DODOcase leather wallet for iPhone review

The DODOcase leather wallet for iPhone is everything you love about the DODOcases for iPad made pocket-sized. Made in San Francisco, the DODOCase leather wallet for iPhone combines fine, old world leather sewn onto sturdy book backing with three "slash" pockets and one window pocket to hold your credit and ID cards, and a tray to hold your iPhone. So how does it stack up?

The DODOcase fits the iPhone very well. It easily snaps into and out of place, so you can keep it secure without making it inaccessible. There's an easy slider for the credit card pockets as well, so they're likewise easy in, easy out. As is typical with these types of cases, however, I have to fold my — Canadian sized! — money carefully to avoid it getting crumpled when I fold the DODOcase closed. There's no place for coins so you'll need a pocket or change purse if you're not plastic and paper only.

Thankfully the DODOcase leather wallet for iPhone includes an elastic strap that you can fold over to keep the case closed when you're carrying it or even placing it on the table, or keep the case open when you're talking on the phone. It can cover the camera cutout, so if you're leaving your iPhone in place while recording video or something similar, you'll want to make sure you're not just getting a whole lot of elastic for your trouble.

You can choose between black and tannish natural leather and can even add a gold or black monogram for an additional $10.

The DODOcase leather wallet for iPhone is really well made and, for this type of case, really convenient to use. While far less ornate than some other competition, they're every bit solid and the elastic is really useful.


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DODOcase leather wallet for iPhone review


So... no eye poke from this one then?

(Kidding! Looks great! Can't wait for the rest of the series and hoping for a wrap up!)

I had the problem, and deleted the app, reinstalled it. That fixed it for a time, and it started back again. Little bug, but not sure the reason. Not all have this issue. I just go to youtube.

I have yet to see one of these types of case/wallets where the edge of the credit cards don't scratch your screen. Does this one?

Also, it looks pretty thick with cards/money/iPhone.

These kinds of wallets are also inconvenient for taking pictures.

They are not harder to take pictures in as you just keep the case open. It is a bit cumbersome though.
The cards do touch your screen but no I have not had any marks or scratches

just read through your thread of directions and helpful stuff re Apple TV options. Was hoping to find a way to connect with Amazon, but not crucial. Now simply wishing to learn how to fast forward or back while watching a movie? Don't understand (forgive the ignorant) the word