Don't Apply the 2.0 Update Yet, You May Go without a Phone for Awhile

As we just noted earlier today, iTunes is feeling the hurt of all the traffic today. Case in point: Activation is confirmed to be down all across Canada. We're also getting reports that some people who did manage to buy an iPhone 3G are stuck in emergency call mode and can't activate. It seems that activation is so tough right now some AT&T stores are letting customers leave without activating their iPhones. Our advice: do not leave the store without getting it activated, at least for today.

Meanwhile, there's even worse news: people who applied the 2.0 update to their first-generation iPhones are reporting in the comments that since iTunes is hurting so much, they can't connect to activate their phone.

In other words, hold off on that update for a bit, otherwise the only person you may be able to call today is going to be 911, and as unhappy as you may be about the entire situation, the police really don't want to hear about it.

Quick Update: If you're looking at a non-functional iPhone 3G that can't be activated but your old phone had its SIM de-activated, pop the new sim out and slap it in your old phone so you can at least make some calls and suchlike.

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Dieter Bohn

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Reader comments

Don't Apply the 2.0 Update Yet, You May Go without a Phone for Awhile


Yeah, wait a little while. I'm sitting here with my 200 dollar plastic paper weight since itunes is down in the U.S. as well. (at least in Florida)

It would be nice for Apple to come freekin out and say something... when activations might be back up!!! a little communication would be nice!

I hope that I can activate it at home (had to go to work, so waiting around was not an option this morning). If not, I hope that there isn't too much of an issue bringing an unactivated 3G iPhone back into the store...

the att and apple stores arent going to be any quicker at getting itunes to activate it today anyway though, so theres no sense in waiting around

Here in Houston the AT&T stores can not activate the iPhones. I left the store with the unactivated iPhone. I can not activate it at home either.
With millions of people activating it all over the world, there's bound to be these kinds of issues.

Phone works great... haven't had a single problem... and i had an old iphone to, and i updated to 2.0 . Walked in the store bought the new one, it activated and i walked out.
There's going to be problems though you guys, we are talking about a HUGE roll out here, so far everything has been AMAZING by apple, and i applaud them, they are working very hard right now let's just let them finish the job and try to get things back to normal. TONS of fires to put out...

Reeled in like a sucker fish. Now I'm dangling with my first generation phone in emergency mode actually tempted to dial 911 ! Apple should have pre-released 2.0 before launching the new 3G phone. Who the heck is in charge of strategy over there?

I'm just upset that they ran out of the black 16g version right before I got to the counter. So I look like freaking Carson from Queer Eye with my pretty little white cell phone. Maybe I can find a matching clutch purse to go with it. Sheesh.

I left without activating... Dang!
But I managed to activate at home, though iTunes Store won't resolve so, like Dieter, I can't sync!

Welcome to my first apple experience. Sweet phone.....if I could only use it. Had 5 blackberries and not one hitch. Was told not to get one and didn't listen and now am left with a useless black paperweight and no fucking phone service until apple pulls it's head out of it's ass. The impending sale of my new macbook pro is done, cancelled. Apple really dropped the ball here big time.

This is unreal all day no phone and i can only imagine how long it takes to get the servers back up to activate

This will absolutely work, but it takes FOREVER (45 minutes approx). I unfortunately tried to update my firmware before reading about all these problems and could not stand having a bricked iPhone so this is what I did, along many other people in forums. When your iPhone has reached the point of trying to reactivate by connecting to the iTunes store and cannot do so, while it's in the state of standstill no bar moving at all, go to the iTunes tab and continue to switch back and forth between the iTunes tab and the iPhone tab. If you continue to do this, the error message will never appear and after a long long long time, you will gain access to iTunes. It seems as though if you do this, the error message never comes up and you continue to move up a queue of people who are trying to gain access to the servers until you actually finally do. Again, this worked for me, among other people. Patience is key.

I don't get that pop up. I get a pop up that says the Connection has Timed Out. So now I'm going crazy here without an iPhone!

I switched back and forth a few times--- it took about 4 to 5 minutes and then i got through. Currently in the restoring iphone from back up stage.... lets see if this works.
I wouldnt return your macbook pro, despite how much this sucks. I just got one and its incredible.

I haven't got the macbook yet hence the cancelled order. This is just ridiculous....and people rip on microsoft for being buggy

Guys - can you explain a bit more in detail exactly what you're doing? I don't see any "itunes tab". I assume you mean the split screen where the left-hand side shows my music library, then the itunes store, them my iphone?
which two things should I toggle back and forth on?

I am have been waiting in front of the Apple Store here in Downtown San Francisco since 6:30am. It is now 11:30am and I am still about an hour from getting into the store at this pace. The line moved much faster with the first iPhone here. Then some guy comes out of the store with his new iPhone and tells the guy he knows in front of me he was not even planning to buy an iPhone today, he just walked in to buy something else, but when he asked the sales person if he could buy an iPhone too, they let him. That really pissed me off to hear. On this iphone release, every sales person should be selling ONLY iPhones, and not leting anybody go in without waiting in line. Also this slow registration process has to be made much faster. Why does Apple and AT&T make it so u pay for and register a new contract online BEFORE we stand in line? That way we could basically just go and pick up our new iphone with a confirmation number and ID card.

Mikols I just kept switching between the itunes store and iphone on the left and it eventually worked

HOW TO GET PAST ERROR in entry #14 is awesome!
After trying for 3 hours to get synced, I did the switching back and forth and finally got to the unlock pages for a new iPhone. It only took about 5 minutes too.
My new iPhone is ready to use! Thanks for the tip!

After 4 hours of intermittent attempts I finally got past the activation hump. I guess Apple will get baked on this one.

Mac: "Hi. Dhdhjd.... I'm a sbfukehcdjis... Mac"
PC: "And I'm a PC."
PC: "Hey what's wrong with you Mac? You look like you were drinking Jack Daniels all night, got into a car accident & spent the last 24 hours locked up in jail."
Mac: "Slurrrrr djs Can't talk rdjjyes right now. iTuuuuuuunnnnnneeeeeesssss dragging me doooooown."
PC: "Oh that's a shame Mac. Too bad you didn't use 64 bit Windows 2008 Enterprise Server for your iTunes servers. You could have been running multiple quad core Intel Xeon processors with nearly unlimited memory, and used Hyper-V to run about a dozen virtual servers on one computer. Guess really thin laptops don't have 64 bits where it counts,eh?"
Mac: "Gaaaagggggggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!! "
PC: "Ahhhhhh Mac. At least grab a trash can if you can't make it to a toilet...... I am NOT cleaning that up for you."

It is now Monday the 14th. Is it safe to upgrade my old iPhone to 2.0? I don't want to try until I hear some kind of "all clear."