Doom for iPhone Update

Doom for iPhone

John Carmack has written an update on his Doom port for the iPhone, and he's continuing the same candor he began with his Wolfenstein 3D post. What are we getting? A classic in almost every sense of the word:

Before I actually started coding on the project, I had visions of adding a lot of modern tuned effects to the core gameplay experience. It would certainly stay a sprite-and-sector based game, but there are many things that would be done differently with the benefit of a GPU and the wisdom of hindsight. Once I began actually working on it, it started to look like a bad idea for a number of reasons. I am trying to not be very disruptive in the main codebase, because I want it to stay a part of prBoom instead of being another codebase fork. While I can certainly add a bunch of new features fairly quickly, iterating through a lot of user testing and checking for problems across the >100 commercial Doom levels would take a lot longer. There really is value in " classic" in this case, and there would be some degree of negative backlash to almost any "improvements" I made. There will still be a couple tiny tweaks, but nothing radical is changing in the basic play. It would be fun to take a small team, permanently fork it, and make a "Doom++" just for the iPhone, but that wouldn't be the best first move. Maybe later.

Check out the full post for more on his experiences with iPhone game development.

[Thanks to Icebike for the tip!]

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Mike says:

Duke nukem !!!!! Please

LonerATO says:

I like how Carmack hinted at how crappy AT&T's network is on his website

XCool says:

OMG! Doom! This is the title I played when I first got my 486 PC!

neontofu says:

I'm curious about doom...never was a real fan of doom or games like that, but interessting how he will convert it to the iPhone...

Zaposlitev says:

stobzuepmlaqduxkublg, delo, PIoKBZQ.