Dear Santa Cook, all we want from Apple in 2012 is...

Dear Santa Cook, all we want from Apple in 2012 is...

If Tim Cook were Santa and you were sitting down to write him your wish list, what would be on it? Last year we got the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, and not much else in terms of hardware, but iOS 5 and iCloud were huge updates, including new notifications and Siri.

But 2012 means a whole new Santa bag, including an iPhone 5, iPad 3 and, almost certainly, iOS 6. That includes new hardware specs, new software features, and perhaps new services to go with them.

Bigger iPhones, smaller iPads, Siri watches, quick SMS responders, fast settings toggles, a theme store -- nothing is off limits.

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care and Santa Cook soon will be here. What do you want from him, and from Apple, in 2012?

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Dear Santa Cook, all we want from Apple in 2012 is...


I would very much like a nano watch that I could sync with my iPhone via Bluetooth to view SMS messages and maybe plain text emails. A wifi radio in there for wireless sync would be nice too.

I would be happy with the next generation of the iPhone (dare not put a number to it in case they jump the 5 and make it a 6), the Ipad3. I am not too worried about iOS 6, if they launch a new version of the operating system then okay but I won't loose sleep if they don't.
I would like notifications to sync between devices so that if I view a notification on the iPhone it will cancel it out on the iPad and likewise the other way round as well. It will save deleting duplicated notifications that show on both devices. Surely not a big thing to ask since they are so keen on utilizing the cloud!
Happy Christmas everyone.

I would like iOS 6 to give me more flexibility arranging icons on the home screen.
I would love to be able to have 2 rows of icons at the bottom of the screen and one or two widgets above. I think it would make for a cleaner looking home screen.
A bluetooth nano watch sounds great. Others have tried, all have failed. Apple is the company to do it. Plus, the nano/wired headphones combo is inelegant. Who cares about a radio antenna?
A larger screen on an iPhone 5 would be nice, and more direct homescreen control over airplane mode/bluetooth/wireless would be nice.
I look forward to the iPad 3, and I won't get an Apple TV until there are apps. I think it is insane for Apple to not have brought apps to the Apple TV.

iphone 5 with 12 MP camera. 2.0 GHZ Quad core, 2GB Ram, New Display Technology, Holographic Display, and it must be jailbroken :(

I'd like for the sms'ing to look like the tweeting bit, and maybe a bit of a revamp on the theme. And maybe an update to make the battery on my 4s like my ipad 2's, I get basically double out of my ipad than I do on my phone.

I want a four inch screen on the next iPhone.
There's still lots of room for Notifications to improve.
iCloud functionality and pricing improvements.
iPad 3, with Siri, and better sync capabilities with iPhone and Mac.
Merry Christmas to All!

In iPhone and iPad I want:
- MagSafe dock connector
- Rounded edges on iPhone glass
- NO 7" iPad. Please no.
In Mac and MacBook I want:
- Glass keys on the keyboards
- No light leaks around the keys
- Siri

Nano with bluetooth to receive iPhone notifications and iMessages, low power constant on clock face

A 4 inch iPhone 5 and please let us have widgets. (Even if just on the lock screen)
Not "having" to use iTunes would be nice, but ya just a dream.

I would like for the iPhone 5 to be 4G LTE. You have the technology to do so and be also smaller...

Search eBay for iPhone connector cover. They're out there, and really cheap. I use 'em when not using my OtterBox. Would be nice to not need them, though.

"We?" Not me. I'm fine with what i got. I don't need smaller ipads. hell i don't need an ipad period but i'd get ready to be disappointed. You may get an ipad 3 though i'm not sure there's a reason other then being in a spec race. and i dont' care that much about most specs. May get an possibly a iphone 5 next fall but i just bought a 4s so i'm not thinking about buying another phone even without LTE and a 4 inch screen. And i'd be surprised it you see an ios 6. watches? i'm not wearing an apple watch. Seems a bit tacky to me. I'd rather have a normal looking dress watch when i wear one at all.

iPhone 5 that looks like 4S but has edge to edge screen no home button,notifications that give quick access to settings (with sliders in notifications no need to flip to settings screen) Tim Cook to say "ok we have had great ideas come from jailbreak community now were going to offer iOS BETA to those that love to explore their phone further. We are going to make iOS BETA the new jailbreak tool so theres no need to jailbreak anymore,we're working with the cydia store and saurik to bring you iOS BETA! " next nano with video AirPlay that will stream from the iPad with Bluetooth, also introducing apps for nano! And the nano app store! Next on my list is a new line up of iOS devices and introducing MagSafe connections no more iPod connectors , first iPod touch 3G /Lte with siri and yes you guessed it edge to edge screen! Next iTab 7.85" with 3G 2 camera's and yes $199.99 for non 3G model 329.99 for 3G model(now before any one gets mad hear me out the kindle fire is so successfull because of the price point! Apple better not miss out!) next iPad 3 , 2.5ghz quad core 12 megapixel camera, 3.2 megapixel front camera now with SD card slot and an update to the smart cover you now have the option of adding three screws so it don't slip off / or some other way of connecting it secure, next up introducing new OSX along side with MacBook Air that is now touch screen 10" that folds in half to use like the iPad or folds like a laptop to use multitouch pad and keyboard ! gives you full access to osx with HD screen all ports the same as current gen MacBook Air! Now introducing the new glass out of Germany that is virtually unbreakable with a new coating from Germany as well that is finger print proof! Is that to much to ask for!!!!!

I want apple to do all those things people have mention!!!! Of course a redesign iphone is a must.

I really want to see new customization options. The app store is an awesome place for let's say themes and widgets. Not only would developers have awesome new fields too work and design in, but the iphone OS would be SOOOO much better

Seconded. Themes sounds like a no brainer. Next time there's a movie, bam, the studio develops not a crappy tie in app but a full fledged theme and charges for it. Instant win.
I mean, the Tron legacy app was kinda good, for a movie tie in app, but i'd much rather a theme.

Get an Android device. You can customize everything. Wallpapers, apps, widgets, notifications, EVERYTHING.
And you get a larger screen.

EXACTLY, then you have Android. Selling for VZW, I can honestly say I'd never trade any of my Android devices for iOS! I love my RAZR!

I would like a wireless charging iPhone 5. I hate having a scratched bottom frame due to plugging in the 30 pin connector. Also to have an higher res 4 inch screen. Themes... And native video voicemail with FaceTime with ios 6. I actually use FaceTime enough to find that useful.
iPad 3- retina display with a gig of ram and a quad core processor.
Thank you Tim Cook.

As far as the wireless charging a MagSafe connector would be ideal, have u ever used one? It's a magnet plug all u have to do is get the magnet plug close to the connector slot and boom it's hooked up!!!

I want a competitor to Ford's Microsoft sync. A Siri based smart car integrated system.
Microsoft is so difficult! First say climate, then say temperature then say 21.
Siri would be perfect! Change it to 21 degrees.
How nice would a 2013 infinity g35x be with an apple stereo!

Dear cook please bring the siri to iphone 4 and ipad 1 & ipad 2 too , apple products are different from the hardware but don't separate us with the software and some nice thing like as the siri ,we all are apple family,

Ability to merge my multiple accounts.
Imessage on mac
Quick settings on ios
Wireless on ipod classic so my collection in the car is automatically updated; I don't want a full fledged ipod touch just for that.

I don't understand why so many of you are obsessed with Siri. It is a joke. I have to repeat myself even in quiet enviornments for it to understand me, it is just not worth the hassle. By the time I get what I want, I can easily have typed it in myself. Automated voice recognition phone systems are the worst thing ever, and its not any better with Siri.

I definitely have been saving my coins for an iPhone that blows mine completely out the water, on my own terms. iPhone 4S almost landed in my claws but I decided to wait for the next iPhone because I know there is a likelyhood of it being a complete update ( physical as well as internal ). I'm
Getting the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 next year. I haven't brought an apple computing device since 2008 ! Notice how there is now a gay man in charge of one of the most successful companies in the world ;)

"Notice how there is now a gay man in charge of one of the most successful companies in the world "
What the hell does that have to do with anything? To me it's irrelevant.

Widgets, 4" screen, LTE iPhone5 with swappable battery and micro SD slot, 12" iPad3 with retina display, itether back in the application store.

How about a real change to IOS- have it learn who the user is. I want it to learn what days I work, what time I go into work, look up weather and traffic info when I'm sleeping and wake me up early if weather is bad or traffic sucks. And what about innovating car stereos- there's a market that could use some changes.

I'll be watching with curiosity. I'm interested in the iPad 3. Since I'm locked into a two year contract, I won't be getting whatever iPhone comes out this year, but it's a pretty good bet that if it is an iPhone 5 (and not an iPhone 4GS), then in 2013 when my contract is up for renewal, it will be an iPhone 5S.

I want an iPhone 5 but not with a big ass screen like some android phones. bigger is not always better, it looks like they have an old Dell laptop up to their ear..not good....Apple stick with a proportional design please

Dear... Tim Cook Or Santa.. COuld You please, Bring Steve's Back... We miss him so much.. and of course.. Please Redesign.. Iphone 4 or iPhone 4S

Don't know of anyone's mentioned this but I'd love a new privacy feature where you'd need a pass code to open a given app (like "Photos" for example). I know this can be done on Jailbreak but I'd love to see it in 6.0.

If im not getting only if it has at least a 3.7 inch screen, a 10 megapixel camera, and a touch home button with touch bezel. Wish Jobs hadn't smoked pot in his childhood