Do you carry more than just an iPhone or iPad?

For some people just one mobile device, be it an iPhone or iPad, just isn't enough. That's why Apple makes both, and why dozens of other companies make hundreds of other options. The possibilities really are endless. On a daily basis, I tend to carry a BlackBerry Z30 but my 'other device' depends on the day really. Some days my other device is my iPad mini. Some days it's my iPhone 5s and others, it's my HTC One. It's a blessing of the business to have several different devices to choose from at any given moment but it does make me wonder — how many others carry multiple devices and why?

My iPhone and either my iPad Mini or my Kindle Paperwhite.JustMe'D, iMore Forums Member

This question has come up recently on the iMore Forums and the answers have been interesting to say the least. Some folks are carrying up to 3-4 devices to make it through their day, which I find totally fascinating. Sometimes it's because they personally want one device and work assigns them another. Sometimes its because they need a phone for their main communications but also want a big screen tablet to get more work or more play done. Sometimes it's simply because they're a giant gadget geek and always stock up on the latest and the greatest from every manufacturer.

Carry personal iPhone 5s, work issued BlackBerry Q10 on BES, and work issued iPad.CrackedRosco, iMore Forums Member

If you're carrying more than one device, an iPhone and an iPad, or an iPhone and a BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android, or even a Kindle or Nintendo DS, tell me which ones and, most importantly, way? And if it's because you feel like you need multiple devices to cover all your different use cases, what could Apple do to make that one device for you that would really rule them all? Sound off in the comments or let me know in the forums!

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Do you carry more than just an iPhone or iPad?


I usually carry my primary phone (which is a Lumia 920 currently) and a tablet or PC (iPad or surface pro).

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Always have my iPhone 5 & quite often head out with my iPad mini. My regular iPad very rarely leaves the house I just find that size not as portable as the mini

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I bought the galaxy note2 because of the stylus and the big screen. However after using it for several months as my primary phone I could not tolerate it any more. I returned to my iphone 4s which was a year behind but was much faster. I missed the buttery smooth operation of the iphone.
I will be very happy if apple added those two features. (And removed the ugly obtrusive volume indicator from on screen).

I think he refers to the volume pop up that appears in the middle of the phone when changing volume up or down. And agree, it's annoying, especially when your in the middle of a video on your iOS device and want to get the volume just right.

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I carry an iPhone 5 for work, Galaxy Note 3 for personal, and I have my iPad Mini Retina that I take with me on occasion.

NO. Just the iPhone 5.

Unless I'm working on my rMBP or reading Newstand publications on my 2012 iPad mini.
But still, only one device in the pants pocket. Ever.

I always carry my phone which for the past couple of years has been an iphone currently it is the iphone 5. I also used to carry with me an iPad but the iPad didn't meet my needs. Don't get me wrong the iPad is a great entertainment device but as a student it wasn't cutting it for me. I needed a device that could easily connect to my schools wifi, had microsoft word, and flash in order to do my online homework. Since the Ipad didn't meet these requirements I decided to get a Microsoft surface and now I carry that device daily.

I have an iPhone 5S for personal use, a 4S that work gave me, an iPad Air and Macbook Pro I cary around daily. I use the 4S and Mac for work, and everything but the 4S at home. I'm teaching myself new programs I want to use and use the iPad for research and watching videos I then apply the techniques realtime in the app on my Mac.

I use actually an iPhone 4s an IPad 2 a MacBook Pro and a Kindle Fire HD (because most of the time my iPad is used by my wife). When i leave home i only have my iPhone with me. BUT actually i think of an switch to a new Lumia 1020 which is available here in Germany with 64GB. 90% usage of my Phone is... taking pictures of my kids, phone, messaging..

Well right now I got iPhone 5S, HTC One, Galaxy Note 3 and LG G2 plus my iPad mini... Primary iPhone 5S 64GB

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I use an iPhone 5S and an iPad mini 2 with Cellular data.
I would ditch my iPhone if my iPad has the stock Phone app! So I need an iPhone to make and receive calls, and my iPad to surf the net. I am outside the US so there's no good alternatives such as GV

Chris, I am genuinely interested to know why your Z30 is your daily driver. Being iMore and all I was just a tad surprised to not see an iPhone 5S as your main phone

My Primary Phone was Iphone 5 - but After i accidentally upgrade to IOS 7, the battery drained very fast, i use my iphone for social network also and make a phone call -
i bought galaxy note 3 and switch it as my primary phone for call, and message, email
and social network and music for fitness on my iphone 5
i bring my ipad mini to the class - it is more portable than my Macbook air

I always bring 4 devices with me.

- iPhone 5s (primary. Call, app ect.)
- Nexus 5 (nice big screen to read things)
- iPad Mini Retina + Cell (in the train tot watch netflix)
- Macbook Pro '13(for work)

I carry two phones. iPhone 5(personal) and office issued BlackBerry.. and yes, I have iPad mini for watching videos/playing games etc.

I carry every time: Q10 & iPhone 5S
with a jacket: previous devices + BB9900 & Nexus 4, sometimes iPod nano / classic
with a backpack: previous devices + MacBookPro, iPad Air
with bigger bag: previous devices + ThinkPad T420s

The use of Apple or BlackBerry/ThinkPad devices depends of the safety from the public area: e.g. typically there is less risk to use the Q10 in metropolitan than an iPhone...

iPhone 5S. iPad air. And a mbp on occasion. I almost bit on the surface pro but decided I'd rather have a laptop for that. Loving my first Mac.

No, my iPhone 5 is with me at all times. I use my iPad Air mostly when I'm at home reading or traveling.

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HTC One and iPhone 5s always.
Other devices only when I know I'm going to be away yet stationary for a while.

Only one. The BlackBerry z10. Got a 4500 mah battery for it and now it lasts me a full 24 hrs with heavy use. I just can't imagine having to carry more than one phone as it does everything I need a phone to do and then some.

If I'm going out of town or travelling and sometimes for my commute to work I take my PlayBook with me for movies, some gaming and big screen browsing if at all required. It's mainly for entertainment purposes. That's about it.

My primary phone is a Blackberry Q10 which handles all my emails, appointments - work stuff.
My other phone is a iphone 5s (I work overseas so my home country sim is in this phone)
I also carry an ipad mini for photo editing, gaming and reading while on the move.

I always have my iPad mini with me, sometimes when I know I won't even use it. I'm currently waiting on a sim cutter so I can switch between my Lumia 521 { jeeze, I know right } & my LG Prada 3.0 T:

I have a g2 for personal excellent device and work assigns me a hideous flip phone for business calls. I wish I could throw that outdated thing in a river. I'd love to go back to a iphone as soon as they make me a bigger screen. I'm spoiled by my lg 5.2 inch screen. I leave my ipad air at the house during the work week. Work assigns me a panasonic toughbook for use.

I carry an iPhone 5S 64GB, an iPad Mini 64GB and a Nokia Lumia 1520. I use the iPad mini mostly for reading, the iPhone for most of my daily calling and tasks, and the Lumia for business. But honestly, iOS is getting a little long in the tooth, and while I've been an iPhone devotee since it was first released, I've got to give Microsoft props for having out-Appled Apple interface-wise. WP Is so much more customizable than iOS is...

I have to agree with you a little bit. I LOVE my iPad mini, but the interface on my Lumia 521 is pretty slick as well. It's a shame that MS can't gain a little more traction in the market.

They are, it's just happening slowly. They've recently launched three new phones, two of which are for foreign markets (the 1320, a budget version of the 1520, and the 830), and the Icon, which is a 5-inch version of the 1520 exclusive to Verizon in the US that are getting a lot of attention. In fact, at MWC, 20% of the chatter was Windows-Phone related, which is definitely up from last year, and development of apps is also up from last year as well. With WP 8.1 about a month out, and "Cortana" (Microsoft's Siri) being part of that, I think that chatter is likely to increase.
I only hope Sir Jon sees what's going on and does something really inventive with iOS 8 as far as the user interface goes.

My girlfriend makes fun of me for carrying my phone (Lumia 521) and iPad mini (1st gen) with me everywhere I go; but after reading some of these posts, I feel more "normal" :)

I always have my iPhone 5 and 3DS XL or Gameboy Micro, depending on how much pocket space I have. The iPhone will never be a good enough replacement for these two devices in my view.

For me it is Apple all the way. I use an iPhone 5 for my phone (Waiting for the iPhone 6) I carry a "New" iPad or the iPad 3 as we like to call it and a Retina MacBook Pro in my backpack. The iPad doesn't get used as much as it used to that's why I haven't upgraded that yet. It was primarily used in my last job and grad school. Now I don't have that job and have graduated from grad school. I still use it at Starbucks on the weekends though.

Use the 5s everyday while I'm out and the iPad 4 when I return home... Like iMessage so I can continue conversations on both devices.

Depends on the day, really. I always have my 5s no matter what. If I have meetings that day I will bring along my iPad Air, and some days I have to bring my laptop if I know I will need to work on the go and need access to a specific suite of programs. Today, all of those situations apply so it's the whole gear bag!

For four years I've served as a sports technology consultant for sensors, apps and gadgets makers. This means I carry and wear multiple devices every day: flagship devices running Android, iOS and WP.

While I appreciate having first-hand access to all of the latest, I keep an iPhone 5 as my daily driver. Maybe it's overload from other brands trying so hard to "pimp-my-ride" that I stay with Apple now: simple, clean and conservative.

I use a BlackBerry Q10 iPhone 5 and a BlackBerry PlayBook the Q10 is my main communications device but it doesn't have video chat apps ( like FaceTime ) that everyone I know has.
The iPhone 5 I mainly use for its fitness apps, yes my Q10 has a few of the same fitness apps but they work better and have all features on the iPhone.
The iPhone is also used for pictures videos mp3 workout device and gaming.
One of the three PB's I have is dedicated for and keeps me connected to work.

I always carry my iPhone and iPad. The iPhone for communications and the iPad for consumption. Some apps like what's app doesn't work on the iPad.

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My primary device is a Nokia Lumia 521, windows phone 8. I have been with WP for a couple of years now and it serves my needs well at an AWESOME price point. I also often carry an iPad Air, WiFi only. It gets used for reading and note taking and when I have WiFi available, surfing. I just bought a keyboard for it and some times carry that with it.

I have really begun to like iOS and would switch to an iPhone if they made one in a middle price range, between 200 and 300 dollars.

I just went from 5s to Lumia 1020.. Been using 5s for photography but its not as clear as Lumia 1020.. But at work i still stick to ipad and imac..

I may add that Lumia satisfies what ive been looking for. Although not too much app but the camera just blew me away.. And some features are pretty neat too.. Im using Lumia 1020 as my main phone/camera then ipad and imac serves as a main computer for work and games..

My iPhone 5s is always with me. I rarely play games on it but it pulls the work for social networking, photography, and light entertainment such as music and podcasts. During the work week I work out of two different offices and home so my MacBook Pro 15" is a must. I use my iPad Mini Retina for some light work tasks when I'm in the field, reading at home, or playing most games. It is always close by at work and home.

I carry my iPhone. Pretty much it while I'm out & about. However, if I could tote an iPad around too ... I certainly would!

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I carry daily my iPhone 5s for calls, updates form reminders, calendar, and todo. An iPad mini for browsing, playing, and social media. And a 15 inch Macbook Pro (thinking of moving to the iPad air this year) for work. I also keep an iPod classic, I was able to put all of my music on it, the battery seems to last forever. Since I have a backpack or briefcase wherever I go, its not hard to tote all that everywhere.

iPhone 5S when just out and about. Also the iPad Air and/or PC when on the road for work, but prefer not needing to take the PC any more.
Nothing else.

I carry my surface RT (1st) along with my iphone 5s......
If I could i would also carry an lumia phone with my iphone!!

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I have a hard time being OK with the prospect of having to carry around two phones in the year 2014. IMO, having to carry two different phones is a throwback to ten years ago. Fortunately I've been able to consolidate my personal and work phone number to be the same so I'm only having to carry around one device.

I do own an iPad, but it's for home use.

I use an iPad, iPhone, and. Mac. When the bigger screen iPhone comes out, I will most likely sell my iPad and upgrade to a new MacBook.

I tried all kind of devices. From blackberry to nexus, galaxy and so on but nothing can replace my iPhone! I never had the lumia phone but think if I find one used

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My primary has always been my iPhone but I also have an iPad and a laptop. Right now my 5s is my primary. I have an iPad Mini for the times I need a bigger screen for playing games, reading comics/books, or writing. My laptop is what I use at work all day and when I'm in Photoshop. I'll do web browsing on it simply because it's already on and I'm using it.

I wouldn't want one device to rule them all because compromises would have to be made. I like that there is choice and different devices for different needs.

iPhone 5s for every day use--calls, apps, photos, music. I travel for a living so I like my MB Pro for the bigger screen and keyboard (as I get older, my eyes get weaker) at hotels, and for now I also carry my iPad 3 as work allows it for use w/customized software for Apple tablets; however, they are changing to the Surface 2 in a year. :-(

Note 3 as the primary, and an iPhone 5S as a second phone. After having the Note 2 (actually 2 of them, one work and one personal), for a year, and the Note 3 for the last few months, I'm really hoping for a large screen iPhone to become a reality. While I will still carry 2 phones (the 5S does an excellent job of a small add on), I've realized that I miss the fine design elements, like the beveled edges and the laser cut stuff - my Note 3 is an amazing piece of technology, which feels like a cheap piece of plastic.

That, and the fact that while all the cool stuff I'm able to do on Android, cannot be replicated on iOS, at the end of the day, I don't really need any of that - there is nothing life saving or life changing about all the tweaking you can do. Ages ago, when I was still fully in iOS camp, I've stopped jailbreaking - now I remembered why - the little nuisances are not that big, if you stop and think about them...

I always have my iPhone 5s. 90% of the time, I'll have my iPod 5 for games and music in the car. And Monday through Friday, I'll carry around my iPad 4... to play/update Happy Street (don't judge). :)

Just curious .... Why on earth would anyone need to carry multiple mobile phones? Seriously!!! I get carrying a phone and a tablet because each has it's purpose but two phones, really!!! Please someone explain in detail why you would need this. And don't say "because phone "A" let's me better customize what I need to do compared to phone "B" ...... Seriously people!!!

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Just curious .... Why on earth would anyone need to carry multiple mobile phones? Seriously!!! I get carrying a phone and a tablet because each has it's purpose but two phones, really!!! Please someone explain in detail why you would need this. And don't say "because phone "A" let's me better customize what I need to do compared to phone "B" ...... Seriously people!!!

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A lot of the time it's it's not by choice to carry two phones because one is a work phone which usually comes with restrictions on what you can do with it or put on it, whilst the other is your personal phone..

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My daily driver is my HTC One.. my tablet is my iPad mini.. but I will say my HTC one is always in my hands.. love this device!

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iPhone 5s for personal, nexus 5 and nexus 7, for work. Those three devices go everywhere with me. iPad Air never leaves home...

Just to answer the question of multiple phones. I much rather have my family and friends call me on my personal phone and work call me on my work phone. I do not take my 'work phone' with me when I go out with family and friends.

I carry a Sony Z1 and a Sony Tablet Z as my primary (work) devices. I got a blackberry Z10 as my personal phone.

Used to have BlackBerry Torch 9800 along with a BlackBerry Playbook for work and an iPhone 4 as my personal device.

Have gotten used to this combo of two phones and a tablet. Have both work and entertainment needs covered

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no. i carry one device. carrying one device is the biggest reason i bought a smartphone. Plus my laptop isn't very portable. it's old and needs to be replaced and it has a dead battery so it needs to be plugged in 100% of the time anyways. Not a recipe for mobility.

I carry an iPhone 5s all the time as a personal device and use my ipad mini with Retina primarily at home. Sometimes I will take it out with me on weekends. Currently I don't have a need for a mobile device for work, but if I was issued one in the future I would want to try a Blackberry Z30.

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Always carrying around my iPhone 5, iPad mini, an Android phone and with my iPod nano as my watch.

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I used to carry a slew of devices. For example a few years back I had the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus7, and iPhone 4S. After making the switch back to just iOS last year I carried my iPhone 5, iPad Mini, and iPad 3rd Gen. Now I'm carrying my iPhone 5s and iPad Mini with Retina display. Still, occasionally I'm forced to grab my rMBP for my various coding classes in college. I guess I'm carrying less devices nowadays, but I find my iPhone 5s and iPad Mini seem to meet most of my needs.

Sometimes I do wish an Android phone worth getting would be released as I slightly miss the option, but Android has been so boring the last couple years and I feel it lags to far behind iOS. We will see if 2014 changes anything. For now, I can't ever see myself without an iPhone/iPad combo.

iPhone 5s & iPad Mini with retina & latest iPod touch 64gb for all my music. The iPhone & iPad are with me most of the time the mini acts a TV for my 2 year old when in the car & I use it slot of college work ie assignments using a Logitech Keyboard Folio case & pages then I can just email them in & revision because I have my college books on there. I use the djay 2 app a lot on my iPad & iPod touch & obviously my iPhone is never out if my hand when out & about.

Blackberry Q10 for phone and email (both work and personal) and ipad mini with retina for everything else.

And I thought I'm the odd one..

I have a BB Q10 as a phone, Nexus 7 2013, a iPod nano 6th gen for music.

When I feel like it, I will bring my 3DS out.

I carry iPhone 5 and 5s with an IPad Air on the go. Mainly because those are the 3 best products Apple has ever made. Also the 3 top products no other company has been able to beat soundly. If you don't have those three than you have second best technology.

Galaxy Note 3, iPod Touch 5g, Nexus 4, iPad 3, Nintendo 3DS XL, Macbook Pro. I don't use all of them every day. The Note 3 is my daily driver, iPod Touch is always in my pocket for music and media on the go, Nexus is for when I want to experiment with custom roms or use a stock android experence, iPad mainly for my hobbies like music and art projects, 3DS for when I want Mario Kart or Smash Bros on the go, Macbook Pro for work and research and documents.