Demand for iPhone 5 reported to be "strikingly high"

Demand for iPhone 5 reported to be

Like any new iPhone, demand for the next generation iPhone 5 will likely be high. How high exactly? According to a survey conduced by ChangeWave, it could well be unprecedented, even by Apple's usual, ridiculous, levels.

With 14% of consumers saying they’re Very Likely and 17% Somewhat Likely to buy the “iPhone 5” in the future, advance demand for the next generation iPhone is strikingly higher than for any previous iPhone model.

For example: a similar question on future demand for the iPhone 4S, taken at the time of its October 2011 launch, showed 10% Very Likely and 11.5% Somewhat Likely to purchase the device. Moreover, the iPhone 4S is currently considered the most successful smart phone release in history.

This makes sense, given that the current iPhone 4S was released back in October of 2011 with the same design as the iPhone 4 released in June of 2010. That'll make 27 months between hardware refreshes, which is the longest period in iPhone history. (Original iPhone to iPhone 3G was only 12 months, iPhone 3G to iPhone 4 was 24 months.)

If rumors prove true, and the iPhone 5 has a longer, 4-inch, 16:9 display, it will also mark the first time ever that an iPhone changed screen sizes. Combine that with rumors of LTE 4G networking, the first radio change since the iPhone 3G was released in some 51 months previously in June of 2008, and there's a lot of new technology to demand.

Although Apple does not pre-announce new devices, it's widely expected that the iPhone 5 will be introduced at a special even this fall, alongside the final version of iOS 6, and released shortly thereafter, perhaps in early-mid October like last year.

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Reader comments

Demand for iPhone 5 reported to be "strikingly high"


This is not all that surprising. Seeing how most users jumped on board the iPhone bandwagon with the 3g w/ a 2 year contract, it only makes sense that these same users, who upgraded to a 4, will upgrade to "whatever the next iPhone is going to be called" simply because they will be out of contract.

You couple those users with the users who mindlessly upgrade every year and then the brand new users, you get an insane demand. And oh, never underestimate Apple's marketing hype.

You beat me to the punch. :) I've read this story on several blogs now and was thinking the same thing. The increased interest over the 4S is probably in large part a reflection of expiring contracts.

There is also those of us who got the iPhone 4 on day one and didn't see the 4s as enough of an upgrade to start a new contract. So some of us have been free to upgrade since last November and have been waiting.

Exactly this! I "think" I'm on a 15 mo cycle with AT&T (could be wrong) but I have been eligible to upgrade since the beginning of the year from the iPhone 4

"That'll make 27 months between hardware refreshes"
What? There were some major hardware changes from the 4 to 4S. Dual core processor, Improved graphics processor, Celluar Antenna, Global Capability (Verizon), 8MP Camera, 64GB Capacity. I think that's enough to be called a hardware refresh. The only thing that didn't change was the form factor.

Agree. I think the "S" models have been "refreshes." The original iPhone, 3G, and 4 were "all new" designs. Looks like the iPhone (6th gen) will also be an all new design.

I think there was HUGE demand for it last year. The 4s fixed SOME of the omissions, design failures in the 4, but left some untouched. Apple made people wait a whole year, because they can.