Discover delicious food around you with Forkly for iPhone

Discover delicious food around you with Forkly for iPhone

Forkly is a beautiful social food discovery app that will help you find a delicious meal the next time you're out and about. It features a few different feeds so that you can browse your options by what's nearby, what your friends recommend, or something more specific. When you find something that looks good, you can mark it as something you want, so that you can easily look it up when you're hungry and ready to try something new.

The interface of Forkly is simply gorgeous and features mouthwatering photos shared by other users. For each shared item, you can "want" it, leave a comment, and see who else is interested in trying it out. You can also share to your favorite social network, email, or Messages.

Forkly is one of those apps that gets better with more users, so tell you friends, rate some of your favorite restaurants and dishes, and let us know what you think!

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Leanna Lofte

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Reader comments

Discover delicious food around you with Forkly for iPhone


great stuff... especially if traveling to different cities and looking for those awesome places to eat.. kind of like DDD

This seems like a contender for yelp. You guys think it could give them some trouble? I'm loving the interface because it seems extremely polished and user-friendly.

Was pleasantly surprised to find quite a bunch of rated dishes in my area! The interface definitely is beautiful. Now, need to watch the wallet, it's like going grocery shopping when hungry...

Apps like this are bad for me...makes me want to eat out more!
Looks really nice though, would probably be great for someone who travels a lot.

One thing that is lacking are applications that work completely offline. There are only a limited of these where you can access and use recipes while not being connected to a data plan or wifi and only a few are useful - James martins just desserts being one example.
Though this definitely sounds interesting... Downloading now.

NOM NOM NOM! This app works great around my little town. Lived in the same spot for 29 years and this app has introduced me to a bunch of new-to-me places!

I currently use Yelp and Google Maps/Local for finding nearby restaurants. The big question is what does this app do differently to make me want to use it?

I do a lot of traveling around the continent for work. This will come in handy. Downloading now ... thanks for the tip!