Does Apple need to bring iTunes Radio to the web? [Poll]

Microsoft is the latest music service provider to launch a web version of their player, so does Apple need to follow suit and bring iTunes Radio to the browser? While it may not have yet officially launched beyond the registered developers with access to iOS 7, it's an interesting question to think about. After all, Apple is pretty much the last major player to get into the music streaming game, and as things stand they'll be the only major player without a web app when iTunes Radio does finally launch properly.

The argument for a web based player is slightly confusing. Because the music is streaming, a data connection is required at all times. So, since you'll be online to play iTunes Radio anyway, why not just use iTunes? The flip side of that is that since a data connection is required at all times, why wouldn't there be a web app as well? We also need to remember that be it Windows or Mac, some people just don't like using the iTunes desktop app. Folks that use other, perhaps work, computers that either can't or dont want to install iTunes would also benefit from the availability of a web player.

Time spent within a web browser is ever increasing, and Apple is even following the likes of Google and Microsoft this fall by taking the iWork suite of apps to the web using iCloud. With a web portal already in play for iCloud, you would hope that even if not at launch, iTunes Radio would eventually find its way in there. What do you think? Is iTunes incomplete for your without a web based player, or does really not matter at all? Drop your vote in the poll up top and your thoughts in the comments below!

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Does Apple need to bring iTunes Radio to the web? [Poll]


Itunes should have been totally redone long ago. I'm not saying change the outside or the look. I think it looks ok but it's so darn slow and cumbersome.

YES, the web needs another web-radio site to fool you into thinking it will play something besides the same cycle of songs over and over again.

Apple should actually focus on making iTunes web-based, that would get their whole media delivery-shopping system caught up with 2008!!

If only apple would make itunes better and more clean and blends like the ios 7, iradio is fine but it would be even more better if the stream songs in different countries? ( or thats what it is?)