DIRECTV for iPad updated, now offers in home streaming

DIRECTV has updated its iPad app and it now offers the ability to use your iPad as a portable TV. Before you get too excited, it can only work within the walls of your own home and does not offer any form of remote viewing access to your content. Of course it does a lot more than just in home streaming to the iPad. It also lets you search, record and control all your DIRECTV content from home or when you are away.

The latest update also adds a few other new features:-

  • Turn your iPad into a portable TV and watch your favorite shows in any room of your home. Quickly scroll through a list of channels available to watch on your iPad with a dedicated “Live TV Streaming” Module.
  • Get tips in the help section to guide you through features in the app.
  • Set parental controls to block live TV channels viewed on the iPad.
  • Change start and end times to add padding to a program when setting a recording.

DIRECTV for iPad is a free app but does require a residential DIRECTV subscription and website registered account.

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There are 18 comments. Add yours.

Derek says:

Using it now, it works nicely although I hope they can get some more channels and especially DVR access.

Derek says:

Using it now, it works nicely although I hope they can get some more channels and especially DVR access.

bergman says:

Worthless unless you have a HD subscription. Sucks

Chris Vitek says:

How do they know if you are in your house?

tfa225 says:

Need to add "before you get too excited, you have to have an HD Internet connected receiver"
Still a worthless app

Gliden says:

Why can I only view a handful of channels? If I'm at home, what's the point of restricting good channels?

Guest says:

What a wonderfully apologetic attitude you have!

kingweb says:

Yup, kind of sucks that we can't get all the channels. It looks like the same channel lineup that some airlines offer for in-flight DirecTv. Very watered down list.

Eddie says:

Don't understand how being jailbroken affect direct tv in any way...F them!

kingweb says:

Because then there will be some hack to allow remote viewing.

Adam says:

It sounds like they are making some nice improvements to their app. They have almost reached similar status to my Sling Adapter and the DISH Remote Access app. I got mine with my service from my employer DISH Network. Instead of being tied down to my home network I can watch my TV channels and my DVR content anywhere I have 3G/4G or WIFI. I have full control of my TV and DVR so I can watch any channel I subscribe to and control my DVR settings. Any compatible iOS, Android or Blackberry device is supported. I think it’s awesome that they are working to add more functionality but I think they have a ways to go.

DCB says:

DirecTV is not supported on jailbroken devices, please connect to itunes and restore your device. BULL* F DirecTV I will cancel my account with them just because of this. Who the hell do they think they are trying to force thier users to conform to the control of Apple Inc. ????

Noel Hibbard says:

It would be nice if they would add more of the iPad features to the iPhone app.

Dan Blondin says:

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