Double Robotics' iPad-based telepresence robot roams the floor at #CESlive

Double Robotics makes a telepresence robot based on iOS that's useful for telecommuters who want or need to maintain a physical presence in a remote office but can't actually be on location.

Roam throughout the office, and engage in mobile teleconferencing with anyone. The two-wheeled system works on the same principle that enables the Segway personal mover to operate - a gyroscope and an accelerometer. You control it remotely using your own iPad, but the Double itself uses an iPad as well - one equipped with a magnetically attached wide-angle lens and a mirror that enables you to see the floor to navigate through tight spots.

Rene and Georgia took a Double for a spin at CES and said hi to some fellow showgoers - check out this cool new technology in this short video.

And please check out more of our CES coverage on our #CESlive Superpage!

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Double Robotics' iPad-based telepresence robot roams the floor at #CESlive


Johnny .5 is alive!
Why does that thing give me a sudden craving for Taco Bell?
"Be well. "

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Really cool!
It kinda reminds me of an episode of The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon uses something like this.