D'oh! Blackberry Storm Gets Cut and Paste!

Sure, iPhone 2.2 is getting better and better, but after 2 years and the best graphical user interface team ever put on Jobs' vegan earth, we still don't have official cut, copy, and paste functionality. Blackberry Storm, however, which hasn't even hit the market yet? Looks like they'll get it Day One.

Our frenemies over a Crackberry.com pass along the deets (via BGR), while a commenter updates on the functionality:

What it says is that you simultaneously place one finger at the beginning of the text you want to copy and one finger at the end of the text you want to copy. This will highlight the selection. You can remove your fingers at this point. If the selection isn't exactly what you want you can touch at the beginning of the highlight and slide the highlight to where you want. Likewise for the end of the highlight. Then there are two ways to copy. First way: "click" (as in touch the screen and press) in the middle of the highlight. This brings up a menu box with the copy command. Alternatively you can press the physical menu button and select copy.

Blarg! We think our brains just vomited.

Dieter points out that this won't work on the iPhone, as some of those gestures, like pinch, are already taken for things like zoom, but there are enough proof of concepts around now that Apple really should be able to nail it. Can we finally move up the priority list, Joz?

(Micro schadenfreuda dept.: Chad points us to the just sneak-peaked Blackberry App Center (kudos on the original naming there fellas!), which is -- drum roll please -- CARRIER bound.)

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D'oh! Blackberry Storm Gets Cut and Paste!


There is another limitation to this approach. Quite frequently -- I would say most of the time that I want to select text, actually -- the text I want to select is far too big to fit onto the screen. (I usually want simply to delete pages of text from an email I'm replying to.)
Besides, my touching and dragging isn't nearly accurate enough for me to be able to adjust one end of the text without mucking up the other. This just wreaks of a solution they quickly threw in, without analysing how it will play out in the long run. Perhaps RIM isn't afraid of completely changing the interface on their next device, but Apple has to look at consistency across the board for years to come.

One more reason I am thinking of going back to the BB. I really miss some of the features and that I can get push mail for any mail that I have - :p

LOL! patrick... nice. and so true....
what always entertains me and gives me a good laugh is when people see SMALL stuff like this and say to themselves... WOw! i think i might have a reason to go "back" to the BB again!
yeah... have fun with that... LOL!

Wow - you had an iPhone 2 years ago? Pretty amazing when it only came it in June of '07. ;-)

On the iPhone, it would be helpful and really only necessary to copy addresses and paragraphs. Holding down on these elements like a photo, to bring up a menu would be great.

Patrick B- I like how you can claim the iphone is better the Storm is even released. I'm guessing your psychic told you? NO ONE who hasn't personally used one can make that claim unless your a in denial fanboy :)

When I have to do more than glance at a message to see if anything is urgent and send a reply that's really, really quick and short, I wait until I get back to my laptop so I can manage my email and do work that's more well thought-out. In other words, you might be trying to do too much on the BB.

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