time to time like the WebOS devices display theirs. Lastly, the mail app should be revised to allow for marking as read w/o having to open the email and allowing different signatures for each email.

Definitely an application similar to "BBM", where iphone users can text each other and know when a message has been delivered/read/and when the other person is typing their response. That is the only thing that has kept me on the blackberry for so long!

Whatsapp doesn't do that (does not say it was read) but LiveProfile does! It's great, free, and has 0 ads!!! It has easily replaced BBM for me :)

It would have to have widgets, live wallpaper, and app tray so that I don't have to have all my apps on my pages(don't care for the folder look). Being able to find apps on my computer and have them automatically installed on my phone/tablet.
Being able to customize my device with a different keyboard.

Very hard to do stability and customizability™ at the same time. The best example has always been Windows (XP or 7 most recently). The more you add to one, the more you take away from the other.

This post sums it up well. NOTHING Apple does can win over an Android user. They are ideologically opposed to Apple products, and use an inferior product for no reason other than it's made by an Apple competitor. They want iPhones, they just can't bring themselves to buy one. It's almost religious.

Ideology may have something to do with it for some people, linux and open source hippy types bu for the vast majority of Android ownersg its about choice of scree size, keyboard, carrier, widges, Google Services integration or dozens of other personalization items. I have a Droid X and I bought a Honeycomb tablet the other day over an I pad 2. You like iphones/I pads and that's great for you but don't shoehorn every other person into that catagory. These are shaping up to be the top 2 operating systems so this war isn't going anywhere. I personally wouldn't switch until at least a 4 inch screen and no iTunes tethering requirement. As for the I pad it kick ass and I almost got one but went with the Android tablet since I'm so heavily into Google services and it integrstes with my phone. Besides I have an iPod touch and my wife has an I pad so we're covered.

That's pretty weird. I owned an iPhone 3G then got the iPhone 4 and now own an Android phone. So therefore your theory is NOT 100% correct at all.
I for one like to customize my phone and do with it what I want it to do not what a carrier or company tells me is best. Rooting even gives you greater ability to customize they way you want it and even gives you software updates before they are released for your phone. I just got bored stiff of iOS and it's lack-luster experience in terms of updates being WAY BEHIND the industry curve and the fact that the UI is so dull and can't be changed much even with JB made me leave.

Amazing that iOS people truly think that all people want an iPhone lol.
I myself have absolutely zero issues with apple, I own a couple apple products myself and I have an Android phone. I'm not going to use an iPhone just because some iPhone zealot thinks that I should use one.

As the owner of a Blackberry, two craptastic Android devices and a iPod Touch, for Apple to win me over to the iPhone, all I want is the device that works on the AWS 3G frequency (1700) so the device can work on carriers like T-Mobile (USA), Wind Mobile (CAN), Mobilicity (CAN), etc....

Wallpaper that scrolls on every page, widgets,a proper notifications system, and scrolling folders to store more than 12 apps.

I left out the reliance on iTunes for activation which was super annoying for me because every other phone that I have ever used is OTA activated and it is annoying that you must use iTunes to set it up because it's not as if it let's you activate another number for the phone on the CDMA version of the phone, thus iTunes activation is one of the useless interactions for me.

That will never happen...and I hope that it never will. Having only one handset to choose from is one of the main reasons why I have an iPhone, all the company's focus is on tha pt handset.

  • Better notifications, it's a pain to have to slide to unlock and enter my pin just to see if I have a message.
  • Multiple email signatures for different email accounts (without jb)
  • Custom email tones for different accounts
  • File explorer and simpler directory structure like Android or Blackberry
  • Ability to attach any type of file to an email, whether I'm composing a new email or replying to one.

- Saving attachments to specific locations for offline viewing (no jb)

As much as I love my iphone 4, it is getting a bit boring looking at the same old icons/setup everyday. I would love iphone 5 (or 6) to have:
1) An option to have either a candybar design or slide out keyboard ala G2 (ya, right, will never happen);
2) Notifications!!! An unobtrusive flashing light signaling new message/call, nothing too garish, and perhaps, as has been mentioned above, a pull-down tab from top of the screen with current status updates;
3) Lock screen info without having to jailbreak;
4) I absolutely love Swype. For some reason I cannot type very well on the iphone's keyboard any more. It would be nice to have a few keyboard options.

You're kidding, right...? You have TONS of apps for that... WhatsApp Messenger is just one of them and very popular...

i dont know why people like bbm. its the same as sending a text and there are many apps that do the same exact thing. whatapp ping chat etc. cant you use aim or yahoo instead of bbm ? give me a break with bbm already using a berry if your not a business user is like listening to an 8track tape

With BBM, you can see immediately when someone has read your "text" or is even currently typing a response. So you know immediately whether to go on with your other business or wait a second for a reply. On Blackberry hardware, there is a little colored led light on your phone that lets you know at a glance, without touching it, if you have any messages waiting. And it's free.
It, and Brickbreaker, I have to admit, are the things I still miss from my BBY after a year with my iP4. We use google voice instead now for free texting, and while GV is awesome in that I can also easily participate from my desktop and archiving and searching text history is super easy, the alerts (when you get them) suck to high heaven and refreshing conversations is a pain in the ass.

Kik. Heck, it was so good and close to BBM that RIM banned it for competing with their own app (and giving users an easy reason to switch to another platform). Even does the live notifications.

It would need to have Flash...When I use the internet on my Android, I like how its exactly the same way as if I were to be using a computer.

Flash will Never happen on an iPhone, and why bother anyway....with the release of HTML5 and CSS3 it won't be long before Flash dies a death anyway.
Besides....Steven Jobs has never been a fan of Flash anyway so I wouldn't hold your breath!

Please, CSS3 started development almost 13 years ago in 1998, and you want to tell me that its going to ever hit finished status where developers and everyone starts to adopt it?
And until HTML5 is fully supported in every browser, Flash beats it hands down for a multitude of tasks

I think the issue with Flash isn't it being (debatably) outdated and about to be superseded, but that its performance on mobile devices just isn't very good. It seems to be just about acceptable on the Pre, but on the Android devices that have it it's slow, not all the features work, you can maybe watch Flash video but not play Flash games or animations. I love how iOS's lack of Flash support is this big point against it when it's not really usable on Android either.

Apple really needs to get involved somehow in the cross platform messaging game. I have to carry and iphone and my blackberry just to keep my bbm. I've given up hope finding a IM platform even close to bbm. Apart from that, my blackberry serves no other purpose. Apple, please help me dump it completely.

-BBM...cuz whatsapp sucks in comparison.
-good quick email
-a real message notification system (user defined)
-a reputation switch from being a "sheeple" phone for wannabes & metrosexuals who have lost any ability to think for themselves! lol

Man...if u think LiveProfile has any hope of converting a single bbm user over...then, well I'm simply sad for your lack of a solid grip on decent communication platforms.

micro USB instead monstrous Apple plug. Mass storage mode -> no iTunes dependency & SD memory card slot.
Still, as long Mr. Jobs is at power I will not consider Apple products, no matter how perfect they are. Simply dont like being told what I cant do with device I bought (my device?). I can decide for myself.

LOL....Apple, as a company, has a higher stake than you in their products, and you would rather they be told what they should do with their devices?

I read messages like this all the time and it makes me laugh every time. People take this stuff so seriously. It's not like Apple is telling you how to live your life. It's just a phone for christssake. And I know this is a big investment for some people and they want to squeeze every ounce of value out of it (for example tethering for free TOS be damned, side loading apps, phone acting as mass storage device so getting music from all types of "sources" is not restricted). But to many Apple users they are paying for more than the phone. Problem with your phone? Bring it into the Apple store and they will probably replace it, no questions asked. Want to learn how to use the phone? Go to any Apple store and take a class for free. The caviat is you have to play by their rules. There are many people who don't care about getting music and apps from other "sources" and are willing to pay because they think the product is worth it (product being the service as well as the phone). My opinion is if a company is willing to provide that type of support the agreement has to go both ways. And if you want to be on your own and hack the sh!t out of your device there is Android and they filled that segment really well.

Nothing :-) Just upgraded from a Blackberry to an Android. Had the Android (HTC thunderbolt) for 10 days, hated the interface and am now extremely happy with my iPhone4. iOS 5 on Monday is just an added perk.

The one thing I miss about my BlackBerry since I made the switch is one that alot of BlackBerry users miss: LED Notification light. I hope the future iPhone's have this feature built in.

Being able to organize/rename my pics/videos in my phone instead of having to go thru the hassle of doing it thru iTunes!!!

  1. Better notifications, especially for email (which has nothing right now)
  2. Multiple email signatures.
  3. Ability to save any file type from an email and then attach to an email (new email, reply, forward).
  4. BBM was nice on BB but I use PingChat now. The toughest thing is getting people to use it. Most people have unlimited texting now so that is what they use. There needs to be an app similar to BBM that every platform can use and that is free without ads. That will probably never happen, though. An iPhone to iPhone communicator would not really solve anything because you would still have to use another app to chat with BB and Android users.

To have more than one form factor (I want a physical keyboard), 4.3"+ screen, Live Wallpapers, not to look like a folder (have an app tray, to have quad core processor, better notifications, good multitasking and openess. iOS is way to closed atm...

It will require detaching off of Steve Job's nipple to own one of his devices. As soon as I can do what I want with my phone that's when I'll go to iPhone. Until then Android it is.

The only thing I would like to see on any future iPhone release is a memory card slot to be able to expand the phones storage rather than having to either delete apps/files/music etc or go out and but a new iPhone with double the storage!

Ok, listen up because here is the reality....
There are people who are still not apart of the tech wave..(My parents) They require the easiest to use hardware (The Iphone) The rest of us are tech savvy enough and are able to navigate the multiple options within the BB software. In fact, the lack of options and ability to customize the Iphone is what keeps BB folks happy on their BB's. So, short answer is, offer more customization options in OS5 while retaining the simplicity that allows my parents to use your phones.......And, if you want to toss an Iphone 5 my way in exchange for this invaluable tid bit, that would be cool..

Lets see...... Open-ness, open app market, availability to sideload apps, widgets, flash, customizability, Android 2.4 Ice Cream sandwich, and some future version of sense (Sense 4.0?). As this will probably not happen, It's a good thing that I'm content with my D2G.

I don't imagine he's being sarcastic. Whether an Android purist or an anti-google mongler, Sense is hands down the best OEM skin for Android. There's no arguing that.

Well, I'm a former BB, WinMo 6.5, & Android user (in that order), currently using an iPhone 4 and am generally pretty happy with it. But now the new Android phones are starting to look better and better, especially that Samsung Galaxy S2. So for me, the question is "What would it take for Apple to keep me on the iPhone and not switch back to Android?" Pretty much what everyone else has been saying: A proper notification system, independence from iTunes, better file management, and a 4" screen would do it for me. Otherwise I might just import an unlocked Galaxy S2 and be done with it... Anyway, there's no point in kicking those proverbial dead horses around any more, as they're starting to stink and everyone's tired of them. LOL So I'll leave it at that. Next week should be interesting... PEACE

why are you apple heads posting replies to what people are listing they want in there iphone? the thread isnt for you to disagree or express your opinions at what we post we want..just cant resist can u

I'm a recent iPhone user coming from a DX. Not sure if my opinion is relevant, since I did make the switch already. I miss widgets, though. And notifications. And Swiftkey. If iPhone ends up with any of these options, I'm committed to staying. As of right now, I'd go back to Android if their music management was better.

Well, you're not gonna worry about that very soon, as AT&T bought T-Mobile, and, well, Apple's iPhone have always worked on AT&T....

Can you android users just tell me what do you understand by an open OS? Because I really can't see why android users say they won't buy an iPhone because of Apple's "closed" environment, but what can Android do that iOS can't????? You could say widgets, but jailbreak is for that! You could say themes, but jailbreak is for that! You can say flash, but: 1 - Skyfire is for that! 2 - You guys know flash sucks on android phones and tablets, it's just too buggy and makes the browsing experience terrible! So if you buy an iPhone 4 and jailbreak it, you won't be missing anything, and you would even be able to get a lot more apps.

I was a died hard blackberry user but after I used my friends iPhone it was all over...I couldn't wait for Verizon to get it....and now I have my very own...luvn it!!

Here goes:

  1. Ability to change message/email sounds depending on which account or perhaps contact it's associated with.
  2. Notifications updated so you can see whats waiting for you without unlocking. Currently I get an email tone but unless I hear it I have no notification to say I have an email if the screen is locked!
  3. A folder structure where I can save pictures into folders I've created and can create on the phone. Also be able to save documents and save them into sep folders. I hate the way pics and video all save under the same folder! I want to be able to create a folder on the fly and name it then move selected videos into it. I took some videos today and copied them off the iPhone in order to name them and the only way to get them back is to add them via iTunes! I don't want videos of my drunk mates in my iTunes library! And I can only label them as movie or tv show!

Forget the numbers! ....give me the option to record lesser quality video so I can email it quickly! It doesn't always need to be 720p.
Let me attach a file to an email from the email app itself obviously when apple allow us to save documents and other files. Also allow me to copy documents to my iPhone like my CV so I can keep it on here and email it when required! Update the weather app so the icon on the homescreen shows your current temp/conditions for a default city instead of the static 25c we all have!! Allow us to invite people in the calendar app so I can invite people to items I create.....this can go on forever and if any of these are already possible sorry and please tell me how!?
Oh how about a password keeper inbuilt like the bb. Oh and can the calendar app have a custom repeat schedule!? If I want to app a reoccurring appt every 3 months I have to do it via the google calender webpage and let it push to my iPhone!! Honestly this can go on forever

1) unobtrusive notifications PLEASE!!!!!, like webOS or Android
2) Better hooks for VoIP apps like Bria, Viber or skype wich are kind of buggy to answer. Why can't they work like facetime does?.
3) Allow gmail client!!!
4) WebApps that open independently from safary (I hate when using webapps that the tab is left open in safari), also HTML5 notifications if posible.

I'm a webOS user, so naturally I'd love an elegant notification system and a MUCH improved multitasking UI! No matter, though. I'm most likely coming to iOS when my contract is up anyway.

Well they can try and make it more like android and add a green robot. Believe me I'm using a jailbroken iPhone and its nowhere as easy yo customize as android. And flash works great on the samsung galaxy s2, plus you can turn it off so there's no excuse.

If it doesn't have some major changes in notifications and widgets and doesn't change the ugly and boring UI, I'm not even going to bother buying the iPhone 5. I'll switch over to Android.

My contract ending is what it will take for me to ditch my BlackBerry. I've been using an iPod touch 4G since October and find my BlackBerry painful and annoying to use. The only reason I went with a BlackBerry was the option for a data-only plan. This option is gone for all phones now. And BBM is not a feature I'll miss since I never use it. This Mac geek is ready for an iPhone!

For myself the issue isn't really the IOS (although that could be a part of it) but the warranty on the phone and the attitude.
I like open, I love Swype and open and Apple just don't go together.
But more than that here in Israel I have a full warranty on my Galaxy S, breaks send it in get it back 2 days later happy. iPhone breaks send it to Ireland hope it is covered by warranty and maybe get it back 2 weeks later. After the first year no warranty at all end of story. I much prefer two days, warranty for as long as I have the phone and everything is covered.

If iOS 5 doesn't blow me away I'm probably going Android for my next upgrade (July). Please don't disappoint me Apple!

nothing really. other than making ios mpas better. only reason i went with android was there was no iphone on tmobile and the only wp device they had sucked (venue pro should have been sold by tmobile)

I am a former BlackBerry user, and I'm already an iOS convert. But, I miss my BlackBerry for two big reasons. Such as:

  • customizable tone settings (I could make my text/email/calender alert whatever I felt like, whenever I felt like it)
  • THEMES (without having to mod the phone at all - just click and there they are)

And of course the BB's keyboard was awesome. But, iPhone doesn't and never will have a keyboard. Diehard physical keyboard users aren't what the iPhone attracts.

Really there are only 3 things that completely keep me on Android:
1: Google Maps (Android Version is far better than the iphone version)
2: Sound / Notification customization as good as what blackberry has (Android does not natively have this either, but there is an awesome app for it)
3: Customizable Keyboard (Swiftkey and Swype are great examples)
I am a huge apple fan, I have 3 macs, an ipad and would use an iphone if these items were there.

Better restrictions, being able to lock/block folders/individual apps, and keeping folder organizations after unblocking apps. The all or nothing current restrictions are too blunt an object. They lack the (i hate to say it) customization and gracefulness and integration of any other parental restrictions on any piece of technology.
I hate to sound like a stick in the mud, but my five year old has no business playing The Simpsons Arcade. I, on the other hand, have every reason and right to play it. I need to be able to set my restrictions & toggle the whole profile on & off with a gesture and a password.

I am quite happy with my iPhone. And the iOS Platform. I think what keeps me happy is that it just works. I don't have multiple types of devices that use the os so it's design is symbiotic with the device that runs it. It just works with very little effort. And I like having it attached to my iTunes cause if my phone breaks and I need to replace it just Plug it into my computer and with a few clicks it's set up just the way my old one was!

  1. Widgets.
  2. Themes.
  3. A better notification system including lock screen notifications.
  4. The ability to install different keyboards, and switch them on the fly.
  5. A web front-end to the App Store, where apps can be downloaded to the phone directly from the web.
  6. Less reliance on iTunes.
  7. OTA "incremental" updates. I don't want a 660+ MB download of the complete OS again when the change may just be a few KBs.
  8. A folder based file structure/system. Its crazy that you can't create folders or copy/move files between folders. For example, if I save a image from a web page or take a screenshot, it gets saved to the Camera Roll, but I can't even move these images to another folder from within the device itself.
  9. More camera customization settings. In spite of the iPhone 4 having a good camera, the current camera app is very basic and offers almost no photography settings.
  10. Real multitasking.
  11. The ability to have MP3 sounds as ringtones and notifications.
  12. Have different notification tones for SMS, MMS, Emails, Calendar updates, notifications etc.
  13. Better Maps applications. The current Maps application is really starting to fall behind compared to the Maps app on Android. But I do hope Apple sticks with Google for this. I don't think anybody has better mapping data than Google.
  14. A native Gmail app like on Android.

I think Apple has always sold devices with the notion that users just want things done, without the need for any custom-ability or added functionality. However, due to the recent success of Android its obvious that users want more. Users don't mind tinkering a little for that added functionality or convenience.
It should be a cause of concern for Apple that almost all the points mentioned in the posts above are available on Android.
Apple needs to change its mindset to remain relevant for users.

I want Apple to find a way to open up the app store to other devices. Many of the newest and best apps are on iOS, which is frustrating. Apple should've stuck with web technologies for app development (with hardware acceleration) like webOS and Windows 8.
not everyone wants a slab phone that looks like everyone else's. Features from every platform (apps from iOS, bbm, etc.) need to be available cross platform style. I like webOS hardware and software, but not enough apps are worth paying for on Pre 2, etc. Hackability is even better IMHO than Android, and so many great features are built in, but it is lacking a strong user base. And WP7 is cool too, but it's just another ripped off Apple product, basically. Mango will help that platform a lot.

to say that the iPhone is "a slab phone that looks like everyone else's is a stupid comment seeing as how the iPhone was pretty much the first mainstream slab phone thus if the iPhone looks similar to other slab phones, it's because those phones are copies of the iPhone. Plus, there is no way that the Palm Pre or any other phones by Palm/HP has superior hardware to the iPhone 4....

He never said the software is superior; he just said that he likes it more. I have to agree. I've had my original Pre now for 2 years and I still wouldn't grab an iPhone because it looks and feels like an aluminum ice cream sandwich and doesn't have a physical keyboard.
In terms of original form factor, Apple wasn't the first one you ignorant fanboy. In the same time of the year, HTC released the Touch and Toshiba released the G900 (which was 800x480, 4 inches, so it had close to iPhone 4 pixel density in 2007 and was a slab). Apple did not create the slab an nor was the original iPhone anything near to mainstream. If you remember, many people hated it.
As far as the question goes, if Apple creates a good multitasking paradigm (better than the one in WebOS without copying -- good luck), I'd be in. Otherwise, iOS is terrible in terms of multitasking, and compared to future offerings like the WebOS on the Pre3 and Windows 8, is really haphazard.
Regardless, I'm upgrading to an iPad 2 this month ^_^
Gotta love that 9 mm thickness

sorry wrong reply,
when can we get some decent comments controls ? Like edit, delete and notify when replied to ? this site's commenting system is from the 80's

I would prefer to have at least a 4inch screen or higher, but more importantly, full HTML added to my browsing experience.

  1. Integration of apps outside of stock Apple apps. If I want to share a photo, I shouldn't have to open an app in order to do so. A long press in Android brings up every app relevant for sharing.
  2. Simple control of basic settings - I shouldn't have to quit the app I'm running to adjust brightness or turn on wifi.
  3. Ability to replace the stock keyboard. One size does not fit all.
  4. Widgets.
  5. Better Google integration - including access to using Google Wallet.
  6. Improved notifications
  7. More customization options. I don't want to have to jailbreak my phone to apply a theme.

The ability to have a widgets screen before the standard menu screens - swipe to go to Std menu sort of thing! I don't use notificacations - so ask someone else on that... Would be nice if the menu screens rotated like a 3d hexagon, instead of swipe across.... Work on 3GS would be nice too.... Oh, and come with free iPhone 4S.... lol

Apple needs an attitude adjustment before I would buy one of their products. Apple treats consumers and retailers alike as though they are lucky to be able to purchase an Apple product, when in fact Apple should be happy to have consumers and retailers out there willing to partake in their frenzy.

I completely agree. Although, I would describe Apple more as arrogant than anything else. arrogant - making claims or pretensions to superior importance or rights; overbearingly assuming; insolently proud
^ Apple all the way. They need to know that they actually do have competition instead of just ignoring that simple fact. The way they treat consumers (power users at least) is horrifying and the same goes for retailers. They will be crushed in the future if they don't improve, and I really like Apple.

Just to get ahead of the standard responses... there are only 2 types of users that think this is a stupid idea:
1) Never used a device that had one (and don't know what they're missing)
2) Don't use their phone as a communication device, just as a gaming/surfing device.

You forgot about the third kind:
Those of us who have owned a device with this feature (i.e. a Blackberry) and still think it's stupid because we're not too lazy to hit one button on our phone to find out the same info.

Ahh yes, because we all want to be pushing buttons on our device any time we have to leave it for a moment... that's right.
When it's on my desk at work, I go to the printer for 2 minutes and come back. Press the button? Oops, boss called me into his office for a couple of minutes... press button again! Refill my coffee and come back... press button again!
Yes, Apple really got this one right.
With my BB... I only ever have to touch it when I have a LED notification when it's sitting on my desk. No unnecessary and repeated phone checking just to see if there's anything there.
Which of these is the "it just works" solution? Bingo!

I hated the LED... If I was in the middle fo doing something it was there, blinking and driving me crazy. It was really bad when I was somewhere where I could not check my phone, and could just see it blinking, blinking, blinking...

Third party apps
A crap ton better browser, I don't mean android stock browser is amazing, it isn't, but the second and third party ones are
More than one button
A different fan base
And that you don't have to sync up with iTunes to update or back up their phones, even you guys have to admit that it's inconvenient as all hell
Micro usb
Mini hdmi
Open sauce
Custom launchers
All 2 ghz of the a5 chip, no clocking down
A different marketing campaign
Oh yes and app development that doesn't require a fricken mac
A bootloader
And I hate to say it, because it makes me look like a dick, or that I'm 'ignorant' or something, but I'd really like it not to be an Apple, both on the principle that I believe their products suck, but just everything about Apple makes me angry and feel a little sick

I think for the overwhelming majority of Android users, the two things that would convince them to get an iPhone is 1: a significant price drop and 2: most importantly (and ridiculously) for it not to be made by Apple.

I think that your second point is spot on (along with the fact that most android users who would never switch to an iPhone are "nerds" who like to be system administrators on their devices).

Why price drop? You're going to be paying $30-40 for a data plan for 2 years on any smartphone you buy anyway. $200 seems like a sweet-spot, and in comparison to other Apple products ($999 for a netbook haha) is amazing.

I'd need a better maps program and voice comand integration, also I want text to reformat and wrap around when viewing a website like it does on my htc sense browser so I only have to scroll up and down, not side to side.

*Drag and drop and other iTunes freedom
*An button that says I understand that if I use app outside the App store I am responsible for what happens and the ability to do so.
*Faster hardware (more ram and proc.)
*Standards:Micro USB, DVI, etc
*More format support out of the box
*Changeable battery (ok not an OS issue)
*Better notification system
*Option to change Launcher
*Wifi access point
*Less fanboys -especially in the media- (yes also not a OS issue, but fanboys are annoying and they also prompt companies to not bother fixing large problems like the ones listed above.

I'm glad there's an intelligent list here...all these issues can be solved easily, like another company besides Apple making the about we get some realistic suggestions.

Seriously, better notifications, and get rid of itunes or have an alternate source of backing up and I may switch from my evo to iphone.

  1. Designated camera button on the side - For the ability to take a quick photo.
  2. Removable battery - Some of use are power users and like to use 2 batteries.
  3. Notification icons/system - I hate how the a SMS notification will interrupt what you're doing and make you choose to reply now or later.
  4. Removing the home button - Add multigester swipes or motions and add more screen space. I don't see the purpose of the home button.

I understand that this is for non- iPhone users who are sharing what features they think are most important to them in their decision in switching * inhales * however ... I went from a Windows Mobile phone in 2008 and never looked back. I even find it hard to look at android phones because I know from using an iPhone ( with an iMac, which I had before I got am iPhone ) the experience is unified. The data on my iMac and iPhone are identical.

I understand that you have a limited veiwpoint on this issue, because you've been with apple for three years now. But with android all of your settings, contacts, calander dates, and applications are synced to your google account, that you can access anywhere. With android the cloud is built right into the OS, not so with itunes, you have to sync it to your computer. Try an andoid phone for a week, you'll be suprised.

Dropbox and Google Music work great to sync my files and music between my Droid and my Macbook. I don't even miss iTunes at all. (Former iOS user)

The only things that could get me to switch over is:

  1. Built in Cloud Sync
  2. Bigger screen (at least 4 inches, preferrably 4.3)
  3. Notification LED
  4. Freedom to install what apps I want to install (Without jailbreaking)
  5. Less babying by apple, I don't need someone telling em what apps to download and how I should use my device I payed for!
  6. Widgets that actually work right
  7. Better notification system (Like androids or EVERYONE else!)
  8. Flash player (You don't realize how nice it is until you have it ;))
  9. The ability to choose a REAL web browser of MY choice!
  10. Custom launchers and themes (without jailbreaking and voiding the warrenty)

I am sure I forgot some, but those are the major ones.

Honestly, nothing can replace the droid user experience. I love my phone and it's easy hackability, the only thing that would make me switch over is if HTC produced it. You know that they release they're source code the week after releasing almost every high end android phone? I have so many Rome to choose from it's almost disgusting. I love my iPad but I will never switch to an iPhone.
Also the keyboard is great, but auto correct on iOS is a load of bs. And so is tapping to move the curser when you type. it takes too long, and isn't very accurate.

I've used a BBerry, a Pre, a WinMo 6.5 (no 7 for me) and now an Android. I also own a 2nd gen iPod Touch. Here is my iOS change list:
- Eliminate need for iTunes sync (I have not once liked iTunes, I'm a WinAmp man)
- WebOS notification system (including custom sounds and a light)
- Add Widgets and the ability to have empty spaces (i actually like to see some of the wallpaper)
- Make 3 physical buttons instead of 1, a Home, a Back and a Search, like WP7
- Let me use a different web browser (i dislike iOS's more than all others but BB's)
- For gods sake, actually make an the multitasking an experience that is fluid (same problem in all but WebOS)
- The BIG one that many dont seem to talk about, let me Mount my device as a normal storage device, not just sync with iCrap... iTunes...
I have always liked Apple's hardware but have never ever liked their software, both iOS and Mac OS. If I could take a 3-button iPhone 4, put Android on it, make it multitask and notify me like WebOS, I would be in smartphone heaven. And I would think many others would agree.

Nothing really, there's a market for everybody. I prefer blackberry for the instant push email, bbm, qwerty, shortcuts and data compression for when I'm roaming. 1kb to send and receive a text bbm, 1024kb in 1mb, I'll let you do the math. I navigated using google maps while roaming for one hour non stop and used less the 3mb.

I, personally, don't ever see myself leaving Android. But IOS is a very simple, clean OS. But seeing some Widgets and more customization would be nice.

For myself? nothing. The only reason I have iTunes is because I was given an iPod as a gift. I prefer Winamp (as someone else stated)
That being said, my primary experience is with BB's OS. I've played around with a few friends iPhones and I just didn't feel drawn in. It felt... awkward?
However, I'm sure if I owned the newest hardware and OS from each major player, I could find stuff I liked and disliked about each. Each is designed to cater to a certain customer demographic (not just age, but interests, needs, wants, etc). Even if it were possible for me to make a "mash-up" of all the good stuff from all the different smartphone's OS, doesn't mean MY version would be THE BEST. I like BB. Next I'm probably gonna go Android. Not overly impressed with iOS, and Win7 Mobile... well I'm gonna give it a bit more time to grow and mature.
You say tomato, I say....

The ability to sideload apps
Flash support (sure sure, Flash is dead, long live Flash)
The ability to use different loaders/desktops
Other browsers
MUCH better security
different form factors
elimination of objective C as the development platform of choice
The iDevices aren't a bad lot of phones/mp3 players/tablets. They're just not enough for me. Having used a BB, an iPhone and an Android, the Android wins hands down for me. If Apple releases some of their grip on the devices, I might even go back to writing software for them again.

I just recently came over from Android. While I loved the Android platform, the hardware is always cheap and crappy. Nothing compares to the iphone's beauty. My main desires coming from Android:

  • The notification system is atrocious.
  • Google Maps navigation on Android is sublime. I wish Apple could make that happen.
  • Being able to load a tethering app without the monthly fees is a huge advantage on Android.
  • Live desktop widgets would be nice.

I am on my 2nd(and likely last) blackberry.
I do LOVE bbm, but it's not a dealbreaker like some people, especially since only a few of my friends have bbm.
the thing I would really like, and I'm not sure it's really and OS issue(it's not) would be 4G/LTE. Again, not sure it's a deal breaker, but it's a nice to have. When my contract is up in a few months, I will probably go iPhone over android because of the lack of verizon bloatware, and also build quality of apple products.

Why would anyone voluntarily leave freedom for prison?
Sorry but I can do WHATEVER I want with my Android phone. My wife couldn't even "legally" change her wallpaper with her iPhone until recently. And even then Apple only allowed it because they knew users were sick of being held down.
The numbers tell the whole story. People want freedom. They are tired of Apple telling them what they can or can't do with their phones so they are moving on. Again, the numbers don't lie.
If Apple honestly want people to leave a Android they must allow owners to "OWN" their phones. Get rid of iTunes dependance. Allow me to run flash if I choose to. Allow developers to create apps that compete with apps made by Apple. Most may prefer the Apple app but some will like features offered by the other app. Its all about options and choice.
I originally owned an iPhone. Jailbroke it as soon as I got frustrated with Apple's demands and how closed the system was. I've been with Google and Android since the G1 and have seen how much a platform can grow and prosper because of freedom.
I will NEVER leave Android for Apple. I've been with Android since the beginning when we were underdogs and now that we're at the top I have no intentions of jumping to go back to the same company that drove me away with their Nazi attitude.
BTW, still no expandable storage?

Just switched from BB to iPhone and overall, I think it's a great device. I do miss the LED notification. Also (and this is not Apple's fault), the corporate software (i.e. Good) really needs to step up its game. The integration between the corporate and the rest of the device just flat out blows.