More details emerge of Apple's plans to concur the Television set

More Siri-powered Apple television set rumors

Rumors of an Apple Television just won't quit, and this new one from The Wall Street Journal pegs Apple ramping up for a release in the not-so-distant future with features like Siri voice-control, built-in AirPlay streaming and more.

Apple executives have discussed their vision for the future of TV with media executives at several large companies, according to people familiar with the matter. [...] In the recent meetings with media companies, the Apple executives, including Senior Vice President Eddy Cue, have outlined new ways Apple's technology could recognize users across phones, tablets and TVs, people familiar with the talks said. In at least one meeting, Apple described future television technology that would respond to users' voices and movements

Details remain extremely vague, of course, with specifics being left off the table to help keep the essence of the future product closely guarded.

Before Steve Jobs passed away in October, he told biography Walter Isaacson that he'd "finally cracked the TV". From user interface and experience to ditching the mountain of controls many of us now deal with, tons of speculation has folloStill, some suggest an Apple Television will bring about new ways of communicating across multiple devices like the iPhone or iPad, where a users' content can be switched from the television and onto their mobile device for consumption on-the-go. Imagine watching a movie in your living room and deciding you want to take a quick run, but having limited time. With something like an Apple Television using new technology developed internally at Cupertino, you could watch the rest of your movie on-the-go without any hassle; with everything working seamlessly and with very little setup involved.

And this is just scratching the surface, mind you. With Siri voice control, the possibilites of what a future product like this could do seem almost endless. Given these new details, he may not have been very far off with that assessment.

Source: WSJ

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More details emerge of Apple's plans to concur the Television set


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