Do you want to see gaming included on the next Apple TV?

Fire TV controller

Amazon dropped a bomb this week with the introduction of its Fire TV set-top box and included gaming capabilities. It's a similar yet different product to our own Apple TV, but it does give us plenty to look at when thinking about what we'd like to see next from Apple. So, would you like to see integrated gaming included on the next version of the Apple TV?

We do have AirPlay already, of course, that can give us a rudimentary gaming experience using our iPhone or iPad with the Apple TV. There are even specialist games which 'project' a gaming screen to the TV while turning the device in your hand into a controller. But what the Fire TV offers is something much more than this. It has a controller, for starters.

But perhaps the nicest way it's been implemented into the Fire TV is that it isn't thrown in your face. Gaming isn't pushed on you. You don't get the controller in the box – it's an extra purchase if you want it regardless of brand – but the capability is there should you want it. And that sort of implementation could work just fine on the Apple TV.

So, how do you feel about it? A necessity for the next-gen Apple TV, not needed at all or would you have to maybe see it first? Drop a vote up top and sound off in the comments below!

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Reader comments

Do you want to see gaming included on the next Apple TV?


Definitely has to happen, but happen correctly, not haphazardly thrown together. I think at a $200-250 price tag it would still sell like hot cakes. Hands down my favorite gadget right now, would be ecstatic (so would my son) if it had AppStore access.

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Personally I hope it doesn't, the focus must be maintained on the promise of Steve Jobs to fix TV. Gaming would only be a distraction!

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Content for me is king. While the occasional game or tow is nice I want access to the best available content at any time. Gaming is an after thought.

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I am not interested in gaming... but the implication is that gaming means apps... like Mail, Safari, Calendar, Flipboard, Maps, TWiT, Dropbox, TV Networks, local streaming app of choice, skype, Mint (and other banking), Audible, Pulse, news sites.

I am reading this on my TV right now. Apple TV has fallen pathetically behind.

I voted "maybe, it could be good" but that's because there wasn't an option for "probably, it could be good but not a deal breaker". I'd like it, and it would make Apple TV more attractive to those that are thinking about buying one, but I have consoles for games, so whatever.

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But it'd have to stay at $99 or close to it... Certainly a NO if the price goes above $149.99!!!

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I would think that the price would have to remain the same as it is now for the simple reason is that gaming is something that traditionally less than half of the population goes for in anything like a big way. To add something to a hot selling device that half your customers don't want and then raise the price to accommodate it would be a HUGE mistake.

Either the price remains the same or there should be two models.

I voted definetly. I would love to see a great gaming experience through Apple TV. And I know many others would too

It's not a deal breaker for me as I would still buy it if it had apps and killer features. But it does add more to the overall experience. I use my Apple TV almost everyday. Does anyone know what games project onto the display like is stated in the article ?

I love games, but I want a dedicated device. Have several gaming consoles, a Vita and a 3DS xl, and a Gaming PC. I have a few time wasters on my iPhone (Threes and Bejeweled) but gaming on non-dedicated devices is never as good. I can deff see the appeal for non-hardcore gamers though, and if it helps market share, they should deff do it.

I agree it's never as good. Airplay for example is an awesome feature and when it was first announced I thought "oh sweet- now I can play games on my tv from my iPhone or iPad!" Epic fail when I actually tried it. If they do it, it has to be console/PC quality or don't even bother.

Airplay-ing games works fine for me, *with* console quality (1080p). You must have a bad TV or something. It's not the same quality in terms of shaders and polygons, but that's a failing of iOS not the AppleTV. But it's very close and getting closer with every update.

Well considering I have a 1080p Toshiba LED tv I just bought last year with a 240hz refresh rate and the newest Apple TV with all updates installed, I don't think so. I also have the fastest wifi Time Warner offers. I'm not talking about playing Angry Birds or Words with Friends here- I am saying with games like Real Racing 3 and Infinity Blade 3 there is noticeable lag between the device and the tv which throws off game play significantly enough to take the fun out of it. It's just not there yet.

More important than gaming is a USB port so I can plug my iTunes library directly in to the AppleTV, rather than having to run it on a machine nearby.

Wireless is going to be faster than USB in most situations so I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for Apple to accommodate those that want a computer in the living room.

Actually, the existing situation already requires me to have a computer in the living room, as I have to have the MacBookPro with the iTunes library open and turned on nearby. So by giving me a way to plug in the library directly actually removes a computer in the living room.

I just plain don't play games on my TV, I play some Professor Layton on my 3DS when I feel like it, but I have no interest in sitting on a couch for hours when there's plenty of other stuff needing to be done. like napping....

I voted no because i simply don't care. Gaming isn't a big selling point for me and I game on my 360 and rarely even on my iphone.

Gaming won't sell me. For me Appletv needs to match what other devices do well:
1. support more local file formats and codecs. I don't have time for transcoding or reencoding. Playing local content for me is the most important thing. Not a netflix app or any other feature.
2. More apps. Match Roku. Even if they are shitty because i'll go where there's options.
3. speed. no lag when using menus.
4. Make an app store so companies can make apps because maybe third parties could address the needs of users like me when Apple won't.

I'm not invested in apple ecosystem. I don't buy from itunes. I don't store music in icloud. I just have an iphone. So Apple can't sell me by merely pushing an Apple sales portal.

In the end Apple is about selling people apple things that i'm really interested in. Thus despite some nice features like airplay I'm not holding my breath that Apple's will make a device that appeals to me. That's too bad but i get it. They aren't selling to me. There are other products for people like me. I have an old wdtv player and for now it does all i need. I don't netflix at the moment but my xbox 360 does that so for now i'm pretty covered. But I really really hope they surprise me. I'm just not holding my breath.

Casual gaming on my TV? I'm somewhere between "Meh" and "DGAF" on that one... I'll stick with my dedicated consoles for serious gaming and using the iPad and iPhone for casual gaming.

Apple need for content for the Apple TV--that should be a priority...

Casual gaming, and that's what would be on offer on these low powered mobile based devices, has moved on. The Wii had its moment but that type of light gaming experience now lives primarily on phones, with some on tablets too.

With the casuals happy on their phones, that leaves the HDTV to the hardcore, who would of course never accept Flappy Birds on the best screen in the house. No mobile GPU, not even the mighty Tegra K1 comes close to the power on offer in a PS4 or an Xbox One (or a Steam Box), which means you'll never see the next Assassins Creed, Call of Duty, TitanFall, or Watch Dogs on offer.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if gaming on the Fire TV was quietly killed within a year or two. That said, it's an interesting if perverse experiment to watch, even if only to see big companies wasting millions on markets which don't exist any more.

I find your comments insulting and condescending. A game is not "hard core" just because it involves shooting and blowing shit up, or because it has some lame ripped off story about elves or aliens that's too awful to even qualify as an action movie but is somehow "art" when it's used in a game. Someone solving puzzle games on iOS is by definition, more "into" games and more hard core, than any dude sitting at home on his Xbox shooting aliens.

Take a few moments to look up the history of games and gaming (both before and after the Internet) and you will find out that the kind of games that you like (or their modern electronic versions) are actually the games considered to be "for kids" throughout most of history, and the puzzle games that you refer to as "casual gaming" are actually the ones that the grown-ups, and the "real" (hard-core) gamers play.

Chess, is a grown up game, for grown up men and women. Running around pointing your finger and going "Bang-Bang!"... is for kids.

What a bizarre and nonsensical reply. Firstly, feigning offense at something which is clearly not, is illogical and pointless. Secondly, the term "hardcore" is extremely well established and covers many genres, not just shooters. Civilisation, Bravely Default, Final Fantasy 14, Disgaea, Tactics Ogre, and countless others are every bit as hardcore as Titanfall is. The key characteristic of these games, is a mix of very high production values, and a lot of included content. To finish a Disgaea game will take hundreds of hours, hence, it's a hardcore game.

Having been playing games since the 80s on PCs and consoles, I'm rather well versed in what a hardcore game it, and what isn't. While you will find a smattering of hardcore games on mobile platforms (many of which are ports of old console titles), the vast majority of mobile games are casual, low budget, and designed around short play times.

So please, by all means have fun with your hardcore chess titles on your iPad, but learn a little about the gaming scene before coming out with such utter nonsense again.

Just what I was wanting, freemium games on the tv. thanks. More content, more integration with iphones and ipads.

The remote app needs a massive update on par but hopefully better than the Harmony app from Logitech. This is an area that is a lot like smartphones used to be. And Apple can take this area. Hooking up an apple tv should utilize this along with an universal remote. If Apple wants to mainstream this, focus on ease of use. I know many that still can't figure out inputs or how to easily switch them. If Apple can't get input one on the TV, then you need the equally as important input..the remote.

I think its nice to have for the users who want to game some. I have the Fire TV and my kids have enjoyed playing some of the games on there. The prices are comparable to iPhone/iPad games which is nice, so I would like to see Apple add gaming into the new Apple TV.

Completely seriously ... there are people who will actually QUIT using the Apple TV (myself) if gaming becomes a big focus or if the device changes in any significant way to accommodate gaming. The same is true of adding passthrough cable or a lot of the other thing people have been asking for. Many early adopters like myself have switched their entire living room over to AppleTV and if the product gets bulkier or more complicated because of the extra requirements, then that segment will drop AppleTV faster than you can blink for some other minimal set-top streamer.

Not everyone wants the "gold" solution that can do everything and takes over half of the living room. I actually quite like the fact that my entire stereo/TV/entertainment system is contained within that single, tiny black box and I don't want anything bigger or less integrated. I don't want to pay more, and I don't want it to be any bigger or more complicated than it already is. The simplicity, price, and small size are the things that currently make it sell.

Apple should be very very careful about the changes they make at this point.

Yes I'm sure Apple is very scared that you may drop their product. Lol

So your suggestion, in effect, is "do nothing" because it's perfect already. That's a very good way to go out of business.

Ehhh. I can see it, although a real use for it? They'd have to create their own gaming system since they've burned their bridges with Sony and Microsoft.

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I don't think it's a necessity there is so much broken in the TV space with cable companies, media companies, etc. So there is more than enough places to make crazy money if Apple can somehow find a way to make the whole experience of watching TV even better than it is now. Would it be nice to have, hell yeah, it would be awesome to pop into the app store and buy Angry Birds, Tetris or any of the other games I have on my iPad right now. It has to be done right though, not right away. So if it's not there now I'm not going to tear my hair out and stomp around my livingroom. I owned an Apple TV once but for the past 2 almost 3 years I havne't owned one and unlike my phone it's not something that I absolutely need. If however Apple came out and said I could get access to HBO just by charging a $10/month subscription to my Apple ID I would run out and buy an Apple TV tomorrow and that's just one channel.