Did you update to iOS 7 today? [Poll]

The day we've been waiting on since June has finally arrived; iOS 7 is publicly available to download. Excitement has been building these past few months, and while registered developers have had the chance to play around with it for some time, today is the day that regular iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners get their first taste. Updating isn't without it's frustrations, and while there's a ton of reasons to update immediately, there's an equally strong argument for holding out. So, did you pull the trigger and update to iOS 7 today?

If you're a regular iMore reader, there's every chance you're the type of person who wants to jump on the latest and greatest from Apple as soon as you can. Likewise, the case for waiting has its strong points, clarified pre-launch by our very own Peter Cohen. And then you have to consider the significant – and excruciating at times – server congestion that comes from millions and millions of folks downloading it at the same time.

So, now the dust has settled a little, and we've had a little time to get our heads together, what was the outcome for you? Did you jump on it right away or are you waiting until later on? Perhaps even waiting a number of days? Drop us your vote up top, and let us know why you came to your choice in the comments below!

Richard Devine

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TheBiggmann says:

I updated my iPad but couldn't bring myself to do it on my phone. I love a lot of my Jailbreak tweaks way too much to lose them for an aesthetics change.

G.4 says:

So excited finally for a refresh on this OS. Tried the jailbreak route on two different iPhones and it was never "there" for me. Too buggy. I love that my phone "just works" and now also looks great and incorporates some of the jail break tweaks I liked.

ilongbored says:

What's with the iPhone in the picture? White face, black aluminum, with white spacing? What am I missing?

Derrick4Real says:

i'm guessing it's a custom painted iphone 5 but that's just a guess.

Richard Devine says:

It's Ally's custom-ified iPhone 5 :)

taz323 says:

Awesome job Apple, looks and feels great. Some clean look on the iPhone 5 and the ipad 4.

BrianTufo says:

iOS 7 is great and I don't feel the need for a JB anymore.

karmski says:

I updated immediately Peter Cohen said "Go". It downloaded no problem, however waited a few minutes before updating my iPad (was reading the iMore articles) and got download errors. Persistence paid off and I had both devices updated by 3am (Western Australia time) - two hours after it was available.

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Fausty82 says:

I ran the beta from beta 1 on my iPhone 5 and beta 4 on my iPad Mini...

Joebin says:

After 2 fails around 10am PST I waited until the late afternoon. It was a 15 min download over the office wifi and 10 more minutes to install on my iPhone 5. I'm diggin on being able to get to my flashlight and camera with one slide up and a tap. Checking out iTunes Radio now and works great. The whole OS runs snappy... Maybe a little snappier than the latest 6 I was running.

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GlennRuss says:

Took a wile, but finally got iPhone, and iPad updated. Like it so far.

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zustroy says:

Hey iMore, where is:

I am waiting for the Jailbreak!

SockRolid says:

Installed the GM (Golden Master) on Monday on iPhone and iPad. Apparently the GM is identical to the official public release. Love it.

Samson Boyo says:

How did you get the GM on the iPhone 5

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BXmacman says:

Did 4S soon as avail. OTA, took a full hour. IPSW links showed up so I downloaded file for iPad3, works much faster. Really impressed with total rework of entire package + iTunes Radio. Some helpful changes in Settings will make config changes easier.
Has anyone done an iPhone4? Is it slower with iOS7 as some sites have suggested?

nkak78 says:

Yessssss and i absolutely love it, dig it and gonna live it. Heehee

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sraub1 says:

I updated my iPhone 5
I will never update my iPad mini

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I was updating the iphone4, works fine so far. Just thought the transclucents and blurring doesn't work on the device. But overall has good enough.

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MadFidoo kiswani says:

I have iPhone 5 and i didn't get any notification about updating to ios7

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shanghaichica says:

I did my iPad Last night. It took a few tries as I kept getting error messages. I'm trying again to do my touch this morning...

GreenDize12 says:

No, I'll keep my jailbreak. I got like 6 themes based on the flat design. And I got some iOS 7 UI elements (Messages, Weather), and features like Airdrop can easily be replaced with Jailbreak Tweaks (See Celeste 2).

svfd757 says:

I updated at about 4:00pm Ohio time. Only issue was multiple verification attempts before it would go. Loving me some iOS7 this morning!

khobia2 says:

Updated on both iPhone and iPad. Love the new look. Still a little buggy in some respects. A little lag here and there. I imagine will smooth itself out. No doubt an update is on its way to fix any bugginess.

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uwatto says:

Perfect for me I was checking all afternoon for update to come threw, got it the minute it was released, fkn love it

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easyrun99 says:

Yes, (iPad 4), but not "immediately"...the poll is flawed...

slalomskie says:

Apple just feeding the trolls kept in the pit. But I'm right there eating beside you.

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cycling56 says:

I agree, but the colors in the update have made me start thinking of jumping ship.

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tape_ says:

I actually updated last week when the GM became available, but I did it as immediately as I could, so I went with "immediately".

Quackinup says:

Updated with no problems. I love all of the updates. I only wish I could turn off cellular data for just updates without having to turn it off for music streaming from iTunes Match also.

Redshirt says:

Is there a way to change the font boldness under iOS7? I'm finding it pretty difficult to read quickly compared to iOS6.

Chuck Halverson says:

Settings----->General---->Accessibility---->Turn on Bold Text....Phone restarts

emjayess says:

My answer isn't listed in the poll: No, I did not update my iPhone 5 because I'm going to get a 5S tomorrow and I want to be able to sell the 5 with iOS 6 on it to expand the pool of potential buyers (some might want to jailbreak etc.).

Becjr says:

Yes. I upgraded. After "standing in line" for almost an hour just for verification...
I love iOS 7! I have a brand new phone now!
(My kids love it too)

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kenzerba says:

Done (iPhone) and done (iPad). I'm digging it...

FreudSlipped says:

As several other iPad owners noted, there were download problems (error messages). I'll try again but, only after I nose around and see if this is just an isolated occurrence or a problem for specific models.

Wlctttrue says:

Yes. I upgraded both the 4s and the iPad mini. It took a while for me to get it done but finally. I like it. I especially like the sound the phone makes when you plug it in now.

rewNATION says:

it's still not showing up on my phone. it's still asking me to update to 6.1.3. Anyone know how to fix this?

Gsarfin says:

I did as soon as I stopped getting errors, and really wish I hadn't. There's a few things that are really nice, but over all the way things look and move is giving me vertigo and making me want to vomit. The new keyboard is especially horrible and hard to type with, messages app looks like an "Android Apple Pie" version meant for kids with vision problems, the music app is total shit and it's now difficult to see time remaining in a track, song info, etc and cover flow is now just metro-tiles-flow or something... I could go on forever and haven't finished checking ios7 out yet, but HATE IT so far!

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lvavila says:

I have similar dislikes with the theming/colors. I am a developer so I'll give you my developer advice. iOS7 is a rework of some of the functions, accessibilities and flow. That requires a bit of relearning. So just because you can find something the way you did before, doesn't mean the new way is crap, just because you haven't figured it out. You have a huge knee jerk attitude. You are an Apple customer as am I. We both know Apple just doesn't throw in changes and features so its a matter of getting re-familure. Then bitch about stuff. :)

Gsarfin says:

I agree some things will take time to re-learn and get used to. I has a 5C on the way for the wife and hopefully a 5S for me on Friday, so I upgraded on my 4s to start learning now lol. The biggest complaints I have are purely visual, not functional or how-to type things. The look of the keyboard with its thin font and barely there keys makes it difficult for me to type on it (oddly the keyboard in imore app is still old faithful). In music app (I use iphone/iPod to DJ with a dual 30pin doc mixer) it's near impossible to see at a glance from any distance where you are in a track, elapsed time, time remaining etc. I never used cover flow much anyway, but very much dislike (visually) whatever they are calling it now. Again, not at a loss for how to do things, but visually with the skinny fonts everywhere and less defined buttons, it's difficult to see at a glance info that used to be easy to quickly spot. And the vertigo is coming from animations from opening/closing apps... It quite literally is giving me a headache and making me feel seasick if I try to do too many things without taking a break from looking at the screen for a while.
A few friends saw my phone last night after I updated. Many said it looked like I was running android on it. 1 asked what version of android it was. I told them "android Apple Pie" lol

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lvavila says:

Yup, looks is a personal thing. Your friends may joke and say it looks like you have Android installed. Just be glad its not Android. I develop for Android (sadly not iOS) and my dislike there goes much deeper. Thanks for the comments.

ps I hope to hear something about AppleTV soon.

lvavila says:

Functionally iOS7 is very nice but the color theme is a bit jelly-bean-ish. Im sure I'll get use to it. Folders now can hold more app but I don't like the paging. I wish it would just scroll. Otherwise,, very nice.

Art Deco says:

Upgraded my iPhone 4 to iOS 7 and my iTunes to 11.1 (on Windows), and now when I hook the phone up to my laptop, it won't let me sync. I searched on Twitter and saw others had this problem.

Anyone else here running into this?

ame says:

It took me almost 2 hours just to get iCloud to let me back up last night, so when that finally went through, I started the update around 930CST...it was not done til almost midnight.

Monserrat11e says:

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talluptallup76 says:

I'm impressed with the whole feel of the update, just missing a few little details from the previous software (like the shutter sound you hear when you unlock the phone). I also hope that one day they will have customizable keyboards.

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Chuck Halverson says:

I really hope in the next update that they add a darker/black option for environment and keyboard or just an option to invert black and white.....

Gsarfin says:

There is an option to invert to white on black... At least there used to be in previous versions. Haven't looked yet in 7

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mikenyc2 says:

Is it me? But when I check or software updates it is stuck in "checking for updates.." Never comes back. Both on iPhone 4S and iPad mini.

I am in NYC

ProWingz89 says:

Same thing happened to me on many occassions. Just try again at a later time and it should work (worked for me).

Anyway, i jumped on ios7 on the wife's iphone 4 and its kinda weird but it will take some time to get used to t. I like it though. I havent experienced any lagging so far as some sites claim.

Im waiting till a jailbreak is release so i can update my ipad mini cause i cant live without the tweak called "swipeselection". It makes editing your written text sooooo much easier! Apple should implement this idea into their next update.

theKHMERboy says:

By looking at the poll you wonder why it took long for some people to download and install iOS on their phones or iPad lol

ProWingz89 says:

Hey sup! Im Khmer too. 213 baby!

dill pickles says:

I absolutely hate the update! As soon as I look at my screen I get a headache and start feeling sick. I want to take it off; I cannot deal with it! I cannot comment on anything else because I cannot get past the home screen.