Do you regret getting a gold iPhone 5s?

Ahh, the gold iPhone 5s. We knew it was coming thanks to the many leaks ahead of its official announcement and while many folks had to have it from the get go, there was just as many folks out there who thought it was just a little too much. At launch, they ended up being only available in a pretty limited supply and a few folks went to some extremes to get their hands on one. 

Here we are now, a few months after release and Apple has since ramped up production on the devices and there is an increasing amount of them available making it easier for those who want one to get their hands on one.

But what about those of you out there who got one from the start? As asked in the iMore Forums, does anyone actually regret picking up a gold iPhone 5s? Looking back, would you have rather picked the space grey or silver options?​

No regrets. Love my gold. It's sleek, new and different.Sekelani Zwambila, iMore Forums Member

I suspect most people have no regrets over their purchase. Otherwise, they would have taken the time to exchange it when that window was open but I also know that in the past, it has taken me some time to realize I may have been happier with something else only to of have missed out on the return period. With that in mind, I don't think it's too much of a stretch to say this might have happened to others as well when it comes to the gold iPhone 5s.

I got one yesterday and am really trying to like it. I keep looking at my wife's space grey and kind of wishing I would have gotten that one.jaymojones, iMore Forums Member

So what do you gold iPhone 5s owners have to say? Is there anyone out there who's 'stuck' with a gold one now while longing for a different color or have any regrets otherwise? If so, what's the reason? Stop by the iMore Forums and let us know or drop some comments below.

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Reader comments

Do you regret getting a gold iPhone 5s?


Love my gold. No regrets at all. I actually don't even pay that much attn to it lol

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Rene and Richard vs. Allyson and Peter on the gold iPhone 5S?! iMore wars!! Fight!! Lol

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I love my Space Grey iPhone, but it seems that the paint scratches very easily and of course scratches and smudges are more noticeable on a black face. With how OCD I am with my phones, I'm thinking of getting the Gold iPhone next year. It'll show less scratches on the white bezel, and (hopefully) more resistant to chipping and the such on the side bands and back.

I do believe apple made some leather cases for that! I got one for my space grey and I love it. Really protects the edges and back.

get a screen protector and put it on the back, I still have mines on there. after I scratched my apple. :-(

Main reason for not getting the gold one was: regret of getting a gold phone

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Gold is best. Best. Best. Best.

I regret not camping out all week to get one. Well no, actually I don't. I wish Apple made more of them for launch :(

I wanted the gold, but I'm glad I went with the silver instead. Also, they didn't come out with a gold iPad. Like my devices uniformed.

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Camped over nite in Vegas, only for AT&T to have none in stock. Next year I will be getting gold.

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I just broke down and sold my black 5 for the gold iphone 5s. I originally bought a silver for $540 of eBay as a "new" "unopened" item but when I got it, it was open and the back was scratched up, and not just 1 scratch there were multiple scratches. Needless to say I returned it and got the gold from AT&T off contract and I am glad I went with gold. The white looks better against it, don't judge it by pictures, check one out in store they look a lot better.

I'm very happy I bought the silver and white with 64gb of int storage. I also bought the new i-pad mini in silver and white so I have a matching package. Now I'm waiting on the damn jailbreak for IOS 7. When, I've seen so many apps on other jailbreaks I want. So use to hacking my Android phones and tablets, must have the jailbreak. Please.

How are people scratching up their phones already? Use a case Otterbox or any cheaper case I have 0 scratches on mine. I had a 4S for the two years or more also 0 scratches....

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I agree. I prefer my iPhone without a case. It's lighter, slimmer, and overall looks better. Less bulk. Looks the way Apple designed it to look

I have a black iPhone 5, and though I don't plan on upgrading until the next generation, I think the Space Grey 5s is pretty sexy. I just tend to go for black more than white. That said, I much prefer the gold to the silver, so for me, it takes 2nd place.
(And I know it doesn't really apply, but I've had my iPhone 5 for 7 months now, and I'm not sick of it, I think black is always a good choice if your not sure).

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I told a friend of mine why the GOLD was the absolute BEST and KNEW I wanted it!!!! Stayed up until 3am ET on my wedding weekend to order and get the first shipments! IT WAS GOLD, NEW, AND BEAUTIFUL...... after a week I went to my local apple store and returned it and got the space grey.... A month later, I said, I MISS MY GOLD SO BAD... A friend of mine had the Gold and wanted the Space Grey and we switched SIM's and couldnt be happier... THOUGHT I'D LOVE IT... Like it... got rid of it... MISSED IT... GOT IT BACK AND WOUDNT GO BACK!!!! LOVE THE GOLLLLLDDDDD

Of course I kept my spouse! I had to!... I read my vows from my iPad Mini and in my personalized vows told her: "I will continue to inform you why we need the latest and greatest apple products"---- AUTOMATIC KEEPER haha

My wife loves hers, hell, I love it but she says she never gets to see the gold because it's covered with a case.

FINAL NOTE WITH THE 5s OVERALL... I was initially disappointed that the "ICONIC home button graphic" would be going away. However, after owning the 5s and being very particular to nostalgia, I appreciate the "icon-less" home button.

I've had white most since i've had an iPhone and when I upgraded to the 5S i went Space grey but i miss the white more than I thought I would, and having seen the gold in person gotta say I like it a lot more than i thought I would

I've always preferred black (or space gray) for all the devices I own but seeing the demand for gold, there was a part of me considering that if I were to get a 5S, I might give gold a try. It just looks very distinct from other smartphones in my opinion. But if you'll ask me now what color I would choose, I'd say I'm back to black!

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I've always gone with the black version, but this go-round I figured I'd switch it up with the new color. I haven't really had a chance to get tired of the gold because I've had the red Apple leather case on it since launch day, but it's getting pretty grimy looking now so I'm thinking of going with a clear case/bumper or a clear full body skin to show it off for awhile.

Grab a Tough Armor gold and black case from Spigen. It's a great case and will match the phone too!

I love my gold. It matches my teeth and the 2-pound chain around my neck. Makes me look even more cool as I cruise the block in my Escalade with 24" gold rims.

I've been at the stage where I 'know' instantly if I like an Apple product colour or not. I had a silver iPhone 5, loved it, but Space Grey had me instantly. The gold had me constantly asking myself "Do I like it?"
I know that if I'm asking myself that, it's best to not get it.


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Love seeing the quote from sekelani in the article. Same guy who ditched his 5s for a note 3 before magically getting a new one. Read his forums for entertainment

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It's just a white iphone to me. I don't pay much attention to the back of it and the majority use cases. It's more interesting how easily Apple manipulated everyone else to care so much though about something so insignificant and got away from plain black vs white. It's one of their better moments in marketing this year.

Gold is best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best.

How dare you even ask the question?

Not at all. Great looking phone. Also have a space gray one for AT&T. Wish I could have gotten one in solid gold, though. Wonder how much it would have cost?

The gold would be to flashy for me. I would have a case on it anyways, but the space grey is the way to go in my book. I have a white iPhone 5 now (Waiting for the iP6 already!!!) and I wish I would've gotten the black. Regardless, its still an iPhone, And that is all that matters of me.

5S is & was all about the Gold !!! I love my Gold, I had to wait for 15 days to get hands on.
It's much better than the steel grey n stone black.
Thumbs up for Gold

I wonder how many people on here who bought the gold iPhone covered their phone with a case...good job!

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My wife wanted a gold one when we decided to upgrade her iPhone 4 to a 5s. We went to the Rogers store and they had sold out; we had to come back for one a few days later. So apparently the public is voting with their wallets on gold.

I have never even seem a gold iPhone in person, so I could not say. But even though my wife always likes her technology products in black colors, she decided to get her 5s in silver because it matched most of her white gold jewelry. So in a way, to her, it's still "gold", just white.

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Was really happy with space grey but am now already bored of it. It is so, well, grey. Want Iphone 5C colours for the 5s.

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For the record I'm space grey. I think the only people who may have small regrets are the people who paid a fortune for one from people leaving the store who where at the front of the que just to have that exclusivity because now Apple has caught up with demand everyone & anyone can have one now & there's no added sell on value in the gold (but probably still choose the space grey over it)

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How do you regret having the BEST looking phone on the planet? I don't regret getting the GOLD iPhone at all. It's AWESOME

I got the gold. It's awesome. But it's covered up with an otter box commuter case. I take the case off every now and then just to gaze at the phone.

Who are we kidding? Most people case their phones so color matters very little except those who use a clear case.

The gold color is unique in comparison to the usual gray/black or silver/white that has been released for the previous iphone. It is beautiful and boasts the unique color that only the 5s has.