Did you upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion today?

Apple released their all new OS X Mountain Lion operating system for the Mac today, and at only $19.99 it's priced to move. But did it move you? Did you update to OS X Mountain Lion today, the very moment it came out? If so, how's it working for you?

If you didn't update, are you waiting a day or a week to see if there are any bugs first? Are you using those who did update as your final line of beta testers? If so, how long will you wait, and what specific issues are you looking for?

Are you working on a production machine and can't afford to update to any new software any time soon? Are you always a few months or a year behind? Are there apps you absolutely need updated before your OS is updated? Which ones?

Or are you simply never going to update? Is your Mac too old for OS X Mountain Lion? Or do you just not like the direction Apple's going with its desktop operating system?

And if you don't use the Mac, but Windows or Linux or something else, does Mountain Lion tempt to switch, or make you even happier you're not using the Mac?

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Did you upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion today?


My code was a dud... as widely reported for many... Waiting for new code... Still haven't received. :(

I am Macbook, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV owner. The Mountain Lion software was released today and i was very excite to update my system, but only to find out that because i brought my Macbook Early 2008, instead of late 2008 i cant upgrade. I have spend over $1500.00 for my Macbook and i think this very poor customer service to customer like me who have shown loyalty to Apple over several years. My Macbook is in top condition and it is very unfair that i cant upgrade because of when i purchased my Macbook instead of specifications. I really hope Apple reconsiders their upgrading policy.

It happens. My PC lost support after 1 year, and so many changes graphically force this to happen with 10.8. Also the change to 64bit only is the main cause.

Wait a minute. Mountain Lion is running in 64 bit mode? Was Lion running in 64 bit mode? That could be the cause of my TASCAM US1800 audio interface issue.

ML is 64-bit mode ONLY at the kernel-level. It does NOT support 32-bit drivers and extensions to the kernel. Hence some of the earlier Intel hardware is unsupported in this release.

Have iPhone 4S, iPad 1 & 3, and mid-2010 iMac running Snow Leopard so, yes, I upgraded. Immediately. Since iTunes gift cards seem to be always available at 20% off, the price was really only $16 to go all the way there from Snow Leopard. No brainer to get my iOS Reminders and Notes syncing in iCloud, Dictation, AirPlay, etc. ... Not to mention everything that came with Lion.

I updated as soon as it became available. I have noticed a few things that are bit buggy but all in all the thing I have noticed the most is the speed of most of my browsers from Safari to Firefox.

I also noticed that the website icons on my bookmarks turn into blue balls when I clear my history or I shut my mac down. Is this a new feature or a bug? Anyone else notice this? Am I making sense? Didn't have this issue on Lion. :)

What I noticed is that when I do a restart all of my desktop icons look like some sort of x-ray of them. When the desktop is fully loaded all is well. I also noticed that my iMac screen was set to full brightness by default and I had to manually decrease it. Only two programs that I had (which I don't use anymore) had to be upgraded. So far I like it. Hard to beat for only $20.

Still waiting for Apple to send me my upgrade code.. no dice yet. Filled out the form right when it went live but haven't gotten anything. I see some others have.. hmmm...

I did it yesterday morning and regretted it as soon as I got home last night because my previously working TASCAM US1800 audio interface while the USB light shows it's connected and it shows it's connected in SYSTEM INFO on my MBP, it is not visible in sound properties and Cubase doesn't see it any more. I should've known better than to do this on my production MBP, but I expected Mountain Lion to JUST WORK and for the thing I use my MPB primarily for, it doesn't. I desperately need to downgrade to Lion. Is that possible?

crazy heat means almost 50% higher electrical bill. need to get past that first. will upgrade once budget settles down.

The poll could do with a hackintosh option. Feedback is starting to emerge, but I'll wait for a pain-free upgrade.

Got home at 4:30pm (Pacific Time) yesterday and Began to download it. However even at 12Mbps, DL was really slow. Watched some TV, Went on a 10 mile bike ride, took a nap, and this thing still wasn't done. After 3 hours and a 20 minute installation process, Mountain Lion was a success.