Did you order a new Retina iPad mini? [Poll]

Well, well, well. Apple sure dropped this one on us, and caught many of us – sleepy Brits included – by surprise. Just last night as we were all getting ready to bed a rumor surfaced that we might be seeing the Retina iPad mini today, and lo and behold here it is. It looks like online sales only at the moment, so, did you order yourself a new Retina iPad mini?

Shipping time seems to vary right now, from 1-3 days on the WiFi only models up to 32GB, increasing to 5-10 days for the larger storage and cellular options. There's no in-store pickup available, so this is our only option right now. For some, that might be the deal breaker, and you might be holding out until it becomes available in physical stores. Or, perhaps you bought a new iPad Air or are just outright happy with what you currently have. And that's just fine too.

So, drop a vote up top, and share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below!

Retina iPad mini

Retina iPad mini
The world's most popular tiny tablet goes Retina. Features include:

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November 12, 2013

iPad mini (original), iPad Air, iPad 2

iPad Mini 3
Fall, 2014

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Did you order a new Retina iPad mini? [Poll]


Got the Air and I'm happy with it. Travels well so I don't feel like I need the smaller form factor. Maybe retina mini gen 2 :)

I got the air, there is barely a weight difference between the air and the current mini. The bigger screen is better for me.

I ordered one but I don't know why. I have the Air and love it. I think I grabbed one in case supplies do end being limited, my options are kept open. May keep, may return. We shall see

I was hell-bent on getting one of these until I went and held the Air. Now I'm switching camps- I had an iPad 2 for 2 1/2 years until I recently sold it to help fund my next tablet purchase. I loved using the iPad 2, my only beef with it was size and weight. Now that the Air is so much more portable, I have to choose the larger screen size for all the games and movies I use my iPad for. Still, the Retina Mini is an awesome device.

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For cellular versions definitely recommend the white/silver. Always thought the white plastic antenna part looks really good on the aluminum back.

I gave my husband my iPad 3, bought the Air and have the original mini which is just fine for now.

I bought one, because last year's barely runs iOS 7, it's already falling apart and there is no other option of any worth.

I don't like the thing, I think it's a crap design and a bit of a stopgap for next year's model in the same way as the iPad 3 was for the big series. But I bought it because there isn't really much choice at this point.

I didn't buy a cover for it because they discontinued the only one that wasn't gharishly coloured. Another smart move on their part. Also, they are kind of shit covers compared to the original large-sized models, but again ... no one else makes covers, so no choice again and I guess I go coverless now.

Ordered mine this morning... 32gb Space Gray LTE... available for shipment Nov 26 to Dec 4th...
Hopefully it won't be that long... I can't wait...

Have to go down to the store and compare the Air and the mini: I'm definitely going to get one or t'other – it'll probably depend on whether the mini will fit in my big shirt pocket. :–)

Yes I did! Mine will only arrive between November 27th and December 4th... Still have 2 more weeks to wait but at least I'm sure that I'll get one this year. I remember how it was last year when I tried to buy an iPad Mini for my mom and it was impossible to get one until the second week of January 2013... I'm not whiling to take that risk, specially with all the rumours about the low supply of the Retina iPad Mini!

I have an iPad 3, which is great, but was a bit jealous of my wife's 1st gen mini. It was so light and compact. One could read in bed without having to prop up an iPad with a pillow. An even more convenient size for long airline rides. I was waiting for the Retina version to come out and ordered one ASAP on Tuesday. Can't wait until it comes in next week! Woohoo!

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The Retina iPad Mini looks great, but I am still perfectly content with my regular iPad Mini.

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