Deus Ex: The Fall prevents jailbreakers from firing weapons

Deus Ex: The Fall prevents jailbreakers from firing weapons

Users attempting to play Deus Ex: The Fall, released yesterday, on a jailbroken device will be in for a bit of a shock when they attempt to fire a weapon, and nothing happens. It seems that in order to get the full experience of the game, players must be using a non-jailbroken device. Reddit user KipEnyan, posted this image of what jailbreakers playing The Fall see when they attempt to fire.

Certainly, some users jailbreak their iOS device to use pirated software, but it is not a one-to-one correlation. While this is obviously an anti-piracy measure, it is a predictably short-sighted one, and people who would actually pirate the game will find a way around it. Instead, Square Enix is punishing consumers simply for modifying their device.

There are a number of developers that actually do the work to make it difficult for people to use pirated versions of their software, and you'd think Square Enix, which can put more resources behind this problem, would be able to find a way to make it harder for pirates to crack their game. Instead, they took the unthinking, anti-consumer route, and the only people hurt by this move will be their own paying customers.

Source: KipEnyan on Reddit

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Deus Ex: The Fall prevents jailbreakers from firing weapons


Ok, so I just checked the description for the game on the App Store and no where does it mention that this will happen on jailbroken devices. Personally, I think this is really dishonest in terms of letting the customer know upfront.

That said, I'm primarily an android user so I'm a bit ignorant on the App Store refund side of things. How does it work?

all a jailbroken user has to do is install xcon from cydia and they'll be able to run deus ex just fine as it will no long detect that the device is jailbroken. just google xcon cydia deus ex and look at the 2nd link. All the game developer has done is piss off people and it will probably impact sales - not too bright.

Nope. Not bright at all. They're tryingbtonprevrnt piracy. The music business did that years ago. We all see how that turned out.

You know how the Play store will refund you right there if you request one in a certain amount of time? Apple don't do that.

While I don't know the official policy with Apple, I have gotten a refund for a program that didn't live up to it's billing. I just reported my concern & promptly got a refund.

I've never gotten an app refund (never needed one) but I did download a movie once where I meant to get the director's cut and got the regular instead. I wrote them about it and they issued me a refund without any question. The funny thing is they never removed it from my download que so I eventually downloaded it just to get it out of there.

I don't think you'd have much luck if you wrote them about a refund because the app was crippled on your jailbroken device, though.

I accidentally downloaded an entire TV season instead of a single episode a couple years ago. I only made it 1/2 way through the first episode and didn't like it. Apple refunded the entire season with no problem. It still sits in my Purchased list on Apple TV a couple years later.

Who the f*#@ do the game developers think they are to be so self-righteous where they take it upon themselves to enforce a no-jailbreaking policy? I'm not jailbroken, and I was going to pay and DL the game.... but not now.

It's the principle of the thing to me. I use XCON to enable the DirecTV app on my iPad, but it's a free app. I won't be buying Deus Ex unless they remove this silly restriction, XCON or no XCON.

I won't be paying for a game that won't work on my jb device. I use themes, bitesms, and a few other tweaks. No reason for this game to not work properly. Oh well, sale lost.

I don't play games like this but I will be sure to put a pirated copy on my niece & nephew's iPod with xcon so they can play on their jailbroken devices.

I like how they have a problem with jailbroken iPad owners but they have no problem taking their money without a warning.

I need to make a special effort to remember the name of this company so I can be sure never to purchase anything from their catalog. Ever.

I have never pirated any apps on my jailbroken devices. I just don't like waiting ears for Apple to, say, add a swipeable control center.

I wouldn't have anywhere near as big of a problem with this if the company disclosed broken functionality before purchase. It still wouldn't be cool but I'm sure it's a tough position to be in.

Square Enix. Must remember.

"people who would actually pirate the game will find a way around it"
A thousand times this.

I know people who may now say "Well I *have* to pirate it, I don't want to lose my Jailbreak just to play the game."

Jejejee this is so funny. All the jail breakers are freaking out cause a developer made their own security without asking the gamers first. How terrible of them!! *sarcasm*