Do it (Tomorrow) for iPhone and iPad review: Productive procrastinating, at last!

Do it (Tomorrow) for iPhone and iPad review: Productive procrastinating, at last!

Are you a procrastinator who tries time and time again to make use of an elaborate "get things done" system in order to bring some organization into your life to only put off using said system? Then Do it (Tomorrow) for iPhone is for you! Do it (Tomorrow) is simply two lists, Today and Tomorrow, with the ability to move tasks between lists with just one quick tap.

There are only three different screens in To it (Tomorrow). A "Today" list, a "Tomorrow" list, and the settings screen. You simply swipe left and right to move between screens. The lists look like notebooks and the Tomorrow list even has a fake coffee stain on it. Next to each task, there is an arrow that will move it to the other list.

Do it (Tomorrow) includes two fonts, one that looks like handwriting and another that is a more traditional.

Do it (Tomorrow) for iPhone is free with the option to purchase Cloud sync for $4.99. The univeral version is $4.99 and automatically includes Cloud sync.

The good

  • Simple design
  • Two font options
  • Move tasks between lists with just one tap
  • Cloud sync available for $4.99

The bad

  • Soon and Someday lists would be a great addition

The bottom line

If there was an Olympic competition in procrastination, I'd hold the gold medal, and it feels like Do it (Tomorrow) was designed specifically for me. No due dates; no annoying alarms that make me feel guilty. Just two simple lists of what I need to do today and tomorrow... and the ability to push things back to "tomorrow" indefinitely.

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Do it (Tomorrow) for iPhone and iPad review: Productive procrastinating, at last!


Looks like there is 6 months of trying cloud sync for free! Brilliant idea. Should get me to see the usefulness and the. Just buy the HD one!

Within 5 minutes this app has earned a permanent spot on my hompage on my iPhone 5. I already did 3 things I've been putting off for over a week... LoL!