Dear AT&T: Summer's Over, Where's our MMS and Tethering?

The minute our iPhone calendars turned from August 31 to September 1, TiPb's email box started getting many colorful variations of "Summer is over, where's our [redacted redacted redacted... redacted!] MMS and tethering!

While Apple showed off the front-end for MMS and tethering back in March, released it along with iPhone 3.0 in June, and most of the rest of the world has been enjoying it ever since, AT&T is a notable, and increasingly infuriating exception. Late summer (and when is that exactly?), and that it will be no extra charge, is all they've said. And whether you personally would use MMS or not, right now you don't even have that choice.

We've heard all the excuses, from AT&T's network can barely handle the iPhone as-is, and MMS and especially tethering would bring it, crashing and burning, to its knees, to a rumor that AT&T had to manually turn on MMS for every single iPhone account on their system. We've also heard it may be announced as part of Apple's September 9th event. That would be very late summer indeed.

But that's all we've heard. There's been no update from AT&T that we can find, no attempt to keep their users in the loop, no expression of sympathy for the frustration their users are voicing (or emailing us!). AT&T is being almost Apple-esque in their lack of communications and for a company that's in the communications business -- and is charging high monthly rates to its consumers -- that's just not good enough.

Is it?

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Rene Ritchie

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Dear AT&T: Summer's Over, Where's our MMS and Tethering?


Need to friggin' relax? A $20 phone on their network has this capability. They wanted the iphone exclusively, they should be able to handle it, period.

I am so sick and tired of AT&T! Aren't the voices of the customers? I call Att all the time to complain. As soon as I here of a class action suit against ATT, I am joining it!! Enough said.

Let's see they are breaking their contract with me. I pay for unlimited messaging (FYI that includes MMS) for the family and the Samsung Eternity's that my wife and daughter have can send MMS messages but my $300 iPhone can't??? I should be able to cancel my contract and go to a Blackberry on Verizon with no ETF.

Money is being paid, and services should be rendered! Yeah yeah, I know. They said late summer right. This is just not good business practice. Why wait, and if you have a good reason to make us wait, tell us. We're mad as hell because we want what we pay for. No more excuses. Give it up or tell us why!!!!

Where did people get the idea that August 31 is the last day of summer? Some people need to go back to grade school.

I had contact AT&T 'cause my visual voicemail doesn't work and I also spoke to them about the MMS situation and they told me that the summer is not over yet. It is over Sept. 22nd. Go figure...

You're missing the point, all other phones capable of mms have not had any restrictions from AT&T. Why they think that forcing us to pay for a top tier plan and not allowing us to use a pretty standard function is ridiculous.

People have said it already, but Summer isn't technically over until September 22nd. That's the day of the Fall Equinox. I hate to come down on AT&T's side, but technically they have 20 more days. Somehow I doubt they'll make it.

Yes I am frustrated too. And for the people that are saying Summer is over on the 22nd, yes we know that. But AT&T said "LATE SUMMER" Not END OF SUMMER! And YES we are in LATE SUMMER! AT&T blows...

Preaaach Rene!!! ughhh
i hate waiting helll they shoulda just said u might get MMS in a upgrade instead of making us this we would ever get it with the fone!!!!

AT&T has always been "dropping the bar". Does everyone remember how upset and shocked we were when the 3GS was announced and they said "here is a list of providers who support MMS and Tethering:", and we were searching for AT&T.. But didn't find it. Then those words: "AT&T will support it later in the US late this summer." Wow. I was stunned! The iPhone was designed in the US, and we are the only country that doesn't have the main new features!? It's not the end of the world, but AT&T needs to lose the exclusive contract with Apple. I'd like to be able to pick Verizon Wireless, or T-Mobile. Give me a choice! AT&T has gotten lazy, being a monopoly on the iPhone. It's time for some friendly competition to keep them on their toes.

You guys seem to forget that when the iPhone came out it laked the mms feature so there was no reason for AT&T to provide this service. I'm sure apple did not share their roadmap with AT&T. Don't get me wrong I am eagerly awaiting mms on my iPhone but I also understand it will probably happen when os 3.1 releases. Be patient. Mms should have been availible from day one on the iPhone then Im sure AT&T should have offered it day one.

Relax?!? Summer ends the 22nd?!? Verizon mms works fine? Pardon me as I re-frame from redacting (def redact-fluf it up in to something with rainbows) if we relaxs and don't speak our minds then drug dealers will use the iPhone to kill babies and mug the elderly. You guys meaning the earlier post( you people know who you are) are idiots! Viva la revolution

AT&T will get theirs when iPhone exclusivity ends and they lose most of their iPhone customers to, well, ANYONE else. I've got a little under two years left on my contract with AT&T, so hopefully by then verizon is hawking iPhones by then.

I remember all the owners of iPhones yelling that MMS is yesterday's news anyways. Nobody uses MMS anymore. That's what email is for. So why even be worried about it?

Well, Apple announced the first details about the 3.0 OS back in March I think. So my guess is that AT&T already knew back in March that Apple planed to include MMS functionality. They're just not doing much for the iPhone users lately. Maybe it has to do with these financial reports back in June that they loose more money than they gain because they subsidize the iPhone so heavily...theories theories...I'm so glad I'm curently not living in the US:)!

Go read the AT&T forum. What you'll find is that LA, NY and SF are FINALLY seeing 3G 850 lighting up, though it's still a work in progress. But when that's done, they'll finall have some spare capacity to turn on MMS. I think AT&T is holding out as long as they can to buy time for this to be completed. SF in particular has notoriously overloaded towers, and just a couple weeks ago people started seeing 3G 850 on their iPhones, and full bars where there previously were none at all.

I have had MMS working perfectly on my ATT iPhone since the second version of the 3.0 beta. A carrier file tween and some schmoozing with an ATT cust serve tech wad all it took. It can and does work. Not sure what they are waiting for. I barely use it. Only for my non iPhone friends. Prefer to email my pix

My wife and I got iPhone 3gs' for many reasons, primarily the camera functions and promise of mms. We have a son and are constantly snapping pics and vids of him, then having to email them to people instead of just being able to quickly add them to an mms. Sending video over email from the iPhone sometimes doesn't even work. If AT&T cared about retaining it's share of the market once exclusivity with Apple ends, then they ought to start catering to the people who are ready to jump ship once that time comes. My wife and I included

If AT&T knows whats good for them they would have it ready on or before(preferably now) the 22nd. They're probably hundreds of lawsuits in preparation ready to be filed on that day.

Once iPhone is on other carriers in the US, I will be dropping MaBell like a bad habit. Verizon, here I come!

Are you surprised? AT&T? Come on. Just wait for Verizon to get an iPhone and you will see AT&T literally go B/K

I didn't think it would actually take this long, I thought we would have had it crackin in july, maybe its coming with the 3.1 update

Yes I would use MMS and can't wait for it...I am SICK & GODDAMNED tired of these STUPID Login to viewmymessage site with retarded username and passwords no human being can remember and then if you do you get a 1" x 1" picture...ARGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

AT&T are fools. My contract is up next July, and if the iPhone 4G is on any other carrier, peace out AT&T!!

Also sick of seeing viewmymessage. I(like many others) know a lot of people with phones that don't have email capabilities, and very often they can't view pics from messages I send even from my email to their mms address(tmomail, vzwpix, etc) and many times someone would send me an mms and I wouldn't get any viewmymessage notification. It's also not very convenient to have someone always have to enter your email address to send a pic or 2. Most people just go to the most recent text thread for your name and send from there.

Could AT&T be using the wiki definition? Summer runs from 21 Jun to 22 Sep. The Autumnal Equinox does not always begin on the same day, but occurs about a day either side of September 21 (for the northern hemisphere), depending on the year. Of course in AT&T's case--they're using the southern hemisphere which probably means end of summer in that part of the world. LOL...

I usually just email my pics, or directly post them straight to Facebook...
I really have not had a need for Texting them,.
The real need i can see for having iphone MMS for ME at least would be to send other things.. like contact info, Map data etc etc. through text.

Does anyone honestly believe verizon will do any better with the iPhone? The only advantage will be that AT&T will need to get their shit together when they they lose exclusivity. Still though, people look at this like it will make everything better, like verizon will be some sort of savior. Verizon a savior? Wow, that's rich. All of the cell phone companies have us by the balls and they know it. As long as there's early termination fees and such we're pretty much fucked. They know they can get away with what they want for at least two years. And they ALL use this to their advantage in one way or another. Don't kid yourselves. Verizon....sprint....t-mobile...they are are not the promised land. And it is technically late summer until it's fall .

I think when they do give us mms we should do an email chain letter to get every phone owner on ATT to send a mms message at the same time, just to see if we'll still have more bars in more places.

I personaly can't wait for verizon to get the iPhone either. Not because I will be leaving AT&T because I actually left verizon last year for AT&T and I have had a much better experience. But I want verizon to get the iPhone so people will actually start bitchin about how bogged down the network is and this and that. AT&T is actually trying believe It or not and I believe they now have one of the most stable networks around. Sure they are really taking their time on mms and I have no idea why because it worked on my last AT&T phone before I got the iPhone.

And also if your gonna say how I know they are trying just a week ago the letters beside my bars went from an E to a big ol 3G :)

Ok. yeah it would be great to see the iPhone on Verizon, but there 3G network isn't as robust as AT&T's sad to say. I was a apart of Verizon last year. I found that browsing on the internet was always slow when I had the LG Dare. Anyways since over 300,000 people in this country have an iPhone on T-Mobile I would not mind to see Apple drop the iPhone on T-Mobile, but before this I would like to see T-Mobile increase there 3G coverage. The G1 loading pages fairly quick on T-Mobile's network. As for MMS, its not the end of summer until the 22nd. AT&T has less then 20 days left to show some MMS love. Surely they won't give it to us last minute. I really think next week MMS and OS 3.1 will be announced and possibly available in this month. I myself have grown use to sending pictures through emails but now I just want to send pictures the right way.

Has anyone even bothered to, I don't know, just email things instead? Is all this foot stomping and tantrum throwing really worthwhile when we pay 30 bucks a month for unlimited data that should be fully utilized with an email account to courier all media to our friends? I realize I'm missing the point (AT&T really needs to get on the ball) but seriously, is the extra two steps needed to share photos really worth the exhaustive anger?
On a related sidenote, my guess is a vast majority of iPhone users won't switch carriers when/if exclusivity ends with AT&T. Regardless of what threats are being thrown around, I think most are too lazy to switch, and I doubt the grass is that much greener on the other side.

As of 5 minutes ago, I now have no network AT ALL. Maybe it's the fires here in LA, or maybe they whole thing just crashed.

As soon as there is an acceptable alternative I am through with ATT. I have had Sprint and Verizon years each in the past and switched for one reason or another but can say that the reception even in major coverage areas are pitiful in comparison for ATT and their lack of concern for the customer is un-forgivable. As long as I remain with them has nothing to do with my contract which is past anyway and in no way has to do with loyalty to ATT. The one and only reason that I stay is because I was with Cingular before ATT took over and I like having the rollover minutes. If it wasn't for the rollover minutes I would be gone and never return to ATT. Merely waiting for something comparable.

MMS is a really fun feature. iPhone users have become accustomed to simply emailing photos, for me I don't like that. I want the person I am sending the photo to to receive it instantly, not when they check their email. Most of my friends and family don't own phones that have email clients but they do have MMS.
I will definitely use the MMS feature when AT&T decides to let us use it but I'm not extremely pissed off about it either. For everybody saying 9/22... that would be "End of Summer" and we are being told "Late Summer." But again, whatever, they've pissed a lot of people off this go around.
I'm used to putting up with Apples BS because I've been a customer of theirs for a pretty long time. Everybody should just "breathe in" and "relax, relate, release." It will be ok.

By the way, I also have unlimited Laptop tethering on my account at over $50 a month for this feature alone. I would buy the Iphone 3gs if it had tethering but the way ATT cares about it's longtime customers by not releasing tethering or even responding to our concerns has me looking at the next best alternative to their Iphone. Maybe the Palm pre or the HTC Touch Pro2.

MMS is a waste of time I have had it on Rogers for a couple months now and never can I imagine a time when I would actually have a picture that I want to send to someone badly enough that I would want to use this...I must say just e-mail it to them they will get it eventually its not like if they can't get it this second the world will be over. I think that as typical americans you all are just looking for something to complain about as usual. Maybe a good strategy would be to find a friend outside the US and e-mail them the picture so they can MMS it to your friend for you HAHAHAHAHA!

I pray to God that Apple ends the iPhone exclusivity with AT&T next year. Maybe all the people leaving AT&T will reduce the strain on its network and help the experience for the remaining users (those of us who will wait out our EFT before leaving).

I'm about to switch to a Sprint phone. I can get a SmartPhone from Sprint that tethers. I travel all the time and Hate having two devices. Smarten up AT&T.

The second Verizon gets the iPhone I'll pay the early cancellation fee and bone the F out. Sick of AT&T's subpar voice / data service. Hopefully AT&T will deliver at least MMS before the end of Summer. Can't wait to see how many people jump ship once the exclusive contract with AT&T is up! I hope it's millions of lost customers! F AT&T. Janky F'ers!

I said goodbye to att and my iphone 3gs, My tmobile account with the mytouch works great, and it has mms. Plus isn't costing as much. The iphone now doubt is great, Att is shit though


I don't know that I would use MMS so I'm not too concerned about it being released, other than the fact that it was promised and they should deliver.
I'm more concerned what it's going to do to the network when it's activated. As was stated earlier, the network is already overloaded and I haven't seen any improvements recently. I can often do things faster on Edge than on 3G. Sometimes, where Edge is strong, there's no 3G signal. Other times, I can turn on the 3G network and try to check email and it just spins and spins. What's the deal? Full bars on 3G and all I get is the iPhone version of the spinning beach ball for the longest time. What is going to happen if they turn on MMS and tethering, people actually use it, followed by a complete clogging of the network?
I want the iPhone on other networks just to free some capacity on AT&T's network. Before I had a 3GS, I didn't realize how spotty their network is. Why is America, once such a powerful leader in the world, so far behind in so many ways now? Competition and capitalism are supposed to be drivers of innovation. Seems with many things (Cell, autos, health care) it just bred inefficiencies, greed and complacency as much of the rest of the world advanced.
More bars in more places? Shouldn't there be full bars in places like the middle of a metro area? Who planned the placement of these towers? I had Verizon for a few years and find that where I could make a call with them years ago, I still completely lack a signal with AT&T several years later. Maybe the government should mandate better coverage…..and no, I’m not in favor of socialism, just regulation to improve things for the benefit of the consumer.

I just heard this release has been pushed back to late winter.
You all should see AT&T's wall on facebook!!!
People are posting about this every minute.

Ha Rene, you've got us all feeding out of the Palm[Pre] of your hand. You can post another article with all it's entirety saying "MMS AT&T?"
and all of us here will go crazy. If we don't get it before the 20th of September, post another article and see of many comments you get.

I am DONE with AT&T the minute Verizon gets the iPhone... I'll gladly pay the early cancellation fee. How much is it anyways? $300?

Nevermind :) Found the info myself. Pasted from AT&T's website:
iPhone Terms and Conditions:
Terms Applicable to AT&T Nation/FamilyTalk® GSM Plans: Credit approval required. Subscriber must live and have a mailing address within AT&T's owned network coverage area. An early termination fee of $175 applies if service is terminated before the end of the contract term. For service activated on or after May 25, 2008 the Early Termination Fee will be reduced by $5.00 for each full month toward your minimum term that you complete. If phone is returned within 3 days, activation fee will be refunded. If phone is returned within 30 days in like-new condition with all components, early termination fee will be waived. All other charges apply. Some dealers impose additional fees.

Haha! I love mms because my friends all have phones without email setup on it. When I share something with them, it would be great If they could see it at that same moment that I sent it, not two days later when they check thier email. I'm not too worried tho, I know AT&T will come thru, I've been with them for 5 years and they always have. Just got my iPhone after using windows mobile for 6 years. It's pretty sweet and will only get better as apple continues to improve the UI. So with that said, people need to just calm down, maybe, just maybe, this isn't AT&T holding us up anymore. Let's see, if I wanted to sent a mms right now, I have no way to do it because my phone doesn't have an option to do it. That's right! It's the UI that doesn't allow it, and the only way to enable it is to update the firmware, and who's responsibility is it to provide firmware updates? It's Apples responsibility! Maybe AT&T is has been ready for a couple of weeks and is just waiting for apple to release 3.1. We'll see.
On a side note, coming from a different platform and having browsed and used forums and instructional websites for a many years now, I've noticed that iPhone users tend to have A LOT more complaints than any other platform. I just don't get it, as if nothings ever good enough. Learn how to develop what you want now, or just be patient till somebody else does it for you, and if it takes a while for you to get it, it's probably because they want to get it right the first time!

Honestly, this may sound stupid, but one of the major reason I switched from Verizon to AT&T crappy service is because the iPhone was finally getting MMS. Although the iPhone 3GS was worth the switch I bought the phone and signed a contract with the expectation of MMS coming in late August (that is what the Apple rep told me).
I also believe that, since I entered into a contract expecting MMS, if they don't deliver, I should be able to break that contract without penalty. (Somehow I doubt that'll actually be the case though)

I hear you on the spotty coverage. Funny, I got my iPhone and next day walked into my office and had trouble connecting a call! Want to know what's even funnier? I've used WM for years and always carried a second phone, a blackberry and Nokia that I would swap between, and NEVER had a problem connecting calls from the same exact location!
Just sayin', maybe it's your phone and not always AT&T's fault. No one is perfect, this includes Apple and it's products.
For the record, I love my iPhone, and is still my first choice because of the direction the development of the phone is taking.

I was at the AT&T store yesterday, and while my roommate was setting up his contract, I looked over the iPhone display there. The demo video highlights picture & video messaging as a key feature. I understand Apple probably supplied the video to AT&T, but it feels like such deceptive marketing for them to promote that feature so heavily when the company is denying it from their customers.

I'm sooooo sick of AT&T and their stupidness I can't see straight! No MMS, then drop calls, poor signal on my iPhone 3G.
I'm sooooo done with them! I've been a AT&T Wireless customer for 10 years at least. But, soon as Verizon gets (Oct. 2009) a phone I really like e.g. Motorola Sholes or BB Storm 2. They can kiss my 5 wireless phonelines GOOD-BYE!

Re: "Sorry, summer isn’t over yet… and there’s no debating it."
My kids lost that debate two weeks ago and they've been back in school since then. School calendars vary from region to region in the US but Labor Day (1st Mon in Sep) marks the traditional end of Summer like Memorial Day (last Mon in May) starts it.

I stopped @Foley's response. Smart guy. That was the first bright response (aside from Bob's :-))...
People don't realize that Apple didn't share their roadmap with all of AT&T. No one except the highest of execs could know about MMS. I will post exactly what I posted on another forum in here on how it's mostly Apple's fault.
[QUOTE=duvi;498110][U][B]Part 1[/B][/U] - I will also let you in on the reason why AT&T is in the position it is in... Apple said they would never get MMS and that it was primitive; email was going to take over. Well, AT&T seeing that Apple wasn't going to add it, not only created a text only package for the iPhone, it also had to remove xyz (can't say what it is) from the back-end to stop those that had family messaging and had an iPhone, but had a different phone on the account allowing them to get MMS. So the system would automatically recognize an iPhone when it would hit the cell tower vs. going by the phone on the account.
[U][B]Part 2[/B][/U] - Apple then says to whoever needs to know (upper management in corporate) that all these features were coming, but guess what? Upper management isn't the ones re-enabling these features and since Apple has all employees (including me) take a training and acknowledge/agree to secrecy, they didn't tell the team (tech) that would enable it or else they would have known it was coming. When the announcement was made, they allowed developers to call in and get MMS enabled while working on adding the feature to the biller for the iPhone. So many "developers" were calling in, they stopped doing it.
[U][B]Part 3[/B][/U] - With the feature code that is going to be added, I believe the effective date will all be the same for everyone so it seems as the switch was flipped for everyone at the same time. This part is speculation, but this is why a lot of people are seeing iPhone MMS PPU codes.[/QUOTE]

This begging for Verizon stuff just makes me crack up laughing.. you guys do know that Verizon sucks right.. yes, AT&T does also.. but Verizon will be no better, and you will be charged the same, if not more from them.. Verizon also has a data by use plan.. so its not unlimited with out the higher end cost.. I promise the iphone will make you use the highest end.. and Verizon also hates(at least it seems to me) wifi, and any type of app store that is not their own. Apple was the one that let the iphone go for 2 years without mms.. stop complaining that AT&T has made you go a couple more months. (I'll actually be glad when iphone losses its exclusive deal, so then I can finally stop hearing people bitch about AT&T all the time, and start realizing.. its not just them that would have these problems)

Some of you people are really dumb, end of summer or late summer is Sept 22, not end of August. And mms is going to be in 3.1 it's a big firmware change, there is an apple event next week and it's been awhile since a beta, they will announce it next week, apple is like clockwork it's obvious it's next week.

I'm expecting MMS at the Apple event next week or there will be lots of complainers. But I don't know why they wouldn't make it a separate announcement, everything next week looks like music.
BUT if Steve isn't doing the keynote. It'd be a good "one more thing" for him to come out at the end to announce :)

What don't people understand? Just because it's September doesn't mean that summer is over. Summer officially ends September 22, if people would actually learn their facts before jumping to conclusions, they wouldn't automatically assume that it's fall because it's September.
Frickin A people. Take a damn chill pill.

Maybe the problem is these phones that don't do email? Why pay for SMS/mms when you can email as part of your data plan? IMO mms is bullshit. IM and email is the way to go? Doesn't AT&T get enogh of our money already without the text charge on top of it? That being said I'll still use the mms whenever they get it rolled out, after all some of my friends still have these cheap ass phones that don't so email/im or they're too stupid to set it up. MMS....what are you living in like 2005? Feh

As a member of a photography company, we work with clients that want many different backgrounds and looks for their ads and products. It may be a month in the making of scouting locations, models, and equipment before the day of the shoot. I am constantly on the run and looking for place and items to use in photo shoots. With many clients, they will leave their cell phone to text pictures right away and see if locations/models fit their look. And knowing instantly can save hundreds of dollars traveling to other locations, recruiting other models, other objects, etc. The rest of my crew uses Blackberry's and android phones to use MMS without problems. Me on the other hand..... I have to hang my head in shame and twiddle my thumbs and hope that we have an email address(sometimes yes, sometimes no). So I would use it daily when AT&T gets their act together.
As much as I love the iPhone, if AT&T announces anymore delays past the 22nd, I'm leaving and never looking back. The iPhone is great, the 3G signal is strong most of the time(Dallas area most of the time), but how can a crappy $20 phone have MMS when this smart phone doesn't?

agree with most - AT&T is ridiculous. People, we don't need to know when the exact last day of summer is and autumn begins- geez! it's the point that they can't get with the program while everyone else can when it comes to anything to do with the darn iphone
i go off on at&t cust serv ppl regularly. makes ya feel a little better - try it!

How come AT&T will not just give us an expected date? The good news is next Summer we can all go to Verizon Wireless. See ya AT&T!

Last time I checked, email was around way before mms, so who's the old technology!? Not my fault I'm trying to make it easier for friends who don't have the budget to include a smart phone + required data plan.

Anyone who uses the word lawsuit regarding MMS'ing and teathering is a waste of human life. I am so sick of people wanting something for nothing. Go out, work hard, and make something of yourself. If not having MMS is so important to you, go get another phone. You are pathetic if you even think of filing a law suite because you can't send a picture via texting. Pathetic losers...
With all that being said, I'm ready for teathering

Seriously? The website says late summer. You have until the 22nd of this month. Why would you bother getting something that you know doesn't have the feature you want, then bitch about it? Idiots. To everyone who knows what late summer means and isn't whining, I respect you. You passed the test, and now you can be our friend.

Whine, Whine, Whine. Everyone of us entered into a contract knowing what was missing from either iPhone or AT&T. It's not like we had something and they took it away.
Here in northern Illinois AT&T works great. What is Verizon going to do differently that you all are so charged up about?
As for summer, meteorlogical summer ended August 31st.

I dont mean to brag but i'm on o2 in UK and mms is great fun:) tomtom carkit was supposed to be out late summer also wasn't it?

Anyone expecting an iPhone on VZW to be better than on ATT needs to remember that Verizon is the company who is just starting to get over being terrified of WiFi and GPS. Good luck with that...

This site is so full of stupid teenagers who simply don't think.
Chew on this. In order for AT&T customers to get the new MMS features available within the OS, it would need to be updated to be turned on by default for us. Therefore, we need a software update.
That sounds like, oh, I don't know, a September 9th event that is introducing new iPod Touches and 3.1 software, and has now become an annual event, and also just happens to fit the "end of summer" deadline.
Freaking children, I swear. Stay in school.

I have a gs and my wife has a g. I am patiently waiting for the mms capability, but I do ask when it will be coming and made the comment that I think everyone that has a gs and if mms is not enabled by September 22 should go in to the AT&T store and demand their money back without penalties since AT&T has not over up to their promise by providing the feature during the time they have stated. As far as AT&T not knowing. How could they not know? This was one of the biggest frustrations for iphone users compared to other smartphone users. Whether we agree or disagree let's agree to disagree.

fuhhhhhhh wheres is my freakkin mms.!!! feels like ive been waiting forever!!!!!!! if other cheap(much cheaper) phones can handle is y cant the best most powerful phone in the market do it!!!!!dang how i wish verizon could handle the iphone

Dude, I don't give a shit abot mms. I want tethering! I don't have Internet at work and I work at a preschool! We constantly need the internet for looking up lesson plan ideas, coloring pages and shit. Not to mention a million other reasons it is important to have Internet a work! If I had tethering mine and my co workers life at work would be so mch better!

Linda, I hope you don't talk like that in front of the children! ATT, what is your deal here? You had two months from March to June to get this going, it wasn't a surprise for you. At least keep your customers in the know. I'm giving you $100 per month, at least keep me in the loop a little bit.

I know AT&T has dropped the ball with MMS and tethering..but wont Verizon cripple the Iphone if they get it..I'd rather continue to email my pics then have a restricted, crippled iphone..and if you think AT&T is expensive, I wonder how much Verizon is going to charge.

It is a BIG DEAL to Email images!! For the ones trying to send us(iphoners) a Picture. They get to send it to 10 friends no problem by their PHONE NUMBERS! but not us, We have to contact them and explain that they have to type in our EMAIL ADDRESS to send us a picture! or funny mms forward! It isn't a big deal for me to send to friends, but it IS a big deal to receive them... K, vent complete...

I agree with about the last 10 posters, MMS sucks a$$. I cant wait until all the loser whiners go to Verizon over MMS. Lets pay for Wifi, BT, GPS, and you may as well toss visual voicemail out too, because the network wont do voice and data at the same time. Who in the hell would want that. Im always on my BT headset, sending email and replying to text messages while Im talking. And Verizons data plans coming Sept 9th. $20 a month for 75MB?? I use 2.3GB a month, thats a $600 cell phone bill just for data. "I cant wait until the day Verizon has the iPhone, Im gone the same day" Ill call myself and cancel your contract for you. Bye

I just synced my iPhone and I noticed that rather then the update saying will recheck in a few weeks it says will check "September 5th" so possibly this will be the update with mms!

My problem isn't that I have to email pictures, it's that the $20 a month I spend for unlimited txt messages is the same $20 I'd spend on any other AT&T phone for unlimited txt and it covers MMS, so it's mighty big of AT&T to act like they're doing me a favor by not charging extra for it when/if it becomes available. I've been an AT&T/Cingular customer since I was 17 (I'm 26 now) I'll leave them for any other carrier, and not look back if they raise their rates for iPhone users.

I have 2 phones a moto q and an iphone 3gs i just switch the cards back and forth depending on what i wanna do....The iphone video is awesome !.....The moto q is the loudest phone ever!

AT&T dropped the ball huge on this one like I have said months ago. I wouldn't be surprised come September 22nd when summer will officially be over that they release a statement saying that it is not ready and will not be until early next year. The fact of the matter is, there's nothing we can do about it. AT&T doesn't have to offer MMS on the iPhone if they don't want to. They will lose a TON of customers the second iPhone is offered on another carrier. Or until we all jump ship to T-Mobile where my unlocked iPhone will work just fine with MMS!!!

Why do people believe you need a software update for MMS?
I have MMS working here in the UK (o2) since 3.0 dropped. As far as I know there's no difference between the 3.01 software running on my phone and the one running on yours.
Maybe you'd need a carrier file update, but all this talk of it being in 3.1 is bull, it's been there since 3.0!

@Mephisto your MMS works because you're on o2. We're talking about the problems with AT&T not activating their MMS for the iPhone.
@Pete your iPhone is set to look for updates on certain predetermined days. I can promise you that there is nothing strange about the message stating Sept 5th for the next update check-in...there will be no update on that date though.

This is the bottom line. AT&T screwed up and it will cost them. It will most likley cost them there exclusive contract, which I hope happens. It's not that I want to jump ship, it's the cost of these data plans. Hopfully, more copetition will bring prices down. As for the MMS, iPhone users are not getting what they are paying for, period. Apple shuold be pissed because they are getting sued now because of AT&T. AT&T will have to do something big for me to get me to use the iPhone 4g on there system when it come out next year. AT&T, you screwed big time on this mms bullshit.

So, MMS is announced to be available 3 days after summer is over ... I wonder if all the commenters who threatened to return their phones or to sue AT&T if they didn't deliver before September 22nd are going to stand by their word?

I am suprised by the number of people who say they'll drop ATT for Verizon, but I shouldn't be. I left VZW two years ago for the original iPhone. Don't get me wrong, I loved my iPhone, I even joined back up for two more years with the 3gS, but if vzw gets the iPhone in another year and 10 months... I'm gone. AT&T's network, simply put, sucks.

Had mine hacked for tethering, worked great till 3.1 broke it, no biggie, I anticipate by late October you might see thi roll out, it comes down to the fact that the network is just not strong enough. When the phone took off in 07, as an apple employee @ that time, seeing the volume of people buying this phone, I said oh my damn, AT&T are in deep doodoo, the network just barely supports what they have now & the iPhone does use slightly different tech in relation to how it grabs for a network.. The network crashes & burns quite often from the sheer volume of users. Being a company like anyone else, they have to spend some of the money from the activations & contracts they have to better the network, not pay a CEO an absorbident salary, which is what we do here in America, the brass at the top needs all that money for the massage his million dollar weird science created plastic wife can't give him. So while she's f ckin' the Gardner or her high school sweethart from the farm on Wisconsin that she came from, the idiot CEO is making money hand over fist on us & laughing. It starts at the top people, nobody gives a shit about the little guy, the end user. I unfortunately do, I'm one of them. The phone has the tech built in, hacked it & used it. Pretty cool, never been a fan of mms, on verizon it takes up to 8 hours to send a tiny unseeable pic, email it full size so you can enjoy it later. Anyone without a smartphone these days, is behind the times. I agree, we pay for a service that we should & will have. & the brass are ass hats for not making it so, if you want it that bad , hack it ! Fck AT&T

hey for the people that don't know this. The final release date is September 25th. I just read it through their website updates. so expect it on friday the 25th to be able to send pictures. About time.

I found out that AT&T is lying to all of us. I found out that they do not want to roll out the 4G network until sometime late in 2011. Okay, that is great - so now they lied again. They are STILL making the community hack their iPhone to tether - and to make matters worse, Apple has HAD the tethering in their firmware since the release of 3.1.1 and yet they were "ordered" to comply with AT&T and take off the tethering options. Apple should be ashamed that they cannot even offer full function of their own phones. The 3G network handles tethering very well. So, why after AT&T was told this by Apple are they still forcing customers to break their contract? Wake up Apple. Wake up AT&T.