Development of the next two iPhones began under Steve Jobs, of course

Development of the next two iPhones began under Steve Jobs, of course

One does not simply pull an iPhone whole from the void and birth it in a single day. As anyone involved in the design, development, and manufacturing of iPhone-class products will tell you, it takes a long, long time and roadmaps typically stretch out over years. So, it comes as little surprise that the next two generations of iPhone, likely including an S-type update to the current iPhone 5, began under the direction of Steve Jobs. Still, given Jobs legacy, hearing it reaffirmed again seems to make many people happy. Which brings us to Mike Aldrax's report in the San Francisco Examiner:

[District Attorney George Gascón] said the next two generations of iPhones have already been developed.

“They preceded Tim Cook,” the district attorney said he was told of the future iPhones.

The reason a San Francisco district attorney is being sourced is because of his office's ongoing investigation into stolen mobile devices.

To say that Steve Jobs having a hand in these products isn't important is saying his involvement with Apple wasn't important, which is lunacy. Someone of his universe-denting talents having a hand in anything is amazing. However, Jony Ive on design and Tim Cook on logistics, Bob Mansfield on radios and chips, and the rest of the team no doubt contributed from the beginning as well, and will be there to adapt them to ever changing market conditions, and eventually shepherd them onto store shelves.

Eventually the ball gets handed off, and the team runs with it. That's how this stuff works. Still, it's nice to know Steve Jobs was there for these products, at least in the beginning, right?

Source: San Francisco Examiner

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Development of the next two iPhones began under Steve Jobs, of course


The day Steve Jobs stepped down from the board is the day the innovation died for Apple. Under his watch, the company always did something to remain ahead of the game. Now they're playing catchup to Samsung, especially when they release one new iteratition of iPhone per year.

While Steve wasn't the only innovator on the block, I hope his imprint will be significant on the next two. Hopefully, someone else will step up to (or even exceed) his legacy in the near future.

They could continue to make the same old stuff and watch technology fly further away from them. And we could watch the single biggest stock crash in history. This would literally put the last nail in the coffin to put him in the history books as the man who made Apple.

Or they could listen to the public and build what the people want to buy.

Steve never listened to the public- he reckoned they dint know what they wanted until he told them, and he was often right.

Apple's significant stock dip has had nothing to do with the company's sales. They've continued to be one the most, if not the most, profitable companies in business. The plummeting stock really is an artificial byproduct of too much idiotic ramblings of "analysts." Apple's business hasn't done anything to actually warrant the falling stock prices. You could possibly say Maps, but one app isn't enough to be a sole reason for a stock falling as much as Apple's has. I think the stock will rebound significantly once the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 are released next year. I believe in Jony Ive.

Re: "Or they could listen to the public and build what the people want to buy."

Oh yeah? Here's your quote for the day:

"If I'd asked my customers what they wanted, they'd have said 'A faster horse.'"
- Henry Ford

It's really interesting because it will let time for Apple to create the next model after those two years

I'm sure whatever they come up with will be fine. It may seem like they are not innovating but how do you improve upon perfection. i don't blame them one bit for just sitting back and soaking up the profits from the hard work they have put into the platform. Larger screen, bah, fancy home screens, humbug, Apples greatest strength is in it's simplicity. Sure it's not for everyone, and the market has room for people with other opinions to step outside of the fold and buy what they like. It is ludicris to want more complicated, and to "just work" at the same time. I've used a few of the phones out there now and everyone of them had me wanting to pull my hair out by how complicated it seemed to make it do the simplest task. Streaming youtube to your tv with a Note2 for example, 45 seconds for the tv to even respond to the fact that you wanted to stream youtube. Maybe I'm spoiled but I will take my iPhone 4s any day of the week over what is offered right now, maybe for no other reason than it doesn't make me want to jump off a building. It just works, Jobs got it right, Apple is keeping it right.

It took you 45 seconds to get the Note 2 to stream YouTube videos to your TV, Something isn't right my friend, My Note 2, completely stock takes about 3 seconds. Maybe you do need something very simple, all as it takes is pushing a button. 45 seconds, comical and obviously you were zigging when you should have been zagging.
Being a Android owner since the Nexus One, currently own 3 of the newest Android phones and also buying the new SGS4, telling you this because I'm also picking up the new iphone 5 on April 12th from T-Mobile. Buying the 64gb model in white. I want to find out what all this fuss is over the iphone 5. I get sick speeds on T-Mobile in my area. I get over 20mb down and 6mb up on their HSPA+ Network, their LTE is right around the corner. Very excited to get my new iphone 5. I will be back to this forum looking for some help, the iphone is all new to me. Hope I don't get thrown out being also a Android Geek. There isn't much I haven't done with the Android OS, it has come a very long way, those of you who have not used the top of the line current Android device, you should give it a try, you just might be surprised. I am just a Geek, Android - IOS, doesn't matter. Love it all.

Yeah I find this whole post, listing out all these phones you supposedly own pretty comical. I work in IT and I have about 10 devices on my desk for testing, but that's job related.

This kinda bugs me. This means Steve knew what the iPhone 5S, 6, and 6S would be like. I am constantly disappointed in the battery life. The battery life is amazing for the little battery that is inside this phone; however, it's not enough. I cannot sit down and enjoy my phone by doing all the stuff on their TV ADs and still have enough battery to get through the day. I'm also not a fan of their retina display campaign. Is retina display great? Sure, but if you need to stay at 40-50% brightness to survive the day, can you honestly say you are truly experiencing a 'great' retina display?

Software and hardware working in sync (minus battery) can only make battery usage so efficient. Eventually, it will begin to fall short. I do not see Apple giving us a removable battery. It will screw up their design and it's something they won't like. I do; however, see Apple finally pulling their head out of their asses and giving us a 2000+ mAH battery.

Completely agree about battery life. IMO this is mostly a byproduct of Apple's incessant need to keep making the phone thinner. Add a couple millimeters and put a bigger battery in for crissakes! The Droid Razr Maxx HD has got the perfect form factor if you ask me. It's battery life is phenominal (I had to use one for a month when my iP5 was stolen). If only it didn't run that pesky Android mess. Make a bigger phone, Apple!

I take my iPhone off the charger at 5 am and head for work, I hardly ever have an issue with battery life. I'm making calls, checking emails, even playing games on my lunch break with no issue. Even with heavy usage I'm sitting at 35% at 8:30 pm.

The "Great Man Theory" of history has been debunked often and the criticism applies to the organizational-industrial field and business hagiographies. Owners and C-level executives are important, but not as important as most think. Apple has had many talented people developing great products and, although I mourn the loss of Jobs and feel quite sad when I think of him, Apple will be fine. Jobs had failures and successes and so will Apple without him--and a good deal will be out of their control.

Like the ongoing stock dip. Really nothing they did caused it. It's completely artificial. And I agree with you that Apple will be fine.

Once again haters filling up the comments screaming "we want innovation!" with no ideas as to what innovation they want or realizing that innovation and available technology are too far apart right now. All of the device builders feel this gap right now... ALL of them whether we the consumer see it or not. Until BlackBerry and the iPhone came along, there had not been innovation in mobile in almost a decade. I'm not saying it will take that long again this time but right now let's enjoy the refinement that all the device builders continue to crank out.

I agree with your comments. It's exactly that, the next gap will be hard to bridge. It's an ongoing struggle to break the trends of what exists currently.
Think of our expectations now, were using less than a cm piece of glass to organize and communicate our entire lives. And we want MORE?? So soon???

This is exactly right. When the iPhone debuted, Steve said it was 5 years ahead of the competition. Well, it's about 6 years later and it's pretty much neck and neck, but we're at a point in technology where the next innovation isn't going to come in hardware anytime soon. Everybody is using cutting edge technology. It'll take a pretty significant breakthrough for anybody to leapfrog ahead.

Attn Apple: Please don't humor us with another "S" model. I genuinely want to stay with iOS products but am really hoping soon you will give us; 1) bigger AND wider screen, and, 2) an upgraded UI with a new home screen NOT made up of the same grid of useless icons we've had for 6 years!

I am increasingly lusting after a GS3/4!

I'm in agreement with you, except for wanting a GS4. Android just sucks (in my opinion). But you probably aren't going to get your wish until maybe next year with the iP6, or even the iP7 if it's true Steve had a hand in the next 2 models.

I think the key words here are started by Jobs. Jony Ive and Tim Cook will still be a part of these next two iPhones but I think they will still be very Jobs iPhones. But it will be interesting to see how they are done and how the first Cook iPhones will be done as well.

Well if Steve had a hand in the iP5 and the next 2 models, I guess we can put the myth to rest that he was against larger screen sizes. I'd put money on him having a hand in the iPad mini too.

And not just the next two iPhones. I'm pretty sure Steve mapped out a 5-year plan. And a 10-year plan. And a 15-year plan. And a 20-year plan. And I'm sure Tim Cook is working along those lines.

For example: the 5 year plan would end in roughly 2015. By then we'll have AMOLED screens on all mobile iOS devices (not the Apple TV or television set), and those screens will be manufactured by Sharp. And that means iPhones will be 5mm thick and iPod touches 3.5mm thick. And iPad and iPad mini will also be 5mm thick. iOS will have augmented reality built-in, a slightly "3d" look (with multiple AMOLED layers achieving a 3D look without needing much more GPU power), Siri will work with the Bluetooth earbuds shipped standard with all iOS devices. More iCloud robustness, performance, and features. (Lots of specific hardware details in the 5 year plan.)

10 years: the Apple disruption of the television industry will be under way, Apple will be running Numbers spreadsheets to determine if and when to actually release a 4K or 8K HDTV set. They'll totally skip the current 1920x1080 TV generation, wait for costs to come down, then start work on their own set. iCloud and the redesigned and renamed app formerly known as iTunes will be the key to Apple's television solution, and there will be several massive data centers in the US like the one in North Carolina. The 800th Apple Store will be opened, MacBook Airs will all be 10mm thick, and iMacs will be 5mm deep at their thickest point.

20 years: All iOS devices will be free with carrier subsidy and/or iCloud paid account, iAd will partially subsidize all iOS devices and will have replaced much of conventional TV advertising. Apple will start working on a 3D television projection system that doesn't require a physical screen. iPod will be the size of a postage stamp, will weigh 5 grams, and can be attached to the user's temple. No more earbuds. Sound will be transmitted directly into the user's brain. It will be called "iPod sticker."

You win the Internet for today with that comment!!! Seriously, love all the possibilities/advancements you stated & completely agree that Jobs 100% had a sort of "roadmap" for the next 10-15 years. Obviously his extended vision won't be followed to a "T", but the outline for the upcoming Apple cycles is there for them to build upon.

Isn't this how companies should operate. You what you are doing ahead of time. Companies Create 1 year, 2 year and 5 year plans. I'm sure there were some tweaks to the plan but overall this isn't a surprise.

Don't start with religious views/opinions on technology website comment threads, it escalates waaaay too quickly. I could care less if you're pro/anti (insert religion), just don't talk about it here

I think it is ridiculous to expect Jobs to know how the tech landscpape would look two years ahead, not to mention five years. Would people prefer a bigger screen, or more battery, or a faster radio would appear, or new sensor tech, 4K TV, games would be in, games would be out, emphasis on social or not, these are decisions Apple makes every year, and adjusts its phone design to fit.
I don't think, for example, that Jobs ever decided on a bigger screen, he considered the old size perfect. All that came from the pressure from Samsung, and it was not planned two years in advance, but probably around the time the 4S was launched.
To keep the "Apple magic" going, people are constantly keeping this myth alive, that Jobs knew everything in advance and made products for the next five years, but it is just not true. The tech landscape changes too fast for anyone to make specific product plans for five years ahead. Jobs probably made general plans such as the yearly cicle, emphasis on mobile, emphasis on profits etc., but not the blueprints for the iPhone 6, that is just ridiculous.

What are some people thinking? For sure there are one or two iPhone 6 out there. I also think they are running iOS 7! They have to test them before they release them. Same with Samsung somebody has already the S5 in there pocket.

While I am sure the products initial ideas and general form where started back then much of the tech was not available. Also, Apple has been bending to the market with screen sizes so the chance that SJ had a huge influence on the products that we will hold in our hands over the next few years is a stretch. I see this comment as a way of convincing the masses who hear that Apple is no longer innovating by saying that these products where influenced by SJ the one true innovator so don't worry and continue to look forward to our products. we can expect no substantive improvements to the iOS (aside from Ive's playing with 'flat') or hardware improvements that may realistically compete with whatever current Android product is out there until, at least, late 2014 - all because they're sticking to some dead guy's 5 year plan? Yeah. That's cutting edge.

Or maybe, simply, they just don't want to comply with a court ruling and that's their excuse.