Digg app updated with Digg Reader, offers a home to all your Google-abandoned RSS feeds

Digg app updated with Digg Reader, offers a home to all your Google-abandoned RSS feeds

The official Digg app has been updated to support Digg Reader, one of the many new services competing to be the new home for your Google Reader-abandoned RSS feeds. Here's how it works:

Download the Digg app update from the App Store, launch the app, open the basement/sidebar, choose Digg reader, tell it you want to import from Google Reader, log into your Google account to authorize the data transfer, wait for your feeds to fill, and then enjoy all your RSS.

Digg Reader screenshots

Whether or not this is a good solution, let along the perfect solution, for former Google Reader junkies remains to be seen. For many, Google Reader was more sync-service than app. But it's great to see options, and different takes will almost certainly appeal to different types of users. Things will ultimately shake out, of course, and may the best app win.

If you try out Digg Reader, let me know your thoughts -- is this the RSS reader you've been looking for?

Rene Ritchie

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There are 3 comments. Add yours.

Ashish Asawa says:

Hey thanks a lot, desperately needed one, and so far it looks good, and I like the clean UI too :)

raremage says:

Is DIGG even a community anymore? I gave up on it a looooong time ago.

designingsean says:

Glad there is another option other than Feedly. While I love the web version, the mobile version does not seem to work properly, at least for me. Things are not saved, stuff that has been marked as read show up as unread. Basically, the mobile app has been worthless for me lately.