Doo brings all of your Internet docs into one place

doo brings all of your documents from around the internet into one place

The powerful document organizing app/service doo, which brings all of your documents from different services together, has launched on the iPhone. Doo for iPhone collects your chosen documents in one place and also works with various other services including Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, and email accounts (along with doo's own cloud service, naturally).

To add a storage option, sign up for or log into your doo account, then follow the prompts to add services to sync. If you already use doo on the Mac, then your services may already be connected. You can tag files to make them easier to find, and doo allows you to search all of your documents. To only look at files from one of your services, swipe from the left side of the screen, or hit the icon in the upper-left corner to reveal the menu. The services you have hooked into are right there to select. You can also add more services by pressing "Connect."

Doo for iPhone supports mobile scanning using your iPhone camera; images are saved as searchable, automatically tagged PDF files. You can save the new file to the doo cloud and to one of the individual services that you have hooked into doo.

Doo is a great option if you want all of your documents from your favorite services all in one place. Mobile scanning on the iPhone is an incredibly useful feature, making sure that every document you have is accessible no matter where you are. Doo is free for now, though a premium option with increased storage and more powerful services is coming soon.

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Doo brings all of your Internet docs into one place

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This app looks great and seems to be improving very fast. My only concern is security. Unless they are encrypting the files before upload then it seems like you don't really want to use to organize all of your documents, just the ones that are not really important or sensitive. Would be great to see them do some 1password like encryption on each file.