UPDATED: Dear Apple -- Where Are All the iPhone 3.0 Push Notification Apps?


UPDATED: Dominik Balogh from PoweryBase, developers of the iPhone 3.0 Push Notification-powered NotifyMe reminder app wrote in to let us know:

We have just received (now, sunday morning in Cupertino) an apology from Apple App Store Staff.

It's looking more likely that Apple is working behind the sc

ORIGINA: Sure, some have trickled out of the App Store during the last week, but given the high profile iPhone 3.0 release, and given that we know some high profile push-enabled apps were submitted to the iPhone weeks ago, TiPb has to wonder -- where are all the Push Notification enabled apps?

Due to server load and battery life, is Apple putting them through even more stringent and lengthy reviews? Is there some concern about Apple's Push Notification server load capacity so they're releasing them a few at a time so as not to suddenly have a MobileMe-style post-launch crash? Or are they just more seemingly random victims of the still-opaque, ever mysterious iPhone App Store review process?

Hopefully it's reasons #1 and #2. We can handle minor delays now to ensure solid apps on a solid push platform going forward.

But please Apple, keep developers in the loop and -- hey! -- throw us a bone. Or push us a notification. Something.

Meanwhile, which Push Notification app are you waiting for the most?

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Reader comments

UPDATED: Dear Apple -- Where Are All the iPhone 3.0 Push Notification Apps?


most at the moment is hey where are you with my friend, useful if more people get it.
also tap tap challenges, not really much else alot enabled but its all just other challenge apps which don't have anyone to challenge such as leaf trombone and star defense

thought it said which are you using most, im waiting for im+ wish i'd bought beejive

Beejive here or IM+... hmm I dind't know skype needed push.. I wish they would add conference calling to the mobile device though

Finally a post about this "delay". Like everyone else, i'm waiting for beejive, even though i'll try the first IM app with push out.

Seriously, I'm getting rather tired of all the foot-dragging from Apple on this issue. How long have we been waiting for Push?! I thought it was going to be coming along shortly when I bought my iPhone 3G a year ago, and it was a major selling point for me. This just seems like one more attempt at stalling.

Apple has apologized to us for unexpected additional time needed for our NotifyMe.
It's very possible that all development teams of Push based apps have received the apology as well. Notably ESPN ScoreCenter, BeejiveIM, AIM, IM+ and others.

@ heyart
Same list. Even Tweetie/Tweetdeck as I use both and want at least one to start pushing ASAP!

Facebook! I downloaded their 3.0 compatible version and checked settings immediately for push.
And... Where are all the porn apps? I bet even a more numerous user population is waiting for those.

obiously beejive and face book
but where the poo is all the peer to peer gaming i want to bloody play the ngmoco:) first person shooter

Dear Rene Ritchie,
Fuck you and everyone who bought an Iphone but thank you for your purchase. We will be launching more push notifications when we feel like it. Until then hold on to your panties and calm down.

I'm waiting for IMAP mail push. I have four email accounts and only my aol accounts are fetch. I've had my aol account for 15 years so I'd never get rid of it.
I love the idea of the Twitter @reply push. That would be great.

Screw all that!
Where is Google Latitude for iPhone? That's the only reason I wanted 3.0.

I'm absolutely dying for an RSS app with push. Someone PLEASE tell me that someone is working on this?

I want AIM, Facebook and Tweetie!
You figure AIM would have it out already since they had a demo almost a year ago...

I look forward to AIM, Meebo, or a really good and cheap IM app to use the service. I also wish Tweetie and Facebook would use it as well. iPhone would feel more complete if these apps had Push Notifications

@ Mashono - you don't need to exit the Facebook everytime you want to check if there's new Notifications. You just shake the phone and it refreshes...(just in case you didn't know). But still, they do need to put Push on it too!

IM+ / Palringo (Beejive is overpriced as HELL).
Facebook (badges, not alerts)
Twitter (badges, DEFINITELY NOT ALERTS.. That would be PNS hell).

@Adam at full price i agree but i think the $10 tag it has now is reasonable. really elegant mobile im. has anyone heard anything about a twitter app that's supposed to get push? as far as i know nothing has been submitted

@Tony every app should have push. It's up to the user to enable it for each app anyway.
If every app had push at least there is the option to use it for people who want it.

I have heard there are going to be serious problems with developing a push Twitter app. I am not sure of all the details.

I hope they are not playing us like att and just not telling us, available on all the good apps later this summer

What I would like to see:
Facebook (configurable notifications)
MLB at Bat (would be awesome to get a push notification when your favorite team scores)
PayPal (get notified when payment is received)
WeatherBug (get notified for severe weather alerts)
GasBuddy (get notified when your favorite gas station price changes)

maybe all of those cept Gas Buddy MPIIIMan. I just check it before I go to get gas.. I don't need to know the prices when I don't need to go get gas

Push apps I want the most? ...

  1. Beejive IM
  2. Twitterrific & TwitterFon (I use both)
  3. Newsstand or Byline (I use both as my RSS reader)
  4. Bank of America (I'm hoping they implement it so I can get a badge every time there's a new transaction on one of my cards. It's possible right?)

That's pretty much it.

@ Andy Why google lattitude? We have all ready HeyWAY with push.
And QuickPegion - wery nice push app.
Corse, IM needed. Palringo is coming…

Apple has reallydropped the ball here. I was excited for iPhone 3.0 but I have used zero or the improvements. Cut copy paste is cool but haven't used it yet and I was waiting for push but there aren't any apps in the Canadian app store that do push!

I really want anything at this point. I don't care. AP News has push, but it kinda sucks. If you just have badges and sounds on then all you get is the sound and the badget; literally. When I opened the app after hearing a sound this morning and seeing the badge nothing was there to see the notification or what it was about. If you turn on alerts it just gives you a headline of what the message is about...but that's all.
This is making 3.0 launch really lame. Barely any updates for apps are coming out and they are all crApps, nothing good. I still can't leave reviews in the app store!

Beejive. At least one Twitter client.
Facebook? Are you on crack? They actually had a new release just yesterday, which apparently only added "3.0 compatibility". Oh yay, they recompiled on new libs. Are they actually still paying this application any attention? I was rather hoping they'd fix more bugs and -- oh my gosh! -- maybe even update the News tab so that instead of the poppycock arrangement that's there now we might have a display similar to the /current/ news display in the web site.
I've gotten to the point where I almost don't use the Facebook app at all because I can't get an accurate display of articles in News, so I just bounce into the web app.

@Tom I would add to your point that this has seriously made me rethink upgrading to a 3G[S]. Why bother with the new phone if I will only become even more quickly irritated that features don't work?
Maybe Apple needs a liver transplant.

ESPN Scorecenter.
I have been looking forward to Beejive, but, after testing TextFree with Push, I am going to wait and see. With TextFree, sometimes the notifications come in a couple of minutes, but sometimes they come a couple of hours later. I am hoping this is an issue with TextFree, but if it proves a problem with Apple's underlying push notification service, I am going to take a pass -- if an INSTANT Messenger cannot be instant, there is not much point.

FaceBook, but I would say we will be waiting since FaceBook released their version for 3.0 last night and there is no sign of push. Then, I want BeeJive and maybe Tweetie. I hope this push business works out, and soon.

Beejive 3.0 definitely. I check every 5 minutes to see if apple has FINALLY accepted the update but no luck yet.

The new IM+ is, from what I read, going to have push Twitter support. So if you want push Twitter, go check that out.

without a doubt ESPN with push notification...when i can't watch a game i would love for the final score to pop up on my screen

"i check for beejive bi-hourly"
I meet you your bi-hourly and raise you quad-hourly.

Skype for me too. I use it to talk to people in the EU, but its useless unless its running all the time.
As for Beejive? $15? Are you kidding? Way to expensive for what it does.

To wander off topic just a tad.....
Has anyone wandered over to the PowerBase website (linked in the original post) and figured out any possible rationale for their NotifyMe?
What does it do that alarms of Calendar does not do, other than doing it thru the network, for no apparent gain in functionality.

I contacted BeeJive. They said their app. for 3.0 should appear next week. BTW BeeJive is really worth the money.

Yes, Beejive is an excellent app and I am glad I purchased it. But I still dont think an IM service is worth that amount of money.

Did I read somewhere that the majority of App updates go live around midnight on Sundays (PST)? I might be wrong but I thought that was generally known. Hopefully I didn't COMPLETELY make that up!

Beejive 3.0 for sure. I'm a blackberry guy just recently giving iPhone (really AT&T) a second chance after having one for 2 weeks several months ago. Push Notification is the #1 thing that brought me back from Blackberryville. Bring it on dangit! :)

There are numerous issues with 3.0 such as Wifi issues, Safari crashes, and other oddities that I would rather see fixed before push notifications personally but hey, that's just me.
I want my phone to be able to do what it's supposed to do at a base level before I complain about it not doing something it's never done before even if it was "supposed" to have been doing it all along.

@Bill Taroli, I was pretty upset yesterday when I saw the Facebook update. According to the "what's new" section it just says German and French localization. Doesn't even mention 3.0 OS tested anywhere like most other apps do.
I am disappointed in the Facebook app as well at this point. I updated my review a few weeks ago to lower the stars since the iPhone app seems to get no attention now. They change the online layout way too much and the iPhone app hasn't gotten an update in months and has many bugs and it's formatting doesn't even fit with the online version anymore.

What about mboxmail?? Push hotmail would be great? I'm surprised more people don't want this. Am I missing something?

@Joey, probably because most people use MM, Gmail, Exchange, or one of the other "built in" email services that are supported out of the box.

Icebike, wtf are you talking about? Notifyme is a Todo app! The iPhone does not have its own Todo app, and 3rd partirs cannot set alarms internally, so Notifyme is using a workaround, that is not perfect cause alarms won't work if you have no data connection.
To the guy that said we won't gonna see Twitter apps with push soon, you're wrong, there's at least one that was submited.
Regarding apple not managing to fully launch push after a YEAR of promises, there is a name for that: FAIL NOTIFICATIONS

@Antonioj: A ToDo app that triggers on specific dates is nothing but a calendar app, pure and simple. There is nothing this app does for you that a Calendar entry could not do.
@Michael Denney:

There are numerous issues with 3.0 such as Wifi issues, Safari crashes, and other oddities that I would rather see fixed before push notifications personally but hey, that’s just me.

Agreed that there are lots of bugs.
But I don't see 3.0.1 coming anytime soon, because most of the bugs are minor. I think we are going to have to live with these problems till September time frame.
I don't think its the same Apple developers working on getting push apps into the app store as fixing the OS anyway.

Haha, and here I thought I was the only weirdo constantly checking for beejive updates...
I have noticed that the beejive yahoo mail pushing this week has sucked though, not sure if it's beejive or yahoo at fault.
I'm a bit interested in notifyme now, after seeing the site and info on it, plus I'd like a good news app with push as well, not a big fan of AP mobile even though it now has push.

yahoo's push in general have been sucking for me this weekend so far.. half the time i'm not getting anotification at all the rest it's a couple minutes after I get a message.... I get an alert when Yim is running on my laptop. But it's always been pretty sketchy.. if you want beejive to notify you instantly email your sms instead of yahoo.... on Att it's yourphone#@txt.att.net .. works pretty good for me

Most heavy todo users (I am not one, but have supported them in the past) want their todo entries separate from their calendar. You could fake much of it on the calendar, but the todo items can obscure what you are actually doing on that day/time, and there are some awkward mismatches. Are you free or busy when the calendar hits "ToDo Clean Kitchen?" Do you really need to do it at 3:30PM-5:00PM, or just get to it at some point during the day? Doing it on the Calendar would also not provide you any feedback about overdue tasks, since, once the date is past, you either have to reschedule the Calendar event, or it is gone.
Many todo users also want both categorization (which you could emulate using multiple calendars, I suppose) and prioritizations (P1/P2/P3), and I doubt you could differentiate your todo items in multiple dimensions using the Calendar app.
That said, I am not sure how well NotifyMe fills those needs, either, but those are a few things a pure Calendar workaround does not help. A native todo list that does not rely on external push certainly would be nice...


not a big fan of AP mobile even though it now has push.

The latest version of the AP app has become absolutely unusable. It takes nearly 30 seconds from launch till current content is shown. When you do get a notification, it is not at all obvious which story it pertains to.
But mostly its just DOG slow.
On a 3G phone using wifi:
New York Times = 6 seconds from launch to current content.
USA-Today = 6 seconds from launch to current content.
Google News (web link) = 6-12 seconds from launch to content.
AP = 29 seconds from launch to current content
Maybe faster on a 3Gs.
Any nominations for a good new reader that is not just an aggregater? I have Google News and Google Reader for that functionality

Yeah what I ment was going out of the app to check other stuff and go safari lol. I know about the shake to reload but thanks for the tip! If I leave the app I want to
be notified when someone leaves a comment so I don't
have to wast time checking it again and again haha.

Pretty much the same list as everyone else: Beejive, Facebook, Twitteriffic, ESPN Scorecenter.

Like most here, Beejive. I bought it because of the announced submission of push notification version to Apple.

So, now i ask, is it weird that NotifyMe is no longer listed in the app store? WTF is going on here?
It's like a shitty episode of the Twilight Zone.

It's a "Battle Royale," with an E. And it's pronounced just like "Royale with Cheese," in Pulp Fiction.

@Sting7k: The built-in gmail is still Fetch only, which wears on battery life and/or potentially creates a significant delay in the notification of new emails. At this point, the iPhone is basically the only smartphone WITHOUT push gmail, and it's sad.

Icebike, all my other smartphones have todo list apps, that can use alarms. Iphone, does not. Notifyme will finnaly alow that

Also, why isn't the App Store application push-enabled? We still have to open it to see what apps are available for upgrade. Inconceivable!!! ;-)

Twitter apps are unlikely to be getting push (at least the free ones), because of the way push works. In order to create a push application for Twitter, you would need to run a server which took Tweets (via the Twitter API) and promptly sent them to Apple's Notification Server. You'd need to do this for every owner of your app - and that would amount to a fairly hefty investment in servers/infrastructure, as you'd have many thousands of users to look after.
If Apple allowed background processing, this wouldn't be an issue - all the polling for new tweets would be done at the app level. But with a PNS model, it has to be done server-side, which makes it a potentially expensive and complex service for someone to provide.

chill down people...apple is just making sure their network is 110% ready...do you really want a vista experience and have apple release it and it suck? then you hate it and do nothing but complain about it?? no just let apple give the final touches...i cant see it being more than past june before all push apps are up...including beejive:)

Could someone please say why beejive is so special when its look like fring and frankly at least fring support skype while beejive doesnt !!

@ajlp09 I am honestly tired of waiting on Apple, we were promised Push notificatons over a year ago. It isn't as if Apple just started working on their servers the day 3.0 came out, they should have had all of this stuff done and ready to roll by the time the 3.0 upgrades were ready released. Apple is a poor smartphone maker, I love the iPhone but this delay is similiar to some of the stuff Microsoft pulls when they release new software

I'm waiting on Facebook & IM+
For those of you who want Gmail push you have to set it up manually using imap. Using the iphones built in gmail setup only gives you pop3. This has always been available, I set mines up as soon as I realized the default setup only gives you fetch.
On the iphone go to add account and choose other. Then fill out the fields. You can find the necessary info in gmail settings under imap/forwarding.
Good luck.

beejive 3.0 is out...only on iphone app store right now...but im sure it will be on desktop soon!!! its great

i alreayd downloaded beejive 3.0 on my jailbroken iphone 2g and everything works great exept push notification please anybody knows about this or having same issues?

I updated and boy, it it crashy! It crashes every few minutes. I'm going to delete and re-install. Ugh! Oh, and Push is working and it's wonderful!

xdrylandx, your suggestion will still not enable Push. If you go into the data retrieval settings you will see that Push is still not a selectable option for that email account.

The Beejive push update is now available :). I just updated mines. Unfortunately it's 3AM and all my friends on my buddy list are asleep so I can't test it out :(

@betobenaH, I had a jailbroken iPhone 2G and experienced the same problem. It seems push notification does not work on jailbroken iPhone 2G and it is not limited to BeejiveIM.

For all those who are saying Iphone does not have push for gmail, you are wrong! You have to set up your gmail account through exchange and you will get a choice for push and syncing your calendar and contacts.

How do you set up Gmail through exchange? any tips or web site links would be great - Thanks!

Gamekeeper999, the exchange setup for gmail only works to calendar and contacts, not mail. It is explained right here:http://www.google.com/support/mobile/bin/answer.py?answer=138740&topic=1...
Note: Mail sync is not yet supported. You may receive error messages if you attempt to turn on Sync for Mail.
So from what I can see there is no Gmail Push since after you setup your gmail account using the Other option (not Gmail) when setting up a new account, you only get the option for Fetch, no Push.

It actually just stopped working today. I finally got an error message when from my gmail account. For the past week or so I had gmail through exchange and it was pushed to my phone fine. I guess they might have supported it for a test or something. Sorry guys

i know everybody says Gmail isn't pushing to iPhone, but mine was. Key word, was. I had it set up just like normal, through the pre-set "Gmail" thing in the Mail settings, and after the 3.0 firmware update on my 3G, push was working just fine with Gmail, App Store, etc.
However, I then sold my 3G and bought a 3G S, and push has not worked once, even though it comes loaded with the 3.0 update. So WTF?