Don Melton shares memories of Steve Jobs

Don Melton shared memories of Steve Jobs

Don Melton, former director of internet technologies at Apple and the man charged with pushing WebKit and Safari out into the world, has posted the full version of his Memories of Steve article to his website,

Let me be up front saying that I did not know Steve well, but I had the opportunity to be around him on occasion. Mostly during design reviews of applications for which I was responsible. There were certainly other meetings, but I never visited his home and very rarely spent time with him unless others were part of the conversation.

And I was certainly not some kind of confidant. In fact, he probably always thought of me as the "Safari Guy." Which is fine by me since there were worse ways for Steve Jobs to think of you.

Of course, Steve could recall my real name, too. Anyone at Apple or Pixar — both large organizations — will tell you that Steve knowing your name was an honor. But also occasionally a terrifying responsibility. That was the bargain.

It's a personal story and a remarkable one. Enjoy it.

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Don Melton shares memories of Steve Jobs