Deezer music service currently half price in some locations, get it if you can

Music services are aplenty at the moment, and while there's something out there for everyone, one that may have gone somewhat unnoticed by many is Deezer. It's a music service in the same vein as Spotify, Xbox Music and the newly announced for iOS Google Play Music All Access, with a combination of radio features and a huge catalog of albums and singles to choose from. And right now, you could get a Premium+ subscription – required for use with your iPhone or iPad – at 50% off the regular price.

Here in the UK that makes it £4.99 per month, which seriously undercuts Spotify, Google and Xbox Music while offering a similarly stocked catalog. The iOS application could do with a facelift – some iOS 7 sparkle wouldn't go amiss – but ultimately Deezer is putting cash back in your pocket with this offer.

It doesn't say how long you'll be paying the reduced rate for, nor how long the offer will be available. But I made the switch from Spotify and so far I'm really pleased with the service, the selection, and especially the price. It isn't currently available in the U.S. at all, though the App can be downloaded from the U.S. App Store so hopefully it won't be too far out. If you've also recently jumped on board, let me know where you are and what you think of it!

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Deezer music service currently half price in some locations, get it if you can


Unfortunately just checked the website and in Canada it's $9.99 for mobile access, same as Rdio. But certainly would be a nice discount in the UK.

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Can't see myself continuing to be nickel and dimed by so many different little services that do just one thing each. I don't know if Deezer has a better algorithm than Spotify, iTunes Radio, or Pandora, and unless you've got an old unlimited data plan, you'll always be hesitant to fire the app up to use.

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I really do love spotify and I always use it with my cellular network since AT&T has grandfathered my unlimited data since the iPhone 3G. If you don't have unlimited data, most of these services allow you to make playlist and songs available offline. They get stored in your device so you can listen without using up your data.

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I really like Slacker Radio Plus, especially with its offline caching for when I don't have a good data connection. I fear it will be crushed by Apple and Pandora.

I am with Google Music. Deezer if fine though as are the others, but I am an Apple fanboy stuck in the Google ecosystem so All Access simply works for me.. I´m very grateful for the recent iOS app.

Question. How do these subscription-based music streaming services work? How about song selection? It's pretty obvious that they have a complete list of songs that were released. As the total number would be astronomical. So it is like those songs that were in the top 100 or something?

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Definitely not just top 100, a totally unknown guy I followed on Twitter released an EP this year and I found it on Google Music. It does depends on the artist

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...and record labels though. But unless your taste is very eclectic/obscure you'll probably be satisfied.

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I see. Thanks for the reply. Maybe next year I'll try to check which service would best suit me. For now, I'll stick with iTunes. (Darn, I noticed some of my posts have typo/missing words. The horror!)

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I get the premium Deezer experience for free with my wireless provider, good alternative to the extensive catalog I get from iTunes radio

Deezer say no commitment or contract... but once your months up they then take the money out of your account again without permission and no standing order or Direct debit set up... this is called a recurring credit... but it was not authorised. I then messaged them explaining my concern... but did they answer? of course not. This is a poor excuse for a company and people should keep and eye on there bank accounts and as for their customer service I would say on a scale of 1-10 about a -100, So please DO NOT let these con artists rip you off.