Demand for iPhone SDK Brings Down Apple's Servers [Developer stampede]


Response to Apple's release of an iPhone SDK has been overwhelming; literally. Since it became publicly available yesterday, Apple's developer website has been swamped with user registrations and download requests. I personally have made numerous attempts to download the SDK, all unsuccessfully. If that's any indication of the frenzied bustle of app development we might expect, I'd say we can expect a torrent of iPhone applications in the coming months. Bring your umbrella.


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Demand for iPhone SDK Brings Down Apple's Servers [Developer stampede]


So here's my questions:
1. when do we expect to see the first software for users?
2. will they all be on itunes?
3. will all the free ones be ported over? or will some form of be in SDK and the rest will work the same as before?
4. will there be anything for free anymore? itunes would probably charge.

1. In late June when Apple pushes out the next major iPhone firmware update (2.0) to users.
2. Yes
3. If by free you mean unauthorized software available for Jailbroken iPhones today, the answer is... that's up to the developers who wrote those apps. If they choose to list their app(s) on iTunes at no charge, then they will remain free. And Steve Jobs confirmed yesterday that iTunes will distribute FREE iPhone apps. But it's important to keep in mind the reason why jaibreak applications are free is because there is currently no way to monetize hacked iPhone software through current distribution methods (app repositories). iTunes will change that, so my hunch is we can expect to see FAR fewer "free" apps. Expect to pay for iPhone apps from here on out. And I am fine with that arrangement. Developers who create innovative software deserve to be rewarded for their talents.
As to the second part of your question, I would expect to go away and the jailbreak community with it. Once application support becomes a reality there is little incentive to keep hacking the iPhone other than SIM unlocking and carrier liberation. Nearly all application development will take place via in the authorized way, through iTunes.
4. See above.

in regards to your answer to #3, there will still be a healthy community for jailbreak type software due to copywrite issues with some ports of current programs that Apple won't allow to be posted on iTunes for fear of lawsuits. Things like copies of games, software, etc; so YES there will definitely be people still making apps and things that won't be posted to iTunes.

What's with the hijack Sami? Sheesh. Pimp your blog somewhere else.
Oh, we're so happy your son has an iPhone. Congratulations.