Does the recent DMCA exception make you more likely to Jailbreak?

Simple poll for a simple question -- Does the recent DMCA exception make you more likely to Jailbreak?

Were you worried about the legality before and it was enough to make you hold off? Were you just not aware of Jailbreak before it the media spotlight hit it? Are you still concerned about Jailbreak slowing down or messing up something on your device, or voiding your warranty? Or are you just not interested in Jailbreak at all?

Vote up top, give us the details down below.

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Does the recent DMCA exception make you more likely to Jailbreak?


Neither more nor less likely. Really only the carrier unlock interests me (for use abroad). Have little to no use for any other jb features, and prefer the stability of a stock iPhone. MiWi and other tethering solutions are the only other tempting jb feature for me.

I have jailbroken two iPhones in the past, but only for the purpose of unlocking the phone for use with an overseas carrier. Other than that I have no interest in JB. So basically my issue is with AT&T not Apple.

I have too much stuff I care about on my iPhone to hassle with the backups/restores needed for a jailbreak. If there were an easy way to get a few of the things I'd like (free tethering, retrogame emulators) I'd be in, but now that iOS4 has good task backgrounding, it's not worth the aggravation and security risks.
Same thing goes DOUBLE for my 64GB iPad. The thing is full of media and takes literally hours to back up. There's no way I'm going to corrupt that and do it all over again -- not even for Super Nintendo.

Jail breaking slowed my phone down, so no. Plus I have pretty much everything I wanted now in 4.0. They just need to work on printing and some storage space for all apps to access and to be able to attach files online.

@ Dionte & Chuck, The JB has absolutely nothing to do with the speed or battery consumption of your device. The only way you could have slowed things down or cranked up the power use is by installing JB applications without doing your own research or paying attention to the many good reviews that are out there. The procedure gives you the freedom to mess all kinds of things up if blindly add apps, but the JB causes no damage or performance hit whatsoever.
JB adds a whole new world of capabilities to the iphone that are normally out of bounds, and I for one will never be satisfied with the stock version anymore.

Where's the choice of "No, I was going to jailbreak anyways" ?
Just waiting for the iP4 jailbreak... that's all that's holding me back. DMCA announcement is great news, and a benefit down the road for all that want unlocked/jailbroken phones. But certainly hasn't affected my decision to either jailbreak or not.

Who wants to spend all that time learning what you should or shouldn't do on jb. I just want a phone that works, out of th box.

Expost facto: "this phone will be ahead of it's time for at least 5 years" if Apple chooses to support it. The original 2g iPhone will not be ahead of it's time because apple chose to not support it in 4.0 so the jailbreak community must step in to supplement Steve's 5 year claim. Now to the expost facto, we always knew new hardware would come out and promise new possibilities but these phones are built without the though of obsolesce, so please Apple continue to support older hardware, like you do with the desktop.

I agree @subs, but I was told by a blog writer on here yesterday that isn't true. People are supposedly all very knowledgeable about jailbreaks...

This doesn't change anything for me. I haven't jailbroken in the 2+ years that I've had an iOS device, but I'm considering it now (as soon as a good jb option comes available for the iPhone 4) solely for the ability to run the jailbreak-only MyWi app to create a mobile WiFi hotspot.

I already spend enough time messing with my PC. My phone I want to work and not worry about. I jailbroke my 3G one time just to see and it sucked. Push notifications broke and just figuring how to do themes and use a few supposedly well reviewed utility apps was a PITA. Never again, especially with iOS 4.

I was already going to jb my ip4. I like to use sbsettings, activator, mywi, 3G restrictor for starters. Still many other reasons though. I have jb all my iPhones and even though the new iOS4 has some great features (many taken from the jb community), it's not close to what can be done to this great phone when you jb it.

The problem is many many people has no idea what Jailbreak really does. The funny thing is that my 3gs does everything the IP4 does. Multitasking,customizable screen, SBsetting, running apps like Sititcher, Pandora in the back ground. It would be super awesome if TIPB write an article what Jailbreaking really is.

that whole "voiding warranty" thing is so moot. just restore your phone it will be like it never happened.

Sadly, the #1 reason I see people jailbreaking their phones is so they can install all of the free pirated apps from Cydia. I KNOW there are a few other reasons, but in my experiences, the biggest reason is piracy. So many apps are only $1-$3, I just can't justify it.
I also know plenty of people that have done a fresh install to remove the jailbreak after experiencing problems too...