Did the Mavericks Mail update fix your Gmail woes? [Poll]

Did the Mavericks Mail update fix your Gmail woes? [Poll]

A couple of days ago Apple released the Mavericks Mail update, designed primarily to fix compatibility with Google's Gmail. I never hid my All Mail folder in Gmail, so I managed to escape the problems unscathed. It's been working fine - well, as fine as Gmail ever can in Mail.app - since beta. Other people have had nothing but problems, and apparently are still experiencing them.

So, if you use Gmail, and you use Mavericks, and you've installed the update, how's it working for you? Is Mavericks finally playing nicely with Gmail's quirky IMAP implementation, are there still a few issues you're facing, or is it still pretty much unusable for you?

Vote in the poll above and then give me the details in the comments below!

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Did the Mavericks Mail update fix your Gmail woes? [Poll]


Still having issues with my Gmail inbox in Apple Mail staying in sync with other devices. The web interface and my iOS devices seem to have no problem staying in sync, but when I open Apple Mail on either one of my Macs I'll still find messages that I previously read or deleted on other devices sitting in my inbox undeleted and unread. This has been so irritating that I made the switch to Airmail and will likely never look back.

I am having exactly the same issues. I would be interested in your experiences with Airmail, as I am likely to switch.
My ios devices are fine, but my two Macs do not stay synced. At first, I thought that this was a Gmail issue, but I have had the same experience with a Yahoo IMAP account.

I am reasonably happy with Airmail. Aesthetically speaking, it's much more visually appealing than Apple Mail, and it includes most of the must-have features that made me rule out other clients (e.g. support for various account types including Gmail, iCloud, generic IMAP, and--the big one--Exchange; combined inbox; etc.). Most importantly, the Gmail/IMAP sync issues I've noticed in Apple Mail (with both a Gmail and Outlook account--like you, these issues don't seem to be unique to Gmail accounts) do not exist in Airmail.

There are a few annoyances with Airmail, but they're not deal breakers:
-Virtually no documentation. There are a lot of features and options in Airmail, but I'm baffled as to what some of them even do. Their website does have user forums and a few FAQs, but that's it.
-No calendar integration. Airmail doesn't seem to know how to process Exchange calendar invites, so I've actually resorted to using Outlook 2011 for access to my Exchange account.
-Resource-intensive. I've noticed that Airmail seems to use quite a bit of memory and CPU cycles at times, but I'm not sure it's any worse than Apple Mail (which I've found to be a huge resource hog).
-Random (minor) bugs. Sometimes Airmail can take awhile (~60 seconds) to display my messages when first launching it. I've just noticed that after it's been running for awhile (more than a day or two) the forward, etc. buttons seem to disappear. Relaunching solves that issue. No deals breakers, though.

Overall, I'm happy with Airmail. If Apple ever gets Mail sorted out I may be tempted to try it again, if only to avoid having to use two separate email clients (Airmail for Gmail, Outlook for Exchange).

Same behavior here. iPhone & iPad work great, but Mail never sees that messages have already been read/deleted/moved. I have to do everything twice.

I've tried all the other email apps on my imac (postbox, airmail, etc) and the problem with ALL of them is they aren't integrated into things like iphoto (can't send a photo from iphoto into my email app to send and I don't like the iphoto mailing thing because you can't BCC and other problems). After the update I'm still having problems with gmail in apple which has always worked from the very beginning very well for me. I downgraded my macbook air back to Mountain Lion and it's working fine. I'm getting ready to downgrade my imac to Mountain Lion and I'm never upgrading an OS again with apple products. They get worse with every upgrade. I know they have an ongoing hate-relationship with Google, but more people in the world use gmail than apple mail. They need to play nice together. Gmail can download my apple mail, so why not vice-versa?

Forgive the thread jack, but I am honestly curious - what do people see as advantageous with OSX Mail.app over the gmail webapp? I have never felt offline access or Spotlight integration to be particularly compelling on OSX, certainly not enough to outweigh conversation view or labels vs folders. The ads are invisible to me, and the scanning itself is client-agnostic; do I just value conversations/labels more than most here, or are there other things I am missing that may persuade me?

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I think people like the push notifications. Like the Mail app on iPad and iPhone, there's an icon badge and an alert. Don't think the browser icon has badges, so you lack the visual cue.

The bigger question is, why do people use Gmail when there are much better solutions out there.

most people aren't think it's fine. They aren't disappointed. They don't think it's a better solution. They don't care if there is a better solution. It's like changing your phone number to them. If they change it it's a hassle and then plenty of people won't have it. It does the job fine for many.

My main (but by no means only) reason for using Mail.app is that I have several email accounts, not all of which are Gmail accounts, and consolidating those into one mail app is important.

Totally see where you're coming from but for me the key issue is I need a Unified Inbox.

My biggest issue with using the Gmail Web interface is that I have multiple e-mail addresses that I monitor/use on a daily basis (21 to be specific) not all of which are Gmail/Google Apps. I have found that a unified inbox is key to keeping keep track of them all. As a consultant, I often get e-mail addresses on my client's mail system for work I'm doing with that client. Therefore not only do I have my my personal work addresses (e.g. firstname.lastname@MyCompany.com), I also have a few client specific addresses (myname@clientdomain.com). I also have e-mail addresses for various roles I hold (e.g. sales@, admin@, support@) and then there are a couple of personal addresses (@gmail.com, @yahoo.com, @me.com, @[MyPersonalDomain].com). On top of the number of addresses I have, not all of these e-mail addresses are being run on the Gmail/Google Apps platform. Many are IMAP and/or other services (e.g. yahoo.com, me.com). In order to keep track of all the mail I get at all these different addresses, I need a unified inbox. Alas, this is the one KEY feature that Gmail's web interface cannot provide.

If you are in the easy situation of having just one e-mail address, then you can totally do with just the Gmail web interface, but as soon as you have more than 2 or 3 e-mail addresses to keep track of, or you have addresses to check that are not all on Gmail/Google Apps, then you need a solution that is more powerful. Thus far, the only solution I've found is an e-mail client like Mail.app, Postbox Airmail, or something like that.

Totally agree. I went to gmail webmail after getting totally pissed over this Mavericks mess. It's so much better. And with the Chrome extension called Minimalist for Everything, you can get rid of the ads and do other customization.

I simply disabled a bunch of redundant labels for IMAP (gmail settings), e.g. the "All mail". All I need to do with mail, Apple Mail can do.

I have’nt used Mail in god knows how many years on a Mac. I use MailPlane for Gmail or Outlook since I found Mail never handed Gmail very well, but I’m willing to give it a try if someone can post a link on how to set it up correctly without to much hassle.

Totally unaffected. I use the template feature in Thunderbird Mail client and I use that so I was never aware of a problem with Gmail and Apple's Mail client in Maverick.

I lost all of my gmail messages (3000+) after updating to Mavericks. The pre-Mavericks messages are there in their folders in the Mail app but as soon as I open a folder, it syncs and the messages disappear and the folder is empty or only contains post-Mavericks messages. Unfortunately the latest Mail fix did nothing to address this issue, and I am still searching for a solution to retrieve my 3000+ messages (Time Machine does/did not back them up). Help!

I find it interesting how many people bother to comment who ignore the request to tell us if Gmail is still a problem and instead post some vain brag about some other program that's "better."

Might as well have just skipped posting the article altogether and instead put up a small notice that says "Please brag about Gmail or Google in general, and/or tell us how you are so above all the problems in the Mail app because you are too cool to use it."

Bleh. Whenever I run across a techie guy that uses Google everything and talks it up all the time I just think, "There goes a self-important idiot." I'm rarely wrong in that assessment.

Maybe I'm just not noticing because I'm not a power user of the Mail app.. But, I never noticed any issues since upgrading to mavericks, or before mavericks, Or ever.. My main account is Gmail.

I haven't any gmail problems with mail.app since I upgraded to Mavericka. I barely use gmail anyway so that's not a big concern for me. however, all of my "regular" IMAP accounts have been screwed up, and this update did nothing to fix those issues. The biggest issue is that any message that 'a in a folder won't load. sort of a huge problem considering that procmail filters most of my mail into folders on the server.

My gmail is still not working properly. I did a Software Update and when that didn't work, I went to the website and downloaded the Mail update in isolation. When will this be fixed.

My mail app worked for a couple of days after the update but it has totally gone awry in the last 3 days. Every time I send an email, if I go to "sent" I have five to 7 copies of each email... then randomly I get emails reappearing in "draft". Sometimes email simply don't show up until I see them on my other devices and stop the app and restart it, then the email shows up.... totally unreliable. I restarted the laptop, same results. Very sad, never got any issues in 15 years and suddenly with maverick.... I need to use mail app because I use several type of emails for different clients...

Same. The update fixed everything for a few days. Now it's wonky again. My problem is I have 4 email accounts with different purposes. I have folders created on my mac that have followed me for years. I have folders by years for business. All of a sudden I can't undo delete in gmail; If I try to move something to a folder, it disappears for good. I tried Airmail but I can't add folders at will, so that's not helpful for me. I am, to put it mildly LOSING MY MIND. I hate hate hate Gmail's web interface, labels not folders and do not want to go that route. I used to use my mac.com email addy not Gmail - until I discovered business people were sending me mail I never received and visa versa. Hence the switch to Gmail. Now this. I'm at a loss. And it's urgent I find a solution. Thanks!

Actually meant to add right now I am using Airmail, when I need new folder adding it in Mac Mail, then going in and moving the gmail message manually via Airmail.

98% of emails from two different email accounts simply up and disappeared.

Several sub folders created (taxes, work, travel, home, and many more) and remained, but all emails within them, except a seemingly random few, were all deleted.

Along with my MacBook Pro email client, I access all my email accounts (gmail, hotmail, mail.com, and a personal email client) regularly with my iphone/ipad. Never adjusting the mail setting to "remove the mail from the gmail server". ONLY my two gmail accounts been affected.

I used Gmail's online help/resolution center. Filled out their online form regarding "missing email", and within One minute received the following "canned" email response:


We have received your request to recover messages that may have been deleted as a result of unauthorized access to your account. However, it appears that your account is still at risk. Please take the measures on the site linked below immediately to secure your account. Once you have done so, please file a new report and we will attempt to recover any inappropriately purged messages.

We unfortunately will not be able to respond to any further emails on this case.


The Gmail Team

Although, I had not had any apparent security issues. I went through their 10 step process to make sure my account was secure. I filed another report as suggested and again, ONE minute after submitting the report I received this slightly different message:


Thank you for requesting to recover mail that has recently been deleted from your account. After investigating, we discovered that we will not be able to successfully recover messages in this case. We apologize for this inconvenience. If you have not already done so, we suggest that you take the steps outlined in our Security Checklist.

Because there's unfortunately no more we can do to try to recover these messages, we won't be able to respond to future inquiries.


The Google Team

Some serious bullshit here. With no phone number to contact Google and speak with some sort of technical support manager, instead of receiving some automated damn response, I'm not sure what my next step will be.

Google Apps is slightly different from Google's free offering. It's what I use. I've not rolled out Mavericks to any of our users, and neither will I until Apple Mail issues with Google Apps is resolved. Mine is constantly synchronising every single folder. Seeing things like downloading message 76000 or 85000! And it runs like this for days on end. I don't know if it's because I've got two Macs, an iPad, and an iPhone on it that makes it worse. Or Apple's odd key chain sync with Mail doing something to it. I do know I too lost every single email, 15GB of it. Luckily the whole lot were in the trash and I was about to untag them at gmails web site and have them appear back in their proper folders.

Very disappointed in Mavericks. Clearly Apple have tried, and failed, to implement something clever with Gmail, I mean it now shows the ALL MAIL folder at the top if that's turned on, so they much do something special for Google Apps.

I couldn't even add the account as a Google Account on one Mac. It has to be set up inside mail as "other" type of account, and then when you go back to the central preferences you find it's made it a Google account! Grrrrrr.

None of my email showed in Trash. Emails were gone locally (mac, iphone etc... ) and on the server side (logging into gmail online). I used TimeMachine with Mail open and I was able to restore from a previous date and retrieve my email that way. Although, I did have to restore each individual folder separately I had created in gmail. After restoring, the email synced to the server side as well, so I was able to see everything I restored logging in to gmail online as well.
That as about 9 hours ago... so we'll see...


Ouch, sorry to hear that. I realize it's too late now, but if you want to prevent this in the future, check out Spanning Backup (http://spanning.com) which backs up Gmail/Google Apps. Full disclosure, I'm an Spanning employee (who's also frustrated with Maverick's Mail.app).

Worked fine after adding "All Mail".
Now, after the update, it's all messed up. Tried re-synching. Erased the 'envelope' files and still screwed up. Attempting to re-install mail.app through Pacifist as we speak.

Same issues as carlyphillips, and getting worse, not better. Also, Mail is no longer operating according to the formatting parameters I have set up in Preferences. This began yesterday, and continues to deteriorate today. For a variety of reasons I do not want to switch programs, but if this keeps up I guess I will have to do so. Grrrrrrr. Arg.

My mail was fine until the update. Now I can't open a single email without trying three or four times before the window finally pops up. Nice job, Apple.

Actually, it was working BEFORE the update. Now it's broken. It won't update when an email ids read or deleted on another device. Also, attachments sometimes won't open from Gmail or OWA accounts. I have to save the attachment and then open it from Finder.

On my MBP I am not having any problems but on my desktop mac, whenever I try to send mail using the mail app, mail goes to the "outbox" and never gets sent out. This is really annoying. I am also not getting all of my mail. This is after upgrading to mavericks and doing the update etc. I even deleted one of my email addresses (gmail) and then put it back on and now it won't receive ANY mail.. nor will it send any. WTF! Sometimes I use my .me account and people are saying that those are not being received either. I want to break something.

My native Mac mail app in Mavericks now crashes every single time - even after the Nov. 7 "update." I've tried the cut and paste the line about colors - but that does not take. As a (formerly) huge Apple fan, I am beyond angry about this 2003 feeling Windows BS experience! My work around is access through iOS iPhone and the iCloud web interface (which, BTW doesn't even show you sent mail - until you dig through and reset preferences). I can't even imagine trying to funnel my gMail account through this mess. #FAIL #APPLE

Mail still gets stuck in a "Mail not responding" loop with the rainbow. Have to kill and restart daily.

I'm one of the guys that tests this stuff for Apple. I pointed out several issues with mail but the engineering folks at Apple just chose to ignore then.

I finally gave up and I now use Thunderbird...

i can't get my devices to sync. i have a Mac Pro, a mac mini, an iPad air, an iPad mini and an iPhone. would deleting the gmail account on the two computers and reconfiguring help?

During the night from 7 to 8 January all my GMAIL mails disappeared from my InBox. The only thing I can see is that my iPhone has logged on to GMAIL at 04.19. I wonder whether this can have been an update, causing a synchronization issue, erasing all mail on the server? I checked all views (All mail, Trash ++ both via MacBook Pro, Phone and Gmail via Web browser. Do not use iCloud for mail. iOS 7.0.4, Mavericks 10.9.1 on Mac.
(I clean the mailbox regularly, these were mails I wanted to keep, around 4.500 of them....)

Its a total crock - despite hating it and being unable to sync contacts and calendars across my IOS devices i now use Outlook for Mac.
Does anyone know a way to make Outlook play nicely with iOS - IPhone and iPad?

Hope so as this is painful.....