The difference between iPad 2 and Android tablet commercials

The difference between iPad 2 and Android tablet commercials

Apple has now aired a series of three iPad 2 commercials, the first of which clearly states up front that it's not about specifications, it's about experience. They go on to show how different people, in different walks of life, can use, benefit, and enjoy the iPad in a multitude of easy to understand ways. Verizon has aired a couple Android tablet commercials during the same period, and these focus on Flash, chipsets, and radio technologies.

Apple/iPad: "When technology gets out of the way everything becomes more delightful."

Verizon/Android: "Your wife will love the dual core Tegra 2 chipset."

Apple/iPad: "If you ask a parent, they might call it intuitive."

Verizon/Android: "4G LTE upgradeable."

Check out the videos after the break. Apple has shown how to sell tens of millions of iPads but apparently even Verizon still can't hear them now.

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The difference between iPad 2 and Android tablet commercials


I think the recent Samsung 10.1 tab commercial does a pretty good job of demonstrating it's strengths without getting obsessive over specs.

The interesting thing about the Verizon commercials... they list the spec, but then give what that means... "Your wife will love the dual core... so you can stream netflix."

So you can stream movies from the android market.
and those movies are just a happy meal size compared to the "7 course meal" size of the iTunes store.

Sorry I didn't quote word for word....
Just saying - they did feature and benefit. Not saying it works, not saying it's the right way... just saying that they weren't JUST saying "dual core" - they did point out that the dual core makes it better.

Verizon and iPad want to bes are still marketing the hardware. They have forgotten that average customer just want something they can easily understand and use.

The "average" customer wants to be told what they want. Apple tells them they want a "walled garden", the Android companies push a "diverse platform" and "better specs". RIM pushes Flash (yea, I don't get that one either).
They all market "ease of use". One of these Verizon commercials skipped it but the other one didn't.

Only geeks care about specs. Everyone else just simply wants the thing to work. Apple gets that and the others don't.

That's a broad, generic statement that isn't true. When working at Best Buy every customer I handled in the computer section actually did care about specs. Even though they didn't understand what they were talking about, they cared about how fast it went and how much memory it had.
So no, not only 'geeks' are worried about specs in this tech world. Hell, I tried to push Apple products hard actually. Told them it would be much easier and efficient to buy a MacBook over a PC. Most of them balked at the price or were convinced the MacBook wouldn't be better because it had less geebees and memory. SMH.

Sure, the difference is hard to tell when you're just talking about the products, but let someone (who hasn't already made up their mind) try both a Mac and a PC and they will most likely choose the Mac. The user experience really makes a difference.

I'd say it's 50/50. Most people I dealt with turned down the Mac simply because of price and spec comparison. The rest of that half did so because of cost to make their Mac fully Windows compatible.
With that said, I'd still suggest a Mac over a PC anyday, hence why I have one.
But for majority of people, they just can't justify that price being spent on a computer when most PC buyers are doing the basic of functions on them.

I had no problem with best buy. Maybe because I'm not like you and try to scam the store and get mad because things didn't go your way.
I go in and pretty much know what I want. Besides if I need a new battery or ink I need it TODAY. I'm not gonna wait a freaken week to get it shipped by some 3rd party seller on amazon.

For what?

  • You tube: Youtube app
  • Games: App store
  • Flash based websites. You do bring up a good point and most of the time the sites do not have a basic HTML page so you are out of luck. But if you are looking at a restruant you can always get their number from a simple google search

I'm glad you brought this up. Watching these Android commercials are funny, even from a tech guy standpoint, because I know the average person is watching it and they're like, "WTF is dual-core?" Then, they watch the iPad 2 commercials and say, "I want to do what they're doing." Plain and simple.

You paint the average consumer as too much of a dummy. Even the most simplest of consumers know what dual cores is by now as long as they've stepped foot in a electronic store and looked at a computer.

Trust me, the average consumer does not know what a dual core is. Walk up to any person on the street and ask them. 8 out of 10 times, you will probably get someone who doesn't.

It's funny most of y'all keep making these statements and generalizations from a non retail position. I've seen this happening. Knowing what something is by reading and understanding what it is are two different things.
Many consumers KNOW what dual cores are. Do they understand what they do, probably not. All they know is more is better and that's what they aim for. That's the average consumer.

Many Know... doesn't mean is MOST know. Many is a very relative term. I agree that many know.. but it's really the MINORITY... 1-10 = could equal that 1 million (many customers know) and 9 million don't (most).

But yet neither claim can be substantiated. I'm going by the retail experience I had while employed at Best Buy. Others might go by their friends and family's experience.
There's no definite way to say that "most" know this or that.

The problem with a RETAIL perspective is that people that shop retail are not your average people watching TV commercials.

I find it funny that you say "Many consumers KNOW what dual cores are. Do they understand what they do, probably not." From where I sit, knowing what they do is the main point of knowing what they are. Arguing anything else is mere semantics.
I consider myself a bit of a gadget geek, and I'm certainly the most tech-savvy of my close friends and family. I've heard the term "Dual Core". I assume it makes a device run faster, but beyond that, I don't really know what it is. I'm telling you, from any perspective, the AVERAGE consumer doesn't have a clue.
Apple is hitting the mark with their ads: go for the experience, not the specs. When anyone asks me about my iPad, they never say a word about chipsets, wireless technology, and rarely Flash. Without exception, they ask about what I can DO with it (i.e. the experience). That's what matters. The specs are only a means to an end.

I'm sorry, but you're still not entirely correct.
Just knowing something is not knowing what they do.
Are you to tell me that everything you know of, you're able to explain ever underlying function of it?
I stated that they know what it is and that it makes things go "faster." This is due to marketing and buzzwords all around.
Beyond that I never stated they cared or it helps sell products. iPad's success is major proof of that. But to say after 4 years of dual core being marketed on laptops and desktop that NO mass number of consumers know what they are is stretching the ignorance of consumers. I never stated most or majority. I said many.

Ok mr md. I'm an md and don't know what dual core is. I have a dual core desktop and dont care as long as it's good at what it does. only a computer engineer really knows what it is since they designed it.
Can you tell me how to make it or how it computes it's algorithms?
Even better can you tell me the cause of essential hypertension?

Sigh. You, just like everyone, is missing the POINT. I never said dual cores means better or makes things sell better. The ENTIRE point was that consumers have an inkling of what it is and that it translates to faster. I even stated that having this doesn't mean a device will sale or people will want it. So thank you. Have a nice night. =]
P.S. M.D. is my middle and last initial. The old saying, when you assume you make an ass of you, not me. It stands true to this day.

The saying is "...out of you AND me." See, because "u" and "me" are both IN the word, so...
Sigh. Never mind.
Also, "will sale?"

I know what the saying is, but I'm refitting it because you're only making an ass out of yourself by assuming I have M.D. for any other purpose beyond my initials.
Have a nice day. =]

Then not to mention you nitpick at a simple mistake of me typing in sale instead of sell (since I clearly used sell before that)...just shows you have nothing valid to discuss or contribute. Thanks for the insightful input though. ;)

Actually dude.. they don't.. The average consumer is really clueless about tech specs, i still have people asking me which is better a 32gb or 16gb iPhone not knowing that its just capacity. Because you have heard about a dual core (from the commercial), doesn't mean u know about it. Just like a large % of iOS consumers might have never heard of A4 chip and have no clue what it is.

I've been working in retail for years selling computers in a non-tech setting (shop-in-shop in a clothes store). THOSE are your average joes and almost all of those who found us while browsing for shoes, lingerie or suits did NOT care about specs but wanted me to demonstrate what they can do with those computers and wanted me to suggest which one was suited best for what they do. The only ones looking at the specs were the guys who came in because of us with the goal of buying a computer, and even of those only about half.
The person who watches the ads and decides to buy the iPad is clearly the one browsing for shoes, not the one visiting the electronics store.

Since you, along with everyone else, can not read. Please...point out to me where I stated specs matter. Point to me where I said specs are what sells products. Point to me where I said average consumers care about specs. Please...
Then also point to me where I stated specs mattered with tablets.
Initial comment was dealing with the fact of people knowing the basic ability of dual cores after 5yrs of it being on the market. Them knowing that it means "faster" in a sense. Now where did I state all the things you, or the others, mentioned about them caring or wanting it in their tablet...

You brought this on yourself by making a big scene when someone stated that most people don't know what dual-core is. Even a ten year-old child can understand that statement meaning that average consumers just don't care for specs. And now you're crying when people harass you over details. Get your head out of your behind and wake up...
P.S. Go ahead and find something to wine about my grammar. I'm from Finland so I propably don't have the best linguistic skills.

See maybe YOU know what dual core is, but ask the average joe what it is and chances are he won't even know.

Like I said, I worked at Best Buy. The land of Average Joes and Idiots. 80% of customers asked for dual cores, geebees, and memory.
They know that they're good even if they don't know exactly what they do. I had to explain to every single one of them that just having a dual core doesn't mean better performance. But initially they knew and felt dual core meant better performance.

Apple has tapped into the demographic with the most disposable income. Retired people. Most people under 30 have a smart phone of some kind but if someone over 60 has a smart phone, it's an iPhone.

I tried getting my grandfather in to a smartphone but he likes his Samsung slider. Hell I could even get him a HTC android phone and put the contacts on the home screen so all he has to do is tap a name and it dials.

Okay, I'm an average customer. I'm a consumer who has all of the usual pieces of technology (cell phone, computer, laptop). As such, I've heard of a dual processor before I have no idea where it is, what it does or why I need it. I just know that I should have one in my computer.

Exactly my point. They knee it was good or "better" to have these things.
But they don't know how or why. I had to tell them a dual core device with
256MB RAM (for a computer) is gonna be worse than a single core with
sufficient RAM. Yet they were still lost, so I just told them to get a
certain one, they did, everyone is happy. LOL

I work in a computer store... most people have no clue about what dual core is. We break it down simply as possible to explain to those that seem like they want to know (the computer has two brains to make it work better on multiple tasks) and for those whom don't we just tend to say that the computer will work better on multiple tasks. Keep it simple is the key as most consumers don't know or care about hardware specs so much they just want it to work.

Well we've had two different experiences with two different crowds. Neither one of us are wrong I guess.
A typical conversation at Best Buy normally went:
"Hi, I was looking for a good computer for pictures and email and internet. I heard if we have a lot of memory and the dual core thingy, that it will go fast"
I then explained that having dual cores mean nothing without proper RAM to supplement it. After I said that...they went blank. So then I just simply said "Look for dual core, more than 3GB RAM, and more than 250GB HDD, and you're good." They smiled then would go pick up a netbook, lmao.
But a thing that I did notice is, it's not so much the experience either. People just want something good for their money. If they feel something is too much compared to other things, then they're not going to buy it. That's why a lot of people turned down Macs at the store, because all they're doing is surfing and music. They never felt they needed to pay $1000 for a setup that you can get for $500. I disagreed with them, but eh. "The customer is always right". Pfft.

Lol, I've had people buy a netbook for crysis.... game wouldn't even install for at least one of the people whom brought it back.
People really seem to focus on one part of the machine and ignore the rest.
I play wow rift and do video editing but am a girl so a lot of people coming in to look at gaming machines look at me still like I don't know what I'm talking about when I say they won't like how the game responds with a certain setup. When they go out the door with something that I know would have them lagging so bad i'd kick them from a pug I'm amused.
I used to think all apple stuff was overpriced crap but not anymore after working in a store selling computers and learning more about them. The current version of them frankly is not priced higher or least not all that much than pc's anymore. Not when they've got sandy bridge processors. Give it a few months as those prices come down in pc and they'll be above by a fair bit again yeah but you don't really have to worry bout viruss's on them still or security and they are easier for those that don't know how to use computers well too. I'd love to get my parents onto mac for instance. I'd love one for myself just for the garageband.

What got me is when people get a netbook. Bring it back the next day mad because there's no disc drive and because it's not as fast as their friends laptop. Well duh...what did you expect, lmao. SMH.

What got me is when people get a netbook. Bring it back the next day mad because there's no disc drive and because it's not as fast as their friends laptop. Well duh...what did you expect, lmao. SMH.

I'm sorry you don't understand that every workforce has competent and incompetent workers. So what's your point of Best Buy not helping a "cause"...which still doesn't account for the fact that people know the buzzword dual cores even if they don't understand the meaning and effect of them besides "faster."

Just ignore him. Hes one of those people who down those who work in jobs that are bellow him.

So because works for best buy that makes him a bad person? Its a job and people need jobs. If I didn;t get this job I just got and someone from mcdonalds offered me a job I'd take it. Sure its fast food but they, it gets me out of the house and have some money. I can always look for a better job while working there.
People like you really piss me off. You down people who work at jobs that are bellow you. Must be real nice making over 250,000 a year and living in that 5 bedroom house.,

This only proves that you are a crappy salesman. I hope you don't work at retail anymore.
Sorry for saying but guys like you are responsible for people having prejudiced attitudes towards sales as a profession.

But is the advantage to having 2 central processing cores as obvious? Is it that the device is all together faster, if so at what tasks, what about the impact on battery life, what chipset does it use and how much cache does each core have, can one be turned off if it's not needed, what processor generation is it and has it but updated recently, etc. etc. Who cares?
Even if a viewer understands or cares about the CPU emphasizing the overall fun or usefulness of the device in a 30 second tv spot is a lot more important. You can look up the specs online - you can even guess the URL for the iPad's: !
Relying on raw specifications, which mean nothing out of context, to sell Android tablets is indicative of how they were built: put a bunch of disparate parts together in as small a plastic package as possible and hope that Google's OS can hold it together.
Compare this to Apple's method and you'll see why one product has been so much more successful than the other.

But NONE of my comments have been speaking on what makes a product successful or not. All I was speaking on, which people seem to be missing, is that consumers do indeed know what such words as dual core are. Even if in just a limited scope of being faster or more powerful.
Does that help sell, not really. But do they know what it means, yes indeed.

Your problem is you live in a world of your geek friends who know this. Go out on the street, most people wouldn't know what the word "feature phone" meant.

I don't know what duel core is and I'm a software developer. Einstein couldn't tie his shoes. The point is the average consumer doesn't CARE if it's duel core. They care that it works without hiccups and jitteriness and works EVERYTIME for EVERYTHING they want to do.

No we don't ... we just use the stuff.. we don't understand it.. we rely on the guy at staples to tell us what to buy.... we tell him what we want to do .. he picks out the technology
Honestly... everyoen I know does this ... I couldn't find one friend who could explain what dual core meant. I got ..hmmm faster... ?

And is that not knowing the basics of what it is?
I didn't say consumers knew the technical aspect of it. Just knowing dual cores means "faster" is knowing what dual cores is.

And is that not knowing the basics of what it is?
I didn't say consumers knew the technical aspect of it. Just knowing dual cores means "faster" is knowing what dual cores is.

What Rene is missing here is the key differentiator in the commercials. 90% of iPhone users don't even know that they are holding a smartphone. 90% of iPhone users are really really dumb.
However, Android users are usually a bit more tech savvy. Android users will not be as technologically ignorant as iPhone users.
Commercials aren't just one general thing that companies throw out there. Commercials are designed for a select group of people.
Apple's are for the technologically dumb, and Android are for more savvy people.

I'm an M.D., I set up a wireless home network using WDS, I repair PCs on the side for fun, I jailbreak, I code webpages, and I implemented an electronic medical record in my practice. I'm not "tech-dumb," or any other kind. I own a Macbook, an iPhone 4, and an iPad 2. My wife has had two android phones now, and can't even turn the damned thing on most of the time. She likes to swear at her Windows PC when it doesn't "work properly," despite my insistence that a computer ONLY does EXACTLY what one tells it to do. Apple's products ARE for the technologically dumb, and ALSO for those who appreciate a product that knows how to manage memory, gets amazing battery life, and provides a seamless/transparent experience WITHOUT much external tinkering. That's why they sell such an amazing number of their products to such a wide range of consumers.
A true "tech savvy" user knows that it's much more difficult to design a system that's beautiful and fast and INVISIBLE to the end user.

Then you fit in the 10%. I never said ALL iPhone users. I sell the iPhone. To THOUSANDS of people. Just as I sell Android phones, webOS phones, Windows 7 phones, etc. The iPhone USER (not the designer) is on a good average the most tech-dumb.
Im serious, most of them don't even know they hold a smartphone.

This comparison is not really on the same level. Verizon is a service provider, and all it wants is to sell Tablets, whatever brand it is.
I think the links posted by PimpLucious is a more comparable level in terms of advertising. And looking at the Apple and Samsung ads, I think they square off pretty well.
It's going to be a really cool fight.

Differences in commercials aren't really that significant IMO. It's just one part of marketing.
Even keeping it simple, marketing is "the total of activities involved in the transfer of goods from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer, including advertising, shipping, storing, and selling." The 4 P's fit in there as well. Next up is iCloud that Apple will spend the next few years branding and marketing. In the future it will be leveraged just as itunes already is. It's pieces of the foundation such as those that will leave competitors wondering why their hardware with superior specs isn't selling.
Apple excels at marketing. In all of its activities. Just off the top the biggest strength they have is choosing one brand which represents every tablet or phone or music device they have. Everything they do reinforces that brand.
The key to getting customers is breaking that wall down. That wall of course is fear of the unknown. Apple has this knack for making things simple to understand as well as desirable. People tend to avoid things they don't understand. It's a reason i still can't get most of my older family to buy into these devices. Here's something i found that only reinforces my point.

I understand all the numbers and know what they mean but I really don't care whether my tablet has 1.2ghz or 800mHz proccessor. I accutaly don't care whether my laptop has 8gb ram or 4gb ram as long as everything I need runs smooth. This is not the information that should be included in commercials.

The real point is not whether specs matter or not. It's how they rank on the list of what's really important.
Let me put it this way: A Pinto with a Ferrari engine shoved inside will have some great specs, but the overall experience will still suck.

To be honest I found "the showdown" one funny (even though there is no food orm drink allowed in a real verizon store. Wonder how they got past 7-11 legal deparment promoting that double gulp?)
the wife one is stupid. In the real world thew wife could care less if it has a dual core chip set. The wife may "kill" the husband for buying something with out her permission.
I am glad they show the ipad ones in the real world rather some beat bop music with Chroma key. hats what people want. They want to see what the ipad can do in the real world. With real people Not someones hamd,.

And I wasn't trying to merge the two. All I stated was that consumers do indeed know what dual core and other specs are even if they DON'T understand what it does or how it relates to the overall performance.

That is true also. I had MANY coworkers that were just dumb. The funniest part was I was Customer Service. Yet they always pulled me onto the floor to assist in the department because they never knew the answers. SMH.
My old Best Buy just redid their layout and they have all the tablets (excluding Apple since they have their own section) in one part of the computer section.

one of my local Best Buys has the tablets all over the place.
The Acer is next to the netbooks. The Xooms (wifi and 3G) is on an end cap next to the desktops where the wifi routers, fans, computer cables etc are. The Samsung tab and two other brands are in the best buy mobile section and the iPads are two endcaps down from the Apple section next to the printers.
They just installed new carpet. It's an older best buy so it had the black, yellow and white tiles with the black rugs and the older best buy logos on the walls. They took those out and the only "old" thing remaining is the price tag check lane lights and the black CS counter.

The layout is kinda similar to my old Best Buy. I kinda miss working there. It was always a laugh getting those customers that couldn't do anything without assistance. Me and the Geek Squad would always laugh at the people paying to do a Mac setup. Like...that's the most SIMPLE thing in the world, and they're paying them $50+ to do it, lmao.

Yeah. I don;t care much for geeksquad. Most of the time you can find your answers for the most simple tasks online.
Besides I had a problem with an old HP. They fixed it, but also wiped my drive. There was nothing wrong with my hard drive but they just wanted to wipe it. Guess they wanted to impress their geek friends "I just wiped a dudes drive today. lmao ltt3t zoom!"
As for Best Buy it self. Many have issues with them. The only issue is with the constant "Can I help you find something" and the "You sure?" after saying "No I'm fine" but then again thats just one of my local stores. Not gonna base the entire compney on that one issue as I have not been to the other 800 or what ever stores. I don;t really care much if they don;t know anything. They are non commission and they are just sales people. Not like a Apple genius (who also may not know a damn thing about what thery are doing)

Yeah, they made the sales people do that. If they were within 10ft of you, you had to greet them. Then always double check. I found it annoying myself.

I was there yesterday and this one lady in the Best Buy mobile section kept bugging me to check my early upgrade. I knew my one year wasn't untill November but I fFelt bad because it was slow in the store so I went over and kept her busy for like 2 minuntes.
I worked retial before so I know how its like.

What google needs to do is create an ad (that the every day joe will understand. Not just techies) that will show off their honeycomb OS. Because just aiming at techies is not a way for them to "win" this "tablet war"
Then again by not airing ads and having Verizon show off specs it just makes Apple win even more.

Agree, that is where I think Apple is ahead of its competition. Apple adds do not talk about the competition or tech specs, their approach to advertising is simple and it seems to work. Show your product and show what it can do, show it does it well and it is simple to use. With the sales numbers that seem to be thrown around I would guess that this works for both tech folk as much as the non tech savvy. Yes the average techie or person who likes to know all they can about the product they are buying are interested in specifications but when you get down to it the entire package makes the product not just if one deice has dual core or x amount of RAM and another does not. Are we not seeing this in the last round of tablets, some have better spec's than the iPad but are they performing better (from a holistic point of view) because of them?

And the instant they make an ad with similar warm & fuzzy overtones, you'll be all over them for "copying."

This is true...most Android manufacturers and even the mobile carriers have no idea of how to advertise their products rather than just the cool parts of those products. I have never seen G-Slate in action in a commercial. I know it has great specs. That is all. I am not sure if all of the iPad's specs but I know just from the commercial some of what it can do. That's the idea in the end.

You also haveto remember that Verizon can't say anything that would jeopardize, or diss any other product because they have to sell it all, apple just Sells apple products so they can diss any other product to get their way. Now fussing doesn't mean "haha you suck were better! We have 150,000 more apps than you!!" but even something like "with the biggest selection of apps, from games to productivity to your local newspaper, everything is there"
If you know what I mean

The first commercial was indeed very effective, but the second one was...silly, and from one who prefers facts over speculation and fiction, I found it annoying.
Get a cat out of the tree with a goldfish on your Tab??? And who brings their tablet to a bar??? If you're at a bar, you're either chatting with other people, eating, playing pool/darts or something of the sort. I don't think many people are playing games on the tablet. On a phone, yes. Tablet? No.

Correction: Android tab. iPad. Yes. People play games on that.
If I tried getting a cat out of a tree with a tablet, the cat would just look at me dumbfopunded. Besides the tree wasn't that big. a simple ladder would have gotten that cat down.
at the bar? I'd be looking for the ladies not playing around with a tablet. I might as well make some drinks at home then.

my girlfriend wont use the ipad anymore after using the new samsung galaxy tab.. the screen is nicer she says and its loading everything she does for work faster.. so goodbye ipadds in this house..

Well even on phones the Samsung screens ARE nicer. I tested a samsung phone out one time and was amazed by the clear sharp text and crisp colors. It surpassed Apple's iPhone even.

Sorry but the 800+480 screens samsung uses are shit compared to the 960=640 ISP screens in the iPhone 4. Bright fake colors don't make it better, but it fools most people as witnessed here.

Actually during my stint there, if someone actually asked me...if they came in there with the intent of spending with no limit. I always directed them to the Apple Section.
Only Apple product I don't like is the iPod. The iPhone is nice, but just not what I use. Everything else Apple I love. I don't see why anyone would choose Windows over OS X anymore. Macs give you the ability to have it all, where as PCs give you the ability for WIndows and nothing else.

I'm thinking of switching to the mac. I have no issue with Windows, but its like the same reason I want to move away from android and over to iOS. .

Yeah, that's the same way I was. I had no problems with my Asus laptop. I actually had to go crazy on it to break it (Best Buy BTP) and get it replaced with a Mac. I just like the design and features of a Mac better.

People still watch commercials? My method; for 30 minute shows start 8 minutes into it and for hour long shows start 23 minutes into it. You can fast forward though all the commercials and you catch up to LIVE in the last few minutes. No more watching any horrid commercials.

tell me how to fast forward in live TV. Is there some sort of Time machine I do not know about?

The secret is, we don't watch live tv. I usually wait until a show has been on for around 20 mins as well. Bad enough to waste time watching tv, why waste a third of it on commercials? To be honest, i wouldn't see any of these commercials TIPB talks about if they didn't write about them.

I never really listned as the girl said that outloud.... "Your wife will love the new dual-core Tegra 2 chipset." Uh.... she won't understand or care.

You may want to consider your comments a little better. They say "with over so-and-so many books available" as you mention which of course implies those numbers aren't available on those other platforms which anyone that knows what they're talking about knows that to be a false implication, just like the "so you can stream Netflix" example.

This reminds me of the days gone by when people would would say my PC is better because it has a 1.2 Ghz processor, yours only has a 1.0 Ghz processor. Or when PC dude would tell Mac dude that I can play more video games than you can... The difference between the iPad and the Android tablet marketing is very similar.

Just like those "im a mac" ads. Apple even aired an ad in the early 90s of a dad loading a game on the PC for his son but it took forever. The kid then got his coat on and the dad asked where he was going. The kid was going to the nighboors because "they had a mac"
and that ad aired before jobs came back to apple.

Verizon had to give out more effort when they didn't have the iphone. They have both the ipad and iphone now. Frankly i'd have to question why Verizon would feel they have to go the extra mile anymore to create a brand like the Droid.

Of all the comments on here it seems that only one other person really sees the problem with the android commercials. Apple shows you what can be done with their device, why it's useful. Android commercials make you feel like you will get in a spaceship or smash a phone with LTE or something. After watching the commercials I would definitely get an iPad.

People that use Android argue about features while people that use iOS argue about adverts...if ipad doesn't have dual-core then it doesn't have it, you guys should deal with it. Simple!!!
P.S - First it was 'thinnest tablet' then samsung beat you to it, now dual-core is your problem. Truth is if ipad have got dual-core first, it would have been the next big thing. But guess what? you got beaten again. Muppets!!!

Uh. Yeah. "It's not about specifications", because the specifications are embarrassing compared to even an Android PHONE. Apple's marketing strategy is to appeal to undereducated idiots who can't understand the mere basics of technology. All iPhone commercials show are a bunch of apps that are made by developers that all HATE Apple.

I'd say the GPU is better than any tablet right now. And they don't even show that off. Grow up and stop being an obvious troll. Your last sentence just makes it hard for anyone to take you seriously. You should be embrassed.'re going to spend up to $800 and NOT educate yourself a little on specifications? You're going to ignore what exactly it is that you're buying, and how good of quality it is? You're just going to trust a metaphorical parent calling a device intuitive more than comparing hard facts and numbers? This article was literally the dumbest thing I've read since the last time I read an article written by a butthurt Apple fanboy.

That is Because verizon owns the iPad as well as the android tablet... so no matter what tablet u buy, verizon is still rich.

I'm not talking about Macs. I'm talking about iPhone. I should not have said Apple in the last sentence. I use a Mac and I had an iPhone for 3 months before I sold it to get myself something a bit more functional. Never said it's a bad thing that its so simple and designed for the tech-dummies, but that's how it is designed.
And trust me, I have sold thousands of phones. The iPhone market is for those that don't even know that the iPhone is a smartphone. And that is a HUGE market.

Basically Apple give a shit about what they do, they have a genuine passion and it's obvious. The other companies don't get it. You seriously think I give a shit if it has 5 billion gigahertz of ramrod fx dual chip bullshit? If I wanted a powerful computer I wouldn't be getting a tablet.

You may want to reconsider your entire argument. After taking a refresher look at it, this would be the exact quote akin to the Netflix statement:
"If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have iBooks. So you don't have your favorite books in your pocket."
The little 'with over so-and-so many books available' reference you gave was a later statement which was simply a description of the iBook store, they didn't directly infer there weren't other stores available on other platforms. What they did infer wasn't available on other platforms was that you could have your books with you. That's what my original post pointed out because that's what I had remembered from the the comercial's outlandish inferance.
You may want to check your own facts before trying to start a debate so you don't try basing the whole thing on made up logical inferances next time.

Nice. You lose your own argument and then accuse me of editing a post that hasn't changed since it was originally posted. What's especially funny is your little statement, "I was merely referring to what YOU quoted (signified by quotations)," when I never made such a quote and actually was repeating YOU quoted "Apple to have said." Trying to push a follow up argument as wrong because the other side made the assumption the preceding comment was a factual statement rather than something misremembered. Or perhaps an attempt at a straw man?
I definitely agree that a discussion requires at least 2 intelligent sides. Trying to dismiss your point being disprove by lobbing personal attacks as a red herring at the other side is definitely NOT a sign of someone trying to make an intelligent argument. Neither is stomping off when your point-of-view is countered.

I will certainly admit to negligence in assuming your original statement which I quoted was correct, combined with only having a hazy memory of the original problem with that iBooks commercial.
As a user I have the right to call out issues with a company and their products. Just because I don't think Apple is all rainbow and unicorns doesn't mean I don't get to be critical of their products and actions. Not everyone agrees with you and your world view, you should learn to accept that.
Speaking of criticism, Rene you might want to consider capping how main chain replies can exist the same way Engadgets does. Though you're unlikely to see this so I'll have to send it directly.

This is so true. I used to work for the Big Red, and its so easy for them to get in specs...the same way they focus on network all the time. I love the Apple commercials...they always inspire a feeling of doing something so cool. The verizon ones rarely even demonstrate all the things that a tab can do.

Wow!..... I really dislike the new iPad commercials. The soft-spoken voice trying to offer a glimpse of hope, the sad piano music. What the hell is that all about? I feel like they are feeding me bullshit. Feels like a BMW or Mercedes commercial. I know they are great products, but you don't have to suck me off in order to get me to buy one, geeze.

I work in advertising and the difference between the ads is that one focuses on features, the other on benefits. Anyone can list features, but benefits are much more difficult to define and translate into something meaningful to the consumer.
Apple has done a good job of focusing on the benefits of the product - probably from a good understanding of their target audiences and their needs.

Seems like an obvious question that's left out. I would like to know their reactions after using the device. Do they still think it's expensive? Can they now see a use for it after using the device?
I also find it strange that 33 percent would like Verizon to be the carrier before considering a tablet. Shows they're still confused about this type of device. These are not phones. Do they think iPad users are dropping calls being on AT&T?

Is everything a touch screen? I have long fingernails and have difficulty with the touchscreen! Any thoughts? Besides cutting my nails!!!!

Most tablets have styluses. they look like a pen but have a screen safe end. very convenient with nails

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