Do you see image retention on your Retina iPad mini? [Poll]

Much has been said about the – still frankly pretty darn impressive – display on the Retina iPad mini. Narrow color gamuts are clear to see when you sit the mini next to the iPad Air but what about this image retention issue; are you seeing it on yours?

It's something we've already considered in examining the Retina Display on the new iPad mini, and Marco Arment has a pretty easy test you can run to see if yours is an affected unit. Both Rene Ritchie and myself have run the test on our own Retina iPad minis and we're not seeing any issues. Any problems often will depend on the panel supplier or even specific batches, so if yours is affected take it back to your nearest Apple Store and swap it for a new one.

So, are you seeing any image retention on your own Retina iPad mini? Drop a vote up top and your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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Do you see image retention on your Retina iPad mini? [Poll]


So... Does the ipad mini is still a buy? Image retention, screen color quality?

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Hmmm I was planning to get one but maybe I will stick with my original mini until next year after they buff out all the problems... I only really use my iPad mini in my car as the radio anyways, so it's not that big of a deal to have the retina display.

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I've read and read how the rMini doesn't have the color gamut of the air and that it has this retention problem. So why do tech blogs keep recommending the rMini? If someone is looking to upgrade their current iPad, should they go with the air?

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Is the image retention super noticeable if you have it? I get mine today and would like to know what I am looking for.

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Yes, it will be noticeable as long as you don't sit and stare at the screen with the grid on it (the one from the Marco Arment link above). Click on that link, sit your rMini down for 10 minutes and don't peek. Then pick it up and click on the "grey screen" as fast as you can. If you sit and stare at it, your eyes will actually retain the grid and you don't want that to happen. If you do it like this, it will be very clear if your rMini has a problem.


People will literally nitpick anything - even if it's not noticeable to the user. My iPad mini looks nearly identical to my iPad Air. There's a reason tech blogs are praising it - because it's incredible. When you come this close to making a perfect product, you need to pick on something...right?!

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I agree that sometimes people nitpick too much about things more so if it's from Apple. (Why? Well just because it's Apple. Think what you will but I'd rather think of it as a compliment.)

Although sometimes it can actually be a good thing. Example-- for consumers, it is better for them to know exactly what they're getting into. Knowing the pros and cons of a product helps them make a smarter choice when buying stuff. No matter how little it is, it is still best that you have all these info of what you're about to buy to avoid any regret in the end.
Another thing is that if a company is aware of the faults (intentional or not) of their product and is somewhat affecting sales (not really talking about a certain product here but in general), of course they will try and fix it on the next iteration of their product. So that's a double win for us consumers.

Now onto the Retina Mini, I really don't think the image retention is gonna be a big problem since Apple will (?) replace your Mini with a new one if you report it to them. For the color gamut, I think it's only gonna be an issue to photographers, but for the normal consumer it wouldn't be that noticeable. Nonetheless, I fully agree with you that the Retina Mini is one incredible device.

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AGREED!!! My rMini doesn't have image retention and the fact that the color gamut is different from the Air doesn't bother me at all. Portability is more important than color gamut plus the screen looks great in spite of it. The only time I notice the color difference is if I'm using my iPad 3 or Air side by side with my rMini & that almost never happens.

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It seems every time an updated version of a device is released there's always someone on the bell curve who has issues, those who have no issues, and the rest are up in the air.
Apple has built such a trustworthy reputation of [reasonable] customer satisfaction that I don't think I will have any worries about purchasing one of their products.
If you have need or want of one of these devices... Go for it.

I have to retina minis since launch day and have no retention problems ran the test on both for 10 minutes not even a spec of retention. The screen is amazing. The color isn't an issue because the mini isn't for photographers. If you want to look at picture get an air. I have an air as well and don't mind the difference because I use them for different things. No one should do serious editing on a mini or air anyways that's what our macs are for

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what the heck is image retention? please elaborate a little more on these kinds of articles as we are not all experts in the technology field. i shouldn't have to take the extra time to look this stuff up on my own. thank you.

Oh no! I did the test and I found out that my iPad Air has image retention! What do I do?
I did the same test on my iPhone 5S, and it also has image retention. My rMBP doesn't have it.

I was working on our app the other day and thought I messed up the UI in an update but it was image retention from a scrollable list. When I slide out the left menu you can see the images still in the menu.

This is a first gen mini though. I never noticed it until this week.

The reports are that the rMini has the same color gamut as the original Mini. As a user of the original mini I can honestly say that it's not an issue to the average consumer. As far as image retention pretty much every display can have image retention if you leave a static image on it for too long. I see it every day in my career field.

Just ran it, with a lot of trepidation. Thank goodness, it passed the test. Now I can slap on that one-time glass screen protector!

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Just ran it, with a lot of trepidation. Thank goodness, it passed the test. Now I can slap on that one-time glass screen protector!

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No imagine retention here. No Yellow either. I got Lucky. Loving the screen. I am coming from an iPad 2. Big time upgrade and loving the small form factor. Now I need to find a case for it

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I don't care about the colour gamut thing, but I just got my iPad mini today and ran the image retention test, and it's extremely obvious and quite bad. :-(

I have AppleCare+ so I'm just going to tough it out for a few months since there's no point exchanging now - based on the poll results, one in three iPad Minis has this problem so there's a good chance I'd just get one from the same defective batch.

Hopefully it's only really obvious during this test and not too bad during actual day-to-day use.

I bought an iPad mini retina, 16GB, WiFi, base model, barely two weeks ago. For the past two weeks, I had been using it without any issues and really enjoying it. Today I came home from work, took out the device to unlocked it and had a mini-MI when I looked at the screen. It had suddenly developed a really bad case of Image Retention. Nothing I've done so far has helped with anything. It really is very bad. Unlike most people reporting the issue, mine is pretty bad to the point that it acutely hinders using the iPad. The fonts are all crooked and craw, and there are lines going everywhere. As you move the screen, the lines start flickering in and out.

What is strange is that when I initially got the device, two weeks ago, I tried the Image Retention test on Marco's website and found the device to pass the test.

This is really bothersome.

Is that true that there could come one of previously used (refurbished) units as a replacement for my Retina Mini?
And could they tell me they wouldn’t replace at all since I have had it engraved?
Is it even legal to run the grid tests? I am worried that if I tell Apple they tell me My warranty is void or something.

From what I've read from other forums, it's seems that the iPad rMini Cellular is more concerned by the image retention phenomenon...
So it could be very interesting to carry a poll with 4 choices:
- rMini Wifi only with IR
- rMini Wifi only without IR
- rMini Wifi+Cellular with IR
- rMini Wifi+Cellular without IR