The difference between iPad and Toshiba Windows tablet commercials

The difference between iPad and. Toshiba Windows tablet commercials

A while back we compared and contrasted the way Apple was selling the iPad -- as something experiential -- to how carriers were marketing Android tablets -- as spec lists. Now Toshiba has released a new series of ads for their Windows tablet that go in an entirely different direction. Buzzefeed has posted four of them. Here's a sample:

And here's Apple's new iPad ad:

Now I don't find anything aesthetically objectionable about a good looking woman doing yoga, and I'm from Montreal where we're far from puritanical so I have no problem with cleavage or entendres double, triple, or quadruple. But I also worked in marketing for a decade and what I do have a problem with bad marketing.

Let's say, for the sake of argument, that some percentage of Toshiba's target audience finds these ads funny and/or titillating, how does that translate into tablet sales? Would you buy a Toshiba tablet over an iPad because a woman in yoga togs bent over it? Or is Toshiba's goal simply to raise awareness that they have tablets, and get articles like this one written about them?

If there's no such thing as bad press, have they succeeded? Or have they only succeeded in hurting their brand?

Source: Buzzfeed via @gartenberg, The Loop

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Reader comments

The difference between iPad and Toshiba Windows tablet commercials


Well I can tell you right now it's going to take a lot more then a set of ti** to get me to buy a windows tablet. Unless of course my girlfriend is selling me one. Then I might consider it. 

No, a nice set won't get me to buy a windows tablet.  It will, however, get me to watch more windows tablet commercials...

And just to add. Why is it that others show aliens, sexy woman(not that I mind this) Apple store line ups etc etc. Instead of showing what the thing does and how it works. Like the Samsung commercial I just saw on tv. About the Samsung series 9 with a cowboy shooting down the MacBook Air. Why not show what make it better than the air? If there is anything at all. Kinda like the old Samsung instinct commercial did with the iPhone. 

So the way Microsoft ready's their iPad killer is to not really show it doing anything or compare it to the entrenched competition?

I'm far more troubled that the video links embedded in a story on a site entirely devoted to iOS won't play on my iPad. 

They're YouTube videos. YouTube has been supported by iOS since 2007. They're supposed to detect the device and send the right video. I'll check and see if there's any way for us to force it, but I'm on Mac Safari with no Flash installed and I'm getting HTML5 video fine.

I'm wondering whose idea it was to use the tablet as "extra weight" in the pose shown in the start keyframe of the tension video. Doesn't this send a message that your tablet is heavier than the competition?
The video reminds me of the Palm "zen" commercials but with a female most guys don't mind looking at.
In the end, this is becoming more like the superbowl for me. I pay attention only to catch the commercials.

Haha! You said tittillating!!  I noticed!!
Awesome, but WAS there actually a tablet being used or was it just a picture frame with the Win logo in it?

Hi do you need a tablet that makes it easier to masterbate? then the new toshiba tablet is for you!
Just no!!

Reeks of desperation...however, if you can make an OS work with breasts instead of fingers, you may have a winner in some circles...  

Pretty half-assed.  If you want to do a sexy ad, do a sexy ad.  If you want to do a lifestyle ad, do a lifestyle ad.  Don't try to do half sexy-ish and half lifestyle-ish.
Another problem with putting a cute babe in an ad is that men will remember only the babe and women will remember only that they were threatened / insulted by the hot babe.  The product itself gets lost in the noise.

That first commercial was weird.  I wouldn't want to watch it with my wife or my kids.  But with the Apple commercials on TV before I bought my iPad, my children told me things like - "Hey Dad, that's that new iPad you want right?  It looks so cool - you should get one!"  I doubt they would have the same reaction with the Toshiba commercial.

Seems like they're trying harder to get people to focus on the woman and her cleavage than the actual tablet. A good ad would show what the tablet can do, what makes it stand out from other competitor tablets, and at the same time make it easily understandable by the mass basically dumb it down like Apple does with it's ads. Bad marketing technique IMO. 

+1. I have the Toshiba Sattilite L305 that my sister passed down to me, lets just say it was built poorly and because of this, ill never buy a toshiba product ever again..

what a pathetically sad attempt at marketing to lonely men. i will never purchase another windows product, especially not a tablet, and even if for some reason i did, it sure as hell wouldnt be a toshiba. this is just a disgrace to the practice of yoga, and a sad attempt at using sex appeal to to sell an underperfoming headache in a box. want a tablet? get an ipad. plain and simple. there is a reason the competition is trying so hard, the ipad works. if youre going to try to sell me a windows tablet at least show me why its competitive. dont distract from it with a pair of tits. we can see those anytime. if im buying a piece of electronic equipment i want to see it perform.

Marketing is all about being to see yourself with the product. I can't see myself sharing any experience with yoga girl (unless I got a note from my wife) but can absolutely immerse myself in reading a book to my child, editing photos, and sharing information. The pad becomes the tool you experience life with, not the experience itself. 

Rene, I've always thought your posts were excellent, and today's is no exception.  "But I also worked in marketing for a decade and what I do have a problem with bad marketing."  THANK YOU!  I couldn't agree more.  Yes, yes yes!  ...but...  uhm...  well...  Ashley's Monday Briefs come to mind...  her shirts keep getting tighter and tighter.
I'm not criticizing this post at all, by the way.  You're absolutely right.  Toshiba doesn't know anything about 21st century marketing.  Most companies don't.  But one thing everybody knows:  sex is an easy way to at least get noticed.  If Ashley wore appropriate attire, I wonder how much her clicks would drop?
Sadly, sex sells.  Even iMore does it.

I happen to love Ashley's Monday morning interludes and is always a great intro to my work week.........only difference is she does not appear on an national advertising campaign. 
Ashley, Glory Be to Jah and what Jah has blessed you with.