Apps for Less! Aqua Forest, Enigmo, Moto Chaser, GTS World Racing, iTip

With the economic crunch harshening everyone's mellow, we here at TiPb are all about saving money for our faithful readers! Every week we will bring to your attention a few apps from Apple's Official App Store that are on sale or have dropped in price. Now keep in mind we have not tested all of these apps so we can not vouch on the quality of them all, but what we can promise you is we will weed out the poorly rated apps and only present to you the better ones.

The first app worth mentioning is Aqua Forest - Powered By Octaveengine Casual, has dropped in price to $0.00 from $7.99. This one is for a limited time only so go grab it!

A great game worth checking out, Enigmo, has just dropped $3 in price to $1.99. Definitely a app worth a look.

For the racing fans out there, Moto Chaser, is at a price that can not be beat at $.99 down from $4.99. GTS World Racing is now $2.99, down $5. Not too shabby. And both were recently featured in our App vs. App TiPb GRAND PRIX, so check out the reviews there!

iTip is nice to have handy while out to dinner, and it's now FREE, not a bad price no?

We will keep an eye out for for more price drops worth mentioning and if we missed one, please let us know!

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Apps for Less! Aqua Forest, Enigmo, Moto Chaser, GTS World Racing, iTip


it's great that these go on sale, with things expensive as they are saving money anywhere is apptastic!

This is the reason I have not bought an app for the iPhone yet. Just about every app I have wanted has dropped in price now.